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January 19, 1940--July 1948

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka

1.Bobby Bruns
01/19/40-Kansas City, KS
Bobby Bruns defeated Orville Brown to gain recognition as the first Midwest Wrestling Association (MWA) World Heavyweight Champion.

2.Orville Brown
06/13/40-Kansas City, KS

3.Lee Wykoff
04/17/41-Kansas City, KS

4.Orville Brown (2)
10/16/41-Kansas City, KS

5.Tom Zaharias
03/05/42-Kansas City, KS

6.Orville Brown (3)
06/25/42-Kansas City, KS

7.Ed "Strangler" Lewis
11/26/42-Kansas City, KS

8.Lee Wykoff (2)
01/14/43-Kansas City, KS

9.Orville Brown (4)
02/18/43-Kansas City, KS

10.Lee Wykoff (3)
05/43-Great Bend, KS

11.Orville Brown (5)
06/17/43-Kansas City, KS

12.Swedish Angel
12/03/43-Kansas City, KS

13.Orville Brown (6)
12/09/43-Kansas City, KS

14.Dave Levin
05/04/44-Kansas City, KS

15.Lee Wykoff (4)
06/29/44-Kansas City, KS

16.Orville Brown (7)
08/16/44-Topeka, KS

17.Bobby Bruns (2)
06/20/46-Kansas City, KS

18.Orville Brown (8)
08/08/46-Kansas City, KS

19.Vic Christy
03/14/47-St. Joseph, MO

20.Roy Graham
03/30/47-St. Joseph, MO

21.Orville Brown (9)
04/10/47-Kansas City, KS

22.Bobby Bruns (3)
04/29/48-Kansas City, KS
Bruns defeated Brown by disqualification.

23.Orville Brown (10)
05/04/48-Kansas City, KS
The MWA joined the newly formed National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) with Brown being recognized as the first NWA World Heavyweight Champion. This caused the MWA Title to become abandoned.

Note: The distinction must be made that the MWA Title was the Kansas City version. There was also an Ohio version.

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