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November 26, 1999--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver and Brian Westcott with additional information from Sam Falcitelli

1.Damien Steel
11/26/99-Reseda, CA
XPW Halloween In Hell
Member of The Hierarchy
Damien Steele eliminated John Kronus (George Caiazo) in a battle royal to win the title

2.Big Dick
12/18/99-Hollywood, CA (Vogue Theatre)
XPW Merry X-Mas Tour 1999

Title Vacant
Big Dick was stripped of the title when his parole officer refused to let him compete.
XPW Abuse of Power 2000

3.Jake Lawless
01/29/2000-Hollywood (The Palace)
XPW Abuse Of Power 2000
Member of The Hierarchy (2)
Damien Steele used a chair on Mike Modest either accidently or on purpose, giving Lawless the win.

4.Damien Steele [2]
01/29/2000-Hollywood (The Palace)
XPW Abuse Of Power 2000
Member of The Hierarchy (3)
Jake Lawless sold the title back to Damien Steele for cash

5.Chris Candido
02/26/2000-Hollywood, CA (The Palace)
XPW My Bloody Valentine 2000
Managed by Tammy Lynn Sytch (Noreen Tamara Sytch)
Wins Falls Count Anywhere match

04/29/2000-Bakersfield, CA
Chris Candido no-shows. Stripped of the title after signing with WCW

6.Sabu (Terry Brunk)
04/29/2000-Bakersfield, CA (Strongbow Stadium)
XPW And Then There Were Four 2000
Managed by Josh Lazie
Sabu beat The Messiah in the tournament final to win the vacant title

7.The Messiah
05/26/2001-Los Angeles, CA (The Grand Olympic Auditorium)
XPW Redemption 2001
Managed by Rob Black (Robert Zicari) and Lizzy Borden (Janet Romano)
Member of the Black Army
The Messiah beat New Jack (Jerome Young) (subbing for Sabu) to win the title

08/25/2001-Los Angeles, CA
Messiah was fired by the promotion.

8.Johnny Webb (John Webber)
08/25/2001-Los Angeles, CA (The Grand Olympic Auditorium)
Managed by Rob Black and Lizzy Borden
Member of the Black Army
Johnny Webb and Rob Black defeated Sabu and Josh Lazie in a tag team match

11/25/2001-Los Angeles, CA

10.Shane Douglas (Troy Martin)
07/20/2002-Pico Rivera, CA (Pico Rivera Sports Arena)
XPW Night of Champions: Baptized in Blood 3 2002
Managed by Veronica Caine (Barrett Moore) Until 07/20/02
Shane Douglas attacked Veronica Caine after he won the title and took on Lizzy Borden as his manager
Shane Douglas held the following titles in conjunction with the XPW World Heavyweight Title

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