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October 14,2007--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver

1.Gail Kim
10/14/2007-Atlanta, GA
Won a 10 Ladies Battle Royal to became the 1st Champion
Bound of Glory 2007 PPV

2.Awesome Kong (Kia Stevens)
01/07/2008-Orlando, FL

3.Taylor Wilde (Shantelle Larissa Malawski)
07/10/2008-Orlando, FL

4.Awesome Kong [2]
10/23/2008-Las Vegas, NV (Hard Rock Hotel & Casino)
TNA Impact live broadcast

5.Angelina Love (Lauren Williams)
04/19/2009-Philadelphia, PA
TNA Lockdown PPV (Liacouras Center)

6.Tara (Lisa Marie Varon)
06/25/2009-Orlando, FL

7.Angelina Love [2]
07/19/2009-Orlando, FL
Victory Road PPV

8.ODB (Jessica Kresa)
08/16/2009-Orlando, FL (Universal Studios)
Defeated Angelina Love and Velvet Sky in a tag team match to win the title.
ODB's partner was Cody Deaner
TNA Hard Justice 2009 PPV

Title vacated due to controversy in the tag team match.

9.ODB [2]
09/20/2009-Orlando, FL (Universal Studios)
Defeated Cody Deaner to win vacant title
TNA No Surrender 2009 PPV

10.Tara [2]
12/20/2009-Orlando, FL

11.ODB [3]
01/04/2010-Orlando, FL

12.Tara [3]
01/17/2010-Orlando, FL
TNA Genesis PPV

13.Angelina Love [3]
04/05/2010-Orlando, FL

14.Madison Rayne (Ashley Simmons)
04/18/2010-St. Charles, MO
Teams with Velvet Sky and defeat Love and Tara in a tag team match.
Angelina Love was declared the winner by disqualification in a Knockouts Title match at the Victory Road PPV on July 13, 2010 after a mysterious motorcycle riding masked woman interfered in the match. Love was given the title under the stipulations of the match by the referee, who assumed that the motorcycle rider was one of the Beautiful People. TNA management later reversed the decision because they could find no proof that the mysterious figure was, in fact, a member of the Beautiful people.

15.Madison Rayne [2]
7/13/2010-Orlando, FL

16.Angelina Love [4]
08/12/2010-Orlando, FL
TNA Impact broadcast

17.Tara [4]
10/10/2010-Daytona Beach, FL
Defeated Angelina Love (c), Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne in a 4-corner match.
TNA Bound For Glory PPV

18.Madison Rayne [3]
10/14/2010-Orlando, FL
Tara laid down for Rayne and allowed herself to be pinned.
TNT Impact broadcast

19.Mickie James
04/17/2011-Cincinnati, OH

20.Winter (Katarina Waters)
08/07/2011-Orlando, FL
Hardcore Justice 2011

21.Mickie James [2]
08/25/2011-Huntsville, AL
TNA Impact taping

22.Winter [2]
09/11/2011-Orlando, FL

23.Velvet Sky (Jamie Szantyr)
10/16/2011-Philadelphia, PA
Defeated Winter, Mickie James, and Madison Rayne in a 4-way match.

24.Gail Kim [2]
11/13/2011-Orlando, FL

25.Miss Tessmacher (Brooke Adams)
06/10/2012-Arlington, TX

26.Madison Rayne [4]
8/12/2012-Orlando, FL
Hardcore Justice PPV

25.Miss Tessmacher [2]
08/16/2012-Orlando, FL

26.Tara [5]
10/14/2012-Phoenix, AZ (Grand Canyon University)
TNA Bound for Glory PPV

27.Velvet Sky [2]
01/26/2013-London, UK
Defeated Tara (c), Brooke Tessmacher, and Gail Kim in a 4-way match.

28.Mickie James [3]
05/23/2011-Tampa, FL
TNA Impact

29.ODB [4]
09/12/2013-St. Louis, MO

30.Gail Kim [3]
10/20/2013-San Diego, CA
Defeated ODB (C) and Brook (Miss Tessmacher) in a 3-way match.

31.Madison Rayne (5)
01/16/2014-Huntsville, AL
Impact Wrestling:Genesis

32.Angelina Love [6]
04/27/2014-Orlando, FL

33.Gail Kim [4]
06/20/2014-Bethlehem, PA
Won the title from Angelina Love.

34.Havok (Jessicka Havok)
09/16/2014-Bethlehem, PA

35.Taryn Terrell
09/19/2014-Bethlehem, PA

36.Brook (formerly known as Miss Tessmacher) [3]
06/25/2015-Orlando, FL

37.Gail Kim [5]
07/29/2015-Orlando, FL
Defeated Brook (c), Awsome Kong, and Lei'D Tapa in a 4-way match.

38.Jade (Mia Yim)
03/17/2016-Orlando, FL
Defeated Gail Kim and Madison Rayne in a 3-way match.

39.Sienna (Allysin Kay)
06/12/2016-Orlando, FL
Slammiversary PPV
Defeated Gail Kim and Jade in a 3-way match.

40.Allie (Laura Dennis)
08/27/2016-Orlando, FL

41.Maris (Maria Louise Kanellis-Bennett)
08/27/2016-Orlando, FL
Maria forced Allie to lay down for a count, to win the title.

42.Gail Kim [6]
10/02/2016-Orlando, FL
TNA Bound for Glory

Title Vacant
Gail Kim injured.

43.Rosemary [2]
10/09/2016-Orlando, FL
Defeated Jade.

Promotion rebrands to GFW Impact Wrestling

44.Sienna (Allysin Kay)
07/6/2017-Orlando, FL
Sienna (GFW) defeated Rosemary (Impact) by submission
Unification match for the Impact Wrestling Knockouts and GFW Women's Championships
Slammiversary XV

45.Gail Kim [7]
11/05/2017-Ottawa, Ontario
Bound for Glory (2017)
This was a three�way match also involving Allie and was Kim�s retirement match.

Title Vacant
Title vacated due to Kim's retirement.

46.Laurel Van Ness
11/08/2017-Ottawa, Ontario
Van Ness defeated Rosemary to win the vacated title.

47.Allie [2]
01/12/2018-Orlando, FL

48.Su Yung (Vannarah Riggs)
04/24/2018-Orlando, FL

49.Tessa Blanchard
08/12/2018-Toronto, Ontario
Impact! ReDefined

50.Taya Valkyrie
01/06/2019-Nashville, TN

51.Jordynne Grace
01/18/2020-Mexico City, MEXICO

52, Deonna Purrazzo
07/18/2020-Nashville, TN

53.Su Yung [2]
10/24/2020-Nashville, TN
Kylie Rae failed to appear so Purrazzo issued an open challenge.
Impact Bound for Glory 2020

56.Deonna Purrazzo [2]
10/14/2020-Nashville, TN
Impact Turningpoint PPV

57.Mickey James [4]
10/23/2021-10/23/ 2021-Sunrise Manor, NV
Bound for Glory PPV 2021

58.Tasha Steelz (Latasha Harris)
03/05/2022-Louisville, KY
Impact Sacrifice PPV

59.Jordynne Grace [2]
06/19/2022-Nashville, TN (The Asylum)
Impact Slamiversary PPV 2022

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