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From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan and Gary Will
with additional information from Earl Oliver and Eric Roelfsema

1.Mildred Burke
Defeats Clara Mortenson to win World Title.

2.June Byers
08/20/54-Atlanta, GA
The commission stops the match between Burke and Byers, strips Burke of the title, and awards it to Byers
Byers also won a 13-woman world championship tournament in June 1953 in Baltimore, MD
Burke continues to defend WWWA World Title.

3.Penny Banner
Won a battle royal to become AWA World champion on August 26, 1961 in Angola, IN
Briefly recognized as champion by some of NWA promoters after Byers retires in 64/01.

4.Slave Girl Moolah/Fabulous Moolah
Won a tournament on September 18, 1956 in Baltimore, MD, defeating Judy Grable in final
Recognized as champion by NWA after Byers retires in 64/01.

5.Betty Boucher-09/17/66-Seattle, WA

6.Fabulous Moolah [2]

7.Yukiko Tomoe
03/10/66-Osaka, JAPAN

8.Fabulous Moolah [3]
04/02/68-Hamamatsu, JAPAN

9.Sue Green
1976-New York, NY

10.Fabulous Moolah
1976-New York, NY

11.Evelyn Stevens
10/08/78-Dallas, TX

12.Fabulous Moolah [4]
10/10/78-Ft. Worth, TX

Title Vacant
WWF withdraws from NWA in 83 and buys the right of the women's world titles from Moolah. Moolah's title continues to be recognized as WWF Women's World title.

13.Debbie Combs
04/10/87-Kansas City, MO
Defeats Penny Mitchell to become the champion, or awarded on this day after having won a tournament in Honolulu, HI
Kansas City promotion withdraws from NWA in 1987 and closes in 1988.

14.Misty Blue
1988 or 89
Recognized as champion by WCW
Vacant in 89 - Combs continues to defend her title.

15.Susan Sexton
Reigning LPWA World champion, recognized as World champion by WCW.

May have defeated Sexton to win the title; vacant in 90.
Combs continues to defend her title.

15.Malia Hosaka
05/09/96-Johnson City, TN

16.Debbie Combs [2]
05/10/96-Fall Branch, TN

Title Vacant
Combs stripped of the title by NWA in October 1996

17.Strawberry Fields
10/15/2000-Nashville, TN
Defeated Leilani Kai to fill the vacant title

Title Vacant
Strawberry Fields retired

08/23/2002-Surrey BC, Canada
Defeated NWA Canadian Women's Champion, Bam Bam Bambi, for the title

19.Char Starr
10/26/2002-Corpus Christi, TX (Memorial Coliseum)
NWA 54th Anniversary Show

12/06/2002-Port Coquitlam, BC

21.Leilani Kai
03/12/2003-Nashville, TN
NWA TNA PPV Dark Match

Title vacant
Leialni Kai stripped by NWA President Bill Behrens due to missing several NWA shows, including the NWA VA show.

22.Kiley McLean
06/19/2004-Richmond, VA
Defeated Kameo for the vacant title

23.Lexie Fyfe
04/23/2005-Richmond, VA
Defeated Kiley McLean in a no DQ match

24.Christie Ricci
10/08/2005-Nashville, TN (Nashville State Fairgrounds)
Defeats Lexie Fyfe and Tasha Simone in a Three Way Dance.
NWA 57th Anniversary Show

01/27/2006-Lebanon, TN
NWA Top Rope card

26.Amazing Kong
05/05/2007-Streamwood, IL
Amazing Kong held the following title in conjunction with the NWA Womens' World Title

27.MsChif [2]
04/27/2008-Cape Girardeau, MO

28.Tasha Simone
07/24/2010-Lebanon, TN

29.La Reina de Corazones
10/02/2010-Altus, OK

Title Vacant
Due to injury.

30.Tasha Simone [2]
11/06/2010-Lebanon, TN
Defeated Miss Rachel.

31.Tiffany Roxx
11/05/2011-Lebanon, TN

32.Tasha Simone [3]
12/25/2011-Lebanon, TN
Steel Cage match.

33.Kacee Carlisle
10/20/2012-Lebanon, TN

34.Barbi Hayden
01/25/2014-Cypress, TX (VFW Post 8905)

35.Santana Garrett
02/07/2015-Plant City, FL

36.Amber Gallows (Amber O'Neal)
12/18/2015-Sherman, TX

09/16/2016-Sherman, TX
Defeated Amber Gallows* and Christi Jaynes in 3-way match.

Title Vacant

38.Allysin Kay (Sienna)
04/27/2019-Concord, NC
Defeated Santana Garrett for the vacant title.

39.Thunder Rosa (Kobra Moon)
01/24/2020-Atlanta, GA

40.Serena Deeb
10/27/2020-Long Beach, CA
UWN Primetime Live

41.Kamille (Kamilla Kaine)
06/06/2021-Atlanta, GA

48.Chris Adonis (Chris Masters)
03/30/2021-Atlanta, GA
Won from Trevor Murdoch

Title Vacant
05/25/2021 Vacates in order to participate in a battle royal to determine the top contender for the World Title.

49.Chris Adonis [2]
07/06/2021-Atlanta, GA
Defeated JTB

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