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May 22, 1992--January 01, 1996

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka

1."Prime Time" Brian Lee
05/22/92-Knoxville, TN
Brian Lee defeated Paul Orndorff by disquallification in the final on an eight man tournament to crown the first champion.

2.Dirty White Boy
08/08/92-Johnson City, TN
managed by Ron Wright

3.Tracey Smothers
04/02/93-Pikeville, KY
The title was held up after a match between Tracey Smothers and Dirty White Boy on May 15, 1993 in Knoxville, TN

4.Tracey Smothers (2)
06/11/93-Knoxville, TN
Smothers defeated Dirty White Boy in a rematch for the title.

5."Prime Time" Brian Lee (2)
07/17/93-Johnson City, TN
managed by Tammy Fytch {Tammy Sytch}

6.Dirty White Boy (2)
02/13/94-Knoxville, TN (Knoxville City Coliseum)
This was a chain match.

7.Jake "The Snake" Roberts
05/02/94-Harriman, TN

8.Dirty White Boy (3)
07/05/94-Warrensville, NC

9.Jerry "The King" Lawler
01/28/95-Knoxville, TN Jerry Lawler held the following title in conjunction with the SMW Heavyweight Title:

10.Bobby Blaze
02/26/95-Knoxville, TN

11.Buddy Landell
04/08/95-Johnson City, TN
The title was held up following a disputed finish in a match between Buddy Landell and Brad Armstrong on July 01, 1995 in Barbourville, KY.

12.Brad Armstrong {Robert James Jr.}
08/12/95-Johnson City, TN
Armstrong defeated Landell in a rematch to win the held up title.

13.Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy
10/20/95-Johnson City, TN Terry Gordy won the title by pinning Armstrong in a tag match where Gordy teamed with Thrasher against Armstrong and Wolfman.

14.Brad Armstrong (2)
11/23/95-Knoxville, TN

15.Tommy Rich
11/25/95-Johnson City, TN
The promotion folded on November 26, 1995.

16.Jerry "The King" Lawler (2)
12/26/95-Louiville, KY
Jerry Lawler won the title after the promotion had closed and the title was abandoned in 1996.

17.Keith Knox
03/17/2011-Morristown, TN
Defeated Chris Richards for title

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