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January 01, 1991--Present

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka, Earl Oliver, Andrew Zadarnowski, Jason Fitzgerald, John Solo, Eric Roelfsema and Joe Dean

1."The Total Package" Lex Luger {Lawrence Pfohl}
managed by Harley Race
Lex Luger was the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) United States Heavyweight Champion when WCW withdrew from the NWA. His recognition as champion carried over to WCW. He is regarded as the first WCW United States Heavyweight Champion. On 07/14/91 Luger vacated the United States Title after he won the WCW World Title.

2.Sting {Steven Borden}
08/25/91-Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Sting defeated Steve Austin {Steve Williams} in the finals of an eight man one-night tournament to crown a new champion.

3."Ravishing" Rick Rude {Richard E. Rood}
11/19/91-Savannah, Georgia, United States (Civic Center) - Clash of The Champions
Member of The Dangerous Alliance
managed by Paul E. Dangerously {Paul Heyman Jr.} & Madusa {Debbie Miceli}
Rick Rude was forced to vacate the title during December of 1992 due to an injury.

4."The Natural" Dustin Rhodes {Dustin Runnels}
01/11/93-Atlanta, Georgia, United States (WCW Saturday Night)
Dustin Rhodes defeated Rick Steamboat {Richard Blood} by count-out in the finals of a tournament to crown a new champion. The title was held up during May of 1992 after a controversial match with Rude. Rhodes and Rude had several rematches.

5."The Natural" Dustin Rhodes (2)
08/30/93-Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Rhodes defeated Rude in a best of three matches contest to regain the title.

6."Stunning" Steve Austin
12/27/93-Charlotte, North Carolina, United States (Independence Arena) -Starrcade
Member of The Studds Stable managed by Colonel Robert Parker {Robert Andrew Welch} Steve Austin defeated Rhodes in a two out of three falls match to win the title.

7.Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
08/24/94-Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States (Five Seasons Center) - Clash of The Champions ??

8."Stunning" Steve Austin (2)
09/18/94-Roanoke, Virginia, United States-Fall Brawl
Austin was awarded the title when Steamboat was forced to forfeit the title when he was unable to defend the title in a scheduled defense due to a back injury.

9."Hacksaw" Jim Duggan {James Duggan}
09/18/94-Roanoke, Virginia, United States-Fall Brawl
Jim Duggan was a last minute replacement opponent for the injured Steamboat.

10.Vader {Leon White}
12/27/94-Nashville, Tenessee, United States (Nashville Municipal Auditorium) -Starrcade
managed by Harley Race (2) & "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair {Richard Morgan Fliehr}
Vader was stripped of the title by WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel on 03/25/95. Vader held the following title in conjunction with the WCW United States Heavyweight Title:

11.Sting (2)
06/18/95-Dayton, Ohio, United States (Hara Arena) - The Great American Bash
Sting defeated Meng {Uliuli Fifita} in the finals of a sixteen man tournament to crown a new champion.

12.Kensuke Sasaki
11/13/95-Tokyo, JAPAN
managed by Sunny Oono

13.The One Man Gang {George Gray}
12/27/95-Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Member of The Dungeon of Doom
The One Man Gang was awarded the title after Kensuke Sasaki vacated the title after successfully defending against The One Man Gang. The footage of One Man Gang1s win wasn1t aired until 01/13/96.

14.Konnan {Carlos Ashenoff}
01/28/96-Canton, Ohio, United States (Monday Nitro)

Konnan held the following titles in conjunction with the WCW United States Heavyweight Title:

15."The Nature Boy" Ric Flair
07/07/96-Daytona Beach, Florida, United States (Ocean Center) - Bash at The Beach
Member of The Four Horsemen
managed by Woman {Nancy Sullivan} & Miss Elizabeth {Elizabeth Hewlett} Ric Flair suffered a shoulder injury and was stripped of the title on 11/24/96 due to the thirty day clause in WCW.

16.Eddie Guerrero
12/29/96-Nashville, Tennessee, United States (Municipal Auditorium) - Starrcade
Eddie Guerrero defeated Diamond Dallas Paige {Paige Falkenberg} in the final of an eight man tournament to fill the vacancy.

17."The Man of A Thousand Holds" Dean Malenko
03/16/97-Charleston, South Carolina, United States (North Charleston Coliseum) - Uncensored PPV
Dean Malenko defeated Guerrero in a no disqualification match.

18.Jeff Jarrett {Jeffrey Leonard Jarrett}
06/09/97-Boston, Massachusetts, United States (The Fleet Center) - Monday Nitro
Member of The Four Horsemen (2)
managed by Debra McMichael

19.Steve "Mongo" McMichael
08/21/97-Nashville, Tennessee, United States (Municipal Auditorium) - Clash of The Champions ??
Member of The Four Horsemen (3)

20.Curt Hennig
09/15/97-Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Monday Nitro
Member of The New World Order

21.Diamond Dallas Page (Page Falkenberg)
12/28/97-Washington, D.C. United States (MCI Center) - Starrcade '97

22.Raven (Scott Levy)
04/19/98-Denver, Colorado, United States (Denver Coliseum) - Spring Stampede '98
Horace Boulder, disguised as a production crew member, knocked Page out so that Raven could get the pin.

23.Goldberg (Bill Goldberg)
04/20/98-Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States (The World Arena)
Monday Nitro
Goldberg wrestled the match of his short career to take the Title in his 74th straight victory.

Goldberg vacates the title after winning WCW World Heavyweight Title on 07/06/98 in Atlanta, GA.

24.Bret Hart
07/20/98-Salt lake City, Utah, United States (East Center) - Monday Nitro
Defeated Diamond Dallas Page in a match to fill the Title vacated when Goldberg won the World Championship.
Page was injured by persons unknown (later revealed to be Hollywood Hogan) earlier in the evening. He wrestled heavily bandaged and limping, and was defeated easily by a Sharpshooter.

25.Lex Luger (2)
08/10/98-Rapid City, South Dakota, United States (Rushmore Civic Center) - Monday Nitro
00:13:31 (+ Commercial time)

26.Bret Hart (2)
08/13/98-Fargo, North Dakota, United States (Thunder)
Hart wins with a Sharpshooter

27. Diamond Dallas Page (2)
10/26/98-Phoenix Arizona (America West Arena)- Monday Nitro

28.Bret Hart (3)
11/30/98-Chatanooga, Tennessee, United States (Monday Nitro)
Defeats Diamond Dallas Page in a no-disqualification match

29."Rowdy" Roddy Piper (Roderick Toombs)
02/08/99-Buffalo, New York, USA (Monday Nitro)
00:10:10 (+ Commercial time)
Bret Hart was forced to defend the Title by acting WCW President Ric Flair
Comedian Will Sasso (MadTV) interefered and contributed to Piper's win

30.Scott Hall
02/21/99-Oakland, CA (Coliseum) SuperBrawl '99
Member of the Wolf Pac

Title Vacant
President Ric Flair strips Scott Hall and declares a tournament for the vacant title

31."Big Papa Pump" Scott Steiner (Scott Rechsteiner)
04/11/99-Tacoma, WA (Tacoma Dome) Spring Stampede PPV
defeated Booker T in a tournament final
member of the Wolf Pac

32.David Flair
07/05/99-Atlanta Georgia (Georgia Dome)
Monday Nitro
Ric Flair strips Scott Steiner for being to busy (actually, he is out with an injury) and awards it to his son.

33.Chris Benoit
08/09/99-Nampa, Idaho (Idaho Center)
Monday Nitro
The new head of the Championship Commitee, Dusty Rhodes, set up the match in response to an insult from David Flair in the backstage area.
Benoit got an easy pin after a diving headbutt despite the Triads attempts to interfere

34.Sid Vicious (Sidney Eudy)
09/12/99-Winston-Salem, NC
Fall Brawl PPV

35.Goldberg (2)
10/24/99-Las Vegas, NV (MGM Grand Hotel)
Halloween Havoc PPV
Referee Charles Robinson stops the match because Sid is bleeding profusely and awards the title to Goldberg.

36.Bret Hart (4)
10/25/99-Phoenix, AZ (Monday Nitro)
Bret defeated Goldberg in a World Title Tournament 1st round match which we later learned was also a US Title contest.

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37.Scott Hall [2]
11/08/99-Indianappolis, IN.
Hall wins a Four Way Ladder match involving Goldberg, Bret Hart and Sid Vicious - with the assistance of Kevin Nash.
Scott Hall held the following titles in conjunction with the WCW United States Title:

38.Chris Benoit [2]
12/19/99-Washington, DC (MCI Center)
Starrcade 1999
Scott Hall stripped of the title for inability to compete due to knee injury.
Benoit stated that he does not consider the title legitimate unless he fights for it and issues an open challenge
Defeats Jeff Jarrett in a Ladder match to vindicate the award

39.Jeff Jarrett [2]
12/20/99-Baltimore, MD (Monday Nitro)
Defeated Benoit in a ladder re-match from Starrcade
Benoit is undone by a gimmicked ladder the rungs of which break as he tries to climb and get the belt. Jarrett pulls a second ladder out from under the ring after whacking Benoit with a guitar.

Title Vacant
Jeff Jarrett unable to compete because of a concussion

40.Jeff Jarrett [3]
Kevin Nash restores the title to Jarrett as his first official act as WCW Commissioner

04/11/2000-Denver, CO (Monday Nitro)
All WCW Titles were forfeited to the new creative team of Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff

41.Scott Steiner
04/16/2000-Chicago, IL (WCW Spring Stampede)
Defeated Sting in the finals of a tournament to fill the vacant title

Title Vacant
07/09/2000-Daytona Beach, FL (Bash at the Beach PPV)
Scott Steiner was stripped of the title after defying Commissioner Ernest Miller and applying the Steiner Recliner to challenger Mike Awesome

42.Lance Storm
07/18/2000-Auburn Hills, MI
Defeats Mike Awesome in finals of 8-man tournament to win vacant title
Renames it the Canadian Heavyweight Title
Lance Storm also held the following titles in conjunction with theWCW United States Heavyweight Title

43.Terry Funk
09/22/2000-Amarillo, TX

44.Lance Storm [2]
09/23/2000-Lubbock, Texas

45.General Rection (Hugh Morrus)
10/29/2000-Las Vegas, NV
Defeats Lance Storm & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan in a handicap match.

46.Lance Storm [3]
11/10/2000-London, England, UK
Major Gunns turned heel by "throwing the towel in" on Rection's behalf, and re-joined Team Canada after giving the assist.

47.General Rection [2]
11/26/2000-Milwaukee, WS (US Celular Arena)
Mayhem PPV card

48.Shane Douglas
01/14/2001-Indianapolis, IN (SIN PPV)
Wins First Blood rules, with a chain hung above the ring match

49.Rick Steiner
02/05/2001-Tupelo, Mississippi (Monday Nitro)

WWF buys WCW

50.Booker T
03/18/2001-Jacksonville, FL
Booker T held the following titles in conjunction with the WCW United States Heavyweight Title

07/24/2001-Pittsburgh, PA (Mellon Arena)
WWF Smackdown TV Taping
Booker T. gave Kanyon the belt after Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley proclaimed Kanyon as the new champion.
Chris Kanyon also held the following titles in conjunction with theWCW United States Heavyweight Title

09/10/2001-San Antonio, TX (Freeman Coliseum)

09/23/2001-Pittsburgh, PA (Mellon Arena)
WWF Unforgiven PPV

54.Kurt Angle
10/22/2001-Kansas City, MO (Kemper Arena)
Monday Night RAW

55.Edge (Adam Copeland)
11/12/2001-Boston, MA (Fleet Center)

The WCW United States Heavyweight Title was unified with the WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Title on 11/18/2001 at the Survivor Series in Greensboro, NC (Greensboro Coliseum) when Edge defeated Test in a unification match according to the storyline, World Championship Wrestling was forced out of business when the WCW Team lost a Winner-Take-All Elimination match to the WWF Team on the same program.

Title was later revived by WWE as the WWE United States Heavyweight Title

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