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July 16, 2011--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver

1.Dos Perfectos (Greg Hernandez and Jesse Jimenez)
07/16/2011-Atascadero, CA
Defeated Aaron Solo and Kimo to become the first champions.

2.SU/KA (Sunami and Kadin Anthony)
05/11/2012-Santa Maria, CA

3.The Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon Ballard)
10/27/2012-Santa Maria, CA
Defeated SU/KA in an extremely controversial "Canadian Rules Match", where a competitor must be pinned for a count of five up until five minutes have elapsed, submissions do not count until ten minutes have elapsed, and a ring countout is 20 seconds. All three “rules” came into play.

4.The Suburban Commandos (T-Rent and D-Unit)
01/05/2013-Hayward, CA
Defeated SU/KA and the defending Champions The Ballard Brothers in a Triangle Tag Team match.

5.Pink Mink, Inc (Matt Carlos and Rik Luxury)
04/13/2013-Hayward, CA

[Records unclear]


Title Vacant
SU/KA are stripped of the title on when Anthony no-shows.

7.Parental Discretion (Mike Menace and Mario Banks and Mike Rayne)
09/12/2014-Santa Maria, CA
Menace and Banks defeated the Ballard Brothers for the vacant title
Any two members of the team are allowed to defend the title.

8.Ballard Brothers (Shane Ballard and Shannon Ballard)
06/12/2015-Santa, Maria, CA

9.Classic Connection (Buddy Royal and Levi Shapiro)
08/08/2015-Santa Maria, CA
Reigning APW, PCW, and FCW-LA champions, defeated Ballard Brothers and Apex Pro champions Von Dooms (Cyanide and Vintage Dragon) in 3-way match to become the quintuple champions.

10.Von Dooms (Cyanide and The Vintage Dragon)
01/08/2016-Santa Maria, CA
Defeated Classic Connection (Buddy Royal and Levi Shapiro), Ballard Brothers, and Midnight Delight (Billy Blade and Richie Slade) in 4-way match.

11.Alexander G. Bernard and Jimi Mayhem
07/29/2016-Santa Maria, CA
Defeat the Von Dooms (Cyanide and The Vintage Dragon), Shane Ballard and Shannon Ballard, and the Twisted Sisterz (Holidead and Thunder Rosa) in a 4-way match.

12.Twisted Sisterz (Holidead and Thunder Rosa)
09/30/2016-Santa Maria, CA

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