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March 20, 1996--Present

Compiled by Matt Benaka and Earl Oliver
(Additional Information from Andrew Zadarnowski and Joe Dean)

1.Shinjiro Ohtani
03/20/96-Nagoya, JAPAN
Shinjiro Ohtani defeated Wild Pegasus {Chris Benoit} to become the first WCW World Cruiserweight Champion.

2."The Man of a Thousand Holds" Dean Malenko {Dean Simon}
05/02/96-Orlando, Florida, United States (WCW World Wide)

3.Rey Misterio Jr. {Oscar Gonzales}
07/08/96-Orlando, Florida, United States (Monday Nitro)

Rey Misterio Jr. held the following titles in conjunction with the WCW World Cruiserweight Title:

4."The Man of a Thousand Holds" Dean Malenko (2)
10/27/96-Las Vegas, Nevada, United States-Halloween Havoc

5.Ultimo Dragon {Yohihiro Asai}
12/29/96-Nashville, Tennessee, United States-Starrcade
managed by Sunny Oono
Ultimo Dragon was the octuple crown champion when he defeated Dean Malenko for the WCW World Cruiserweight Title.
In conjunction with the WCW World Cruiserweight Title Ultimo Dragon held the octuple crown championship which he won on 10/11/96 from The Great Sasuke in Osaka, JAPAN.

The octuple crown championship was comprised of:

Dragon also held the following title in conjunction with the World Cruiserweight Title:


6."The Man of a Thousand Holds" Dean Malenko (3)
01/21/97-Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States (Clash of the Champions)

7.Syxx {Sean Waltman}
02/23/97-San Francisco, California, United States (SuperBrawl VII)
managed by Ted Dibiase {Theodore Marvin Dibiase}
Member of The New World Order<

8.Chris Jericho {Chris Irvine}
06/28/97-Los Angeles, California, United States (Saturday Nitro as a Pay-Per-Listen Internet Broadcast)

9.Alex Wright
07/28/97-Charleston, West Virginia, United States-Monday Nitro

10.Chris Jericho (2)
08/12/97-Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States (WCW Saturday Night)

11.Eddie Guerrerro
09/14/97-Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States-Fall Brawl

12.Rey Misterio Jr. (2)
10/26/97-Las Vegas, Nevada, United States (MGM Grand)-Halloween Havoc
Misterio Jr. held the following title in conjunction with the WCW World Cruiserweight Title:

13.Eddie Guerrero (2)
11/10/97-Memphis, Tennessee, United States (Mid South Colisseum) - Monday Nitro

14.Ultimo Dragon (2)
12/29/97-Baltimore, Maryland, United States - Monday Nitro

15.Juventud Guerrera.
01/09/98-Daytona Beach, Florida, United States - Thunder

16.Rey Misterio Jr. (3)
01/15/98-Lakeland, Florida, United States - Thunder

17.Chris Jericho (3)
01/24/98-Dayton, Ohio, United States - Souled Out PPV

18.Dean Malenko (4)
05/17/98-Worcester, Massachucetts, United States - Slamboree
Malenko enters the Cruiserweight Battle Royal disguised as Cyclope and wins it in order to earn the Title shot on the same program.

Dean Malenko voluntarily gives up the Title to get another shot at Jericho at Thunder on June 12-Buffalo, NY (Marine Midland Arena)

19.Chris Jericho (4)
06/14/98-Baltimore, Maryland, United States (Baltimore Arena) - Great American Bash
Jericho wins by disqualification and is then declared the Champion because the Title was vacant going into the match

20.Juventud Guerrera (2)
08/08/98-Sturgis, South Dakota, United States - Road Wild PPV
Dean Malenko was the special referee

21.Kidman [Billy Kidman]
09/14/98 - Greenville, South Carolina - Monday Nitro
00:10:42 (+ Commercial time)
Kidman gained his independence from the Flock the night before at the Fall Brawl PPV

22.Juventud Guerrera (3)
11/16/98-Wichita, Kansas (Monday Nitro)

23.Kidman (2)
11/22/98-Auburn Hills, Michigan
World War 3 PPV
Guerrera revealed that he had joined the LWO before the match. Rey Misterio, Jr. interferes to give Kidman the win and wins his freedom from the LWO.<

24.Rey Misterio, Jr. (4)
03/15/99-Cincinnatti, OH (Monday Nitro)

Rey Misterio, Jr. held the following titles in conjunction with the WCW World Crusierweight Title:

04/19/99-Gainesville, Florida (Monday Nitro)
Psychosis pinned Blitzkrieg in a Four Corners match with Rey Mysterio Jr, Blitzkrieg and Juventud Guerrera

26.Rey Misterio, Jr. (5)
04/26/99-Fargo, ND (Fargo Dome - Monday Nitro)

27.Lenny Lane
08/19/99-Lubbock, Texas (Thunder)

28.Psychosis (2)
10/3/99 (?)
Pyschosis is introduced on Nitro as having won the title during a house show but there is no confirmation that any such match actually took place

29.Disco Inferno
10/4/99-Kansas City, MO (Kemper Arena)
Defeats Psychosis

30.Evan Karagias
11/21/99-Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Mayhem PPV)
Disco Inferno is distracted by his financial troubles and loses to the rookie.

12/19/99-Washington, DC (MCI Center)
Starrcade 1999
Madusa was aided in her victory by Nitro Girl Spice
First women to hold a World Title, other then the Womens' Title, in World Championship Wrestling

32.Oklahoma (Ed Fererra)
01/16/2000-Cincinnati, Ohio (Souled Out PPV)

01/18/2000-Evansville, IN
Oklahoma vacates the title

33.The Artist Formerly Known as Price Iukea
02/20/2000-San Francisco, CA (Cow Palace)
SuperBrawl 2000 PPV
Defeated Lash LeRoux in a Tournament final to determine the new champion.
Accompanied by Paisley who interfered to give her man the win.

34.Billy Kidman [3]
03/30/2000-Baltimore, MD

35.The Artist [2]
03/31/00-Pittsburgh, PA

04/11/2000-Denver, CO (Monday Nitro)
All WCW Titles were forfeited to the new creative team of Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff

36.Chris Candido
04/16/2000-Chicago, IL (WCW Spring Stampede)
Candido pinned the Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iukea
Accompanied by Tammy Lynn Sytch

05/15/00-Biloxi, Mississippi (Monday Nitro)
Daffney and Crowbar defeated Candido and Tammy in a mixed tag tem match for the title
Daffney pinned Tammy to win the belt

38.Lt. Loco (Chavo Guerrero, Jr.)
06/06/2000-Knoxville, TN
Thunder (June 7 program)
Guerrero pinned the Disco Inferno in a three-way-dance also involving Daffney.

39.Lance Storm
07/31/2000-Cinncinatti, Ohio
Lance Storm also held the following titles in conjunction with the WCW World Cruiserweight Title

40."Prime Time" Elix Skipper
08/14/2000-Kelowna, BC, Canada (Monday Nitro)
Awarded by Lance Storm after Skipper helped him during an in-ring attack

41."Above Average" Mike Sanders
10/02/2000-San Francisco, CA (Cow Palace)
Monday Nitro
Sanders pinned Skipper after the latter was power-bombed by Kevin Nash in a handicap-powerbomb match for the title.

42.Chavo Guerrero, Jr. [2]
12/04/2000-Lincoln, Nebraska
Thunder (12/6 program)

43."Sugar" Shane Helms
03/18/2001-Jacksonville, FL (Greed PPV)

WWF buys WCW
Final WCW Monday Nitro aired on 03/26/2001 from Panama Beach, FL

44.Billy Kidman [4]
07/03/2001-Tacoma, WA (Tacoma Dome)
WWF Smackdown TV Taping
This was the first WCW Title change to occur after WWFE acquired WCW.

45.X-Pac (Sean Waltman)
07/30/2001-Philadelphia, PA (First Union Center)
Title vs. Title match
Monday Night RAW
X-Pac also held the following titles in conjunction with the WCW World Cruiserweight Title:

46.Billy Kidman [5]
10/09/2001-Moline, Il (MARK of the Quad Cities)
SmackDown taping (October 11 program)

10/22/2001-Kansas City, MO (Kemper Arena)
Monday Night RAW

Title Renamed as the the WWF Cruiserweight Title
12/11/2001-Bakersfield, CA.
According to the storyline, World Championship Wrestling was forced out of business when the WCW Team lost a Winner-Take-All Elimination match to the WWF team at Survivor series in Greensboro, NC (Greensboro Coliseum) on 11/18/2001

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