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April 25, 1992--Present

FromWrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka, Brian Westcott, Eric Roelfsema, Joe Dean and Jason Fitzgerald

1.Jimmy Snuka {James Reiher}
04/25/92-Tabor, PA
Jimmy Snuka defeated Sal Bellomo after they each won separate battle royals to determine finalists

2.Johnny Hot Body
04/26/92-Philadelphia, PA

3.Jimmy Snuka (2)
07/14/92-Philadelphia, PA

4.Don Muraco
09/30/92-Philadelphia, PA

5.The Sandman {Jim Fullington}
11/16/92-Philadelphia, PA (Cabaret Theater)

6.Don Muraco (2)
04/03/93-Radnor, PA

7.Tito Santana {Merced Solis}
08/08/93-Philadelphia, PA

8.Shane Douglas {Troy Martin}
09/09/93-Roanoke, VA
Shane Douglas won the title via forfeit.

9.Sabu {Denny Brunk}
10/02/93-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)
NWA Bloodfest Pt. 2

10.Terry Funk
12/26/93-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)
Holiday Hell

11."The Franchise" Shane Douglas (2)
03/26/94-Devon, PA
Managed by Sherri Martel {Sherri Russell}
Douglas pinned Terry Funk in an eight-man war game match with Douglas & Mr. Hughes {Curtis Hughes} & Johnny Grunge {Michael Durham}/Rocco Rock {Ted Petty}-Public Enemy vs Funk & Hawk {Michael Hegstrand} & Kevin Sullivan & The Tazmaniac {Pete Senerca};
Douglas defeated Too Cold Scorpio {Charles Skaggs} on August 27, 1994 in Philadelphia in the revived National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Heavyweight Championship tournament final
Douglas immediately vacated it and elevated the ECW Title to World Title status instead
ECW immediately announced its withdrawal from the NWA
The promotion was renamed Extreme Championship Wrestling in September of 1996

12.The Sandman (2)
04/15/95-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)
Hostile City Showdown
managed by Woman {Nancy Sullivan}

13.Mikey Whipwreck {Mike Watson}
10/28/95-Philadelphia, PA

14.The Sandman (3)
12/09/95-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)
December to Dismember
The Sandman won a triangle match over Mikey Whipwreck and Steve Austin {Steve Williams}

15.Raven {Scott Levy}
01/27/96-Philadelphia, PA

16.The Sandman (4)
10/05/96-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)
Ultimate Jeopardy
Sandman defeated Stevie Richards{Mike Mana} in a tag team match with Tommy Dreamer {Tom Laughlin} against Richards and Brian Lee {Brian Harris} to win the title after Raven failed to appear.

17.Raven (2)
12/07/96-Philadelphia, PA(ECW Arena)
Raven defeated Sandman in a barbed wire match for the title.

18.Terry Funk (2)
04/13/97-Philadelphia, PA(ECW Arena)
Barely Legal

19.Sabu (2)
08/09/97-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)
Born to be Wired

20.Shane Douglas (3)
08/17/97-Fort Lauderdale, FL (War Memorial Auditoriam)
Hardcore Heaven
managed by Francine
Douglas defeated Funk and Sabu in a Three Way Dance for the title

21.Bam Bam Bigelow
Queens, NY

22."The Franchise" Shane Douglas (4)
11/30/97-Monaca, PA (Golden Dome)
November To Remember V
managed by Francine (2)
Member of The Triple Threat (4)

01/10/99-Kissimmee, Florida (Millennium Theater)
Guilty as Charged PPV

24."Awesome" Mike Awesome
09/19/99-Villa Park, IL
Defeats Taz & Masato Tanaka in a Three Way Dance.

25.Masato Tanaka
12/17/99-Nashville, TN

26.Mike Awesome [2]
12/23/99-White Plains, NY

27.Taz [2]
04/13/2000-Indianapolis, IN
Taz(z) was loaned to ECW, won the title to replace the departed Mike Awesome

28.Tommy Dreamer
04/22/2000-Philadelphia, PA

29.Justin Credible
04/22/2000-Philadelphia, PA

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30.Jerry Lynn
10/01/2000-St. Paul, MN (Anarchy Rulz PPV)

31.Steve Corino
11/05/2000-Villa Park, IL
Defeated Justin Credible in a Double Jeopardy match
Jerry Lynn battled Justin Credible and Steve Corino battled The Sandman in the same ring at the same time. The two winners of the bout then faced off, with the winner emerging as the champion.

32.The Sandman [5]
01/07/2001- New York, NY
Defeats Corino and Justin Credible in a "Table, Ladders, Chairs, and Canes" Three Way Dance where the first to grab the ECW World Heavyweight Championship which was placed above the ring, would be declared the winner

01/07/2001- New York, NY
Rhyno also held the following titles in conjunction with the ECW World Heavyweight Title

Since Rhyno held the TV Title at the time he won the World Title, the two titles were consolidated as the ECW Unified World Heavyweight Title

Title Abandoned
Promotion declared bankruptcy

31.Rob Van Dam
06/13/2007-Trenton, NJ
Awarded for winning WWE World Heavyweight Title by defeating John Cena on 06/11/2006 in New York, NY
ECW One Night Stand PPV
WWE retarts ECW as its television show.

32.Big Show
07/04/2006-Philadelphia, PA

33.Bobby Lashley
12/03/2006-Augusta, GA
Won an Elimination Chamber match, defeating Big Show, C.M. Punk, Bob Holly, Test, and Rob Van Dam.
ECW December to Dismember PPV

34.Vince McMahon
04/29/2007-Atlanta, GA (Phillips Arena)
WWE Backlash PPV

35.Bobby Lashley [2]
06/03/2007-Jacksonville, FL
WWE One Night Stand PPV

Title Vacant
Bobby Lashley is stripped of the title after being drafted to RAW.

36.Johnny Nitro (John Hennigan)
06/24/2007-Houston, TX (Toyota Center)
Defeats C.M. Punk in tournament final to win vacant title.
WWE Vengeance PPV

37.C.M. Punk (Phil Brooks)
09/01/2007-Cincinnati, OH

38.Chavo Guerrero Jr.
01/22/2008-Charlottesville, VA
Defeated CM Punk in a No Disqualification match

39.Kane (Glen Jacobs)
03/30/2008-Orlando, FL
WrestleMania XXIV

40.Mark Henry
06/29/2008-Dallas, TX
Defeated Kane and The Big Show to win the title
Night of Champion

41.Chavo Guerrero [2]
09/07/2008-Cleveland, OH
ECW Championship Scramble Match where each pin fall crowns a new champion
Pinned Matt Hardy
Unforgiven PPV

42.Matt Hardy
09/07/2008-Cleveland, OH
ECW Championship Scramble Match
Pinned Chavo Guerrero
Unforgiven PPV

43.Fit Finley
09/07/2008-Cleveland, OH
ECW Championship Scramble Match
Unforgiven PPV
Pinned Matt Hardy

44.Matt HARDY [2]
09/07/2008-Cleveland, OH
ECW Championship Scramble Match
Pinned The Miz
Unforgiven PPV

45.Jack Swagger (Jacob Hager)
01/13/2009-Sioux City, IA
ECW broadcast

46.Christian (Jason Reso)
04/26/2009-Providence, RI
Backlash PPV

47.Tommy Dreamer [2]
06/07/2009-New Orleans, LA (New Orleans Arena)
Defeated Christian and Jack Swagger in a Three-Way Match
WWE Extreme Rules PPV

48.Christian [2]
07/26/2009-Philadelphia, PA
WWE Night of Champions PPV

49.Ezekial Jackson (Rycklon Stephens)
02/16/2010-Kansas City, MO
Defeated Christian in a Extreme Rules match to become the last ECW Champion.
Final ECW Broadcast

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