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September 21, 2002--Present

Compiled by Jeff Capo and Earl Oliver
with additional information from the VCW and NWA Virginia web sites

Originally known as the WWC Tag Team Title

1.Thunderstorm (Matt Storm & Jimmy Jack Thunder)
06/94-Barnegat, NJ
Defeated Carjacker and Cat Burglar In Tournament Final.

2.Lover's Express (Overweight Lover & Eric Idol)
05/95-Bayville, NJ
Defeated Matt Storm & Bouncer, subbing for injured Jimmy Jack Thunder

Renamed APWA Tag Team Title

3.Thunderstorm [2]
08/96-Manhawkin, NJ

[Records unclear]

4.Honor Roll (Slayer & Tommy Logan)
12/96-Manhawkin, NJ

[Records unclear]

5.Thunderstorm [3]
05/97-Bayville, NJ

Renamed RCW Tag Team Title

6.Extremists (Ace Darling & Devon Storm)
08/10/97-Staten Island, NY

Title Vacant
Extremists stripped due to their NWA-CWA commitments.

Renamed NWA New York Tag Team Title

7.Mr. Motion and Jeff Grant
03/17/98-Staten Island, NY
Defeat Sir Christopher Michaels & American Superstar in tournament final.

8.Guillotine LeGrande & Kamikaze Kid
06/12/99-Staten Island, NY

9.Soul Brothers (Elvin & Jack Soul)
11/27/99-Staten Island, NY Defeat LeGrande & The Intruder, subbing for Kamikaze Kid, who was injured on the card.

Title Vacant
Vacated for no-showing a title defense.

10.Big Unit (Rick Silver & Dave Desire)
Staten Island, NY-01/29/00
Won vacant titles in a Royal Rumble Match

11.Soul Brothers [2]
01/29/00-Staten Island, NY
Showed up later on the card, defeat Big Unit.

Promotion moved to Virginia

Renamed the NWA Virginia State Tag Team Title

12.The Untouchables(Sean Lei and Kory James)
09/21/2002-Richmond, VA
Defeated Greg Steel and Idol X to determine the first champions.

Title renamed NWA Virginia Tag Team Title

Title Vacant
Stripped from The Untouchables due to Sean Lei's back injury.

13.Old School Empire
07/18/2003-Richmond, VA (Blackwell Community Center)
Defeated The Owens Bros. (Jay and Trey) and The Premiere Players (Dash Bennett and "The Ace" Ryan Spade) for the vacant titles

Title Vacant
Old School Empire stripped of the belts by Rick O'brien for no showing a title defense. Preston Quinn said he would wrestle Blaze and Parker for the straps with any partner. Murphy won a Battle Royal to partner with Quinn

14.Scotty "Heat Miser" Blaze and Frank "The Tank" Parker
11/13/2004-Richmond, VA
Defeated Simply Perfect (Preston Quinn and Mailicious Murphy) for the vacant titles.

15.Preston Quinn and Mike Booth
06/19/2004-Richmond, VA
Defeated Scotty Blaze and Pharoah(subbing for Frank Parker)

Titles Vacant
Announced at the New Genesis I-PPV

16.Totally Awesome
02/03/2007-Saluda, VA
Defeated Team FSU, Horrorshow and 6D6, Fusion GX and Danger International (Mike Vaughn and Chris Dramin) a Four Corner Elimination Bout for the vacant titles

17.Da New Bloods (Da Gift and Da Curse)
02/21/2009-Saluda, VA
Defeated Assault and Battery to win the vacant NWA Fusion Tag Team Title - tournament final for the new title - replaces the NWA Virginia Tag Title.

18.Assault and Battery (Victor Griff and Carlos Hotness)
10/17/2009-Massaponi, VA

19.Preston Quinn and Grail
02/27/2010-Saluda, VA

20.Da New Bloods [2]
05/08/2010-W. Point, VA

21.Preston Quinn and Larry Horsely [2]
08/21/2010-Mattaponi, VA
Defeated Da Nu Bloodz [c] and A-1 for title

22.Preston Quinn and Larry Horsley [2]
08/21/2010-Mattaponi, VA

23.Geordie Bulldogs (Aden Chambers and Brandon Day)
10/16/1010-King & Queen, VA
Defeated Preston Quinn and Larry Horsley, Da New Bloodz and A-1 in a four-team elimination match to win tag titles

24.Brandon Day and Ryan Zane
Day selected Zane as new partner after Aden Chambers retired on 08/17/2013

25.Outlaw Ink (Ryan Nuzzi and Sam Bass)
02/08/2014-Hampton, VA

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