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Formerly WCCW/NWA American Heavyweight Title

February 20, 1986--April 14, 1989

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka

1.Rick Rude {Richard E. Rood}
Rick Rude won The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) American Heavyweight Title from King Parsons on 11/04/85 in Ft. Worth, TX
named the first WCCW World Heavyweight Champion on 02/20/86 after World Class separated from NWA.

2.Chris Adams
07/04/86-Dallas, TX

3.Black Bart
09/15/86-Los Angeles, CA
Black Bart was awarded the title after Chris Adams went to trial for assaulting an airline co-pilot
Bart ellegedly defeated Adams in Los Angeles, CA
Rick Rude was schedule to regain the title, but quit the promotion instead.

4.Kevin Von Erich {Kevin Adkisson}
10/12/86-Dallas, TX (Cotton Bowl)-
3rd Annual Cotton Bowl Extavaganza

5.Al Perez
08/21/87-Dallas, TX
Al Perex won the title from Kevin Von Erich by forfeit when Von Erich refused to lose the title.

6."The Modern Day Warrior" Kerry Von Erich {Kerry Adkisson}
03/06/88-Dallas, TX

7.Iceman King Parsons
03/25/88-Dallas, TX

8."The Modern Day Warrior" Kerry Von Erich (2)
05/08/88-Irving, TX (Texas Stadium)-5th Annual Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions

9.Jerry "The King" Lawler
10/23/88-Memphis, TN

10."The Modern Day Warrior" Kerry Von Erich (3)
11/04/88-Dallas, TX

11.Jerry "The King" Lawler (2)
12/13/88-Chicago, IL
Had defeated Curt Henning on 05/09/88 in Memphis, TN for American Wrestling Association (AWA) World Heavyweight Title
unifies WCCW World Heavyweight Title on 12/13/88
held up after a match against Kerry Von Erich on 04/05/89.

12.Jerry "The King" Lawler (3)
Defeats Kerry Von Erich in rematch
unifies AWA World Heavyweight Title and WCCW World Heavyweight Titles to become the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion.

Promotion revived in the Summer of 2007

13.Kevin Hardy
10/28/2008-San Antonio, TX
Defeated V. Shadow in a tournament to crown a new champion

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