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From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka

1.Mark Lewin/Don Curtis
/ /58-Awarded
Mark Lewin/Don Curtis allegedly defeated Hans Schmidt/Dick The Bruiser for the titles.

2.Jerry Graham/Eddie Graham {Eddie Gossett}
09/01/58-Washington, D.C.

3.Mark Lewin (2)/Don Curtis (2)
12/ /58-Washington, D.C.

4.Jerry Graham (2)/Eddie Graham (2)
05/27/59-Bridgeport, CT
Eddie Graham retired during November of 1959 and the titles were declared vacant.

5.Jerry Graham (3)/Johnny Valentine {John Wisniski Sr.}
11/14/59- West Hempstead, NY
Jerry Graham/Johnny Valentine defeated Lewin/Curtis for the vacant titles.

6.Jerry Graham (4)/Eddie Graham (3)
03/ /60
Eddie Graham returned to wrestling and took Valentine's place.

7.Red Bastien/Lou Bastien {Lou Klein}
04/02/60-New Haven, CT

8.Jerry Graham (5)/Eddie Graham (4)
04/16/60-New Haven, CT

9.Red Bastien (2)/Lou Bastien (2)
04/23/60-Chicago, IL

10.Al Costello/Roy Heffernan-The Fabulous Kangaroos
07/21/60-Washington, D.C.
managed by Wild Red Berry

11.Red Bastien (3)/Lou Bastien (3)
08/08/60-Washington, D.C.

12.The Fabulous Kangaroos (2)
08/24/60-Bridgeport, CT
managed by Wild Red Berry (2)

13.Johnny Valentine (2)/"The Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers {Herman Rhode}
11/19/60-Teaneck, NJ

14.The Fabulous Kangaroos (3)
11/26/60- Washington, D.C.
managed by Wild Red Berry (3)
Al Costello/Roy Heffernan-The Fabulous Kangaroos- defeated Johnny Valentine/Chief Big Heart for the titles after Buddy Rogers walked away from the titles.

15.Johnny Valentine (3)/Bob Ellis
01/11/62-Washington, D.C.

16."The Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers (2)/Johnny Barend
07/05/62-Washington, D.C.-- In the title change, Arnoald Skoaland, who was substituting for Bob Ellis, lost the first fall. Ellis arrived for the second fall.

17.Buddy Austin/Great Scott {Johnny Scheigert}
Washington, D.C.
Buddy Austin was substituting for Pete Sanchez who was injures while losing the first fall. Rogers and Johnny Baren brawled after losing.

18.Skull Murphy/Brute Bernard
05/16/63-Washington, D.C.

19.Killer Kowalski {Waldek Kowlaski}/Gorilla Monsoon {Gino Marelli}
11/14/63-Washington, D.C.

20.Chris Tolos/John Tolos
12/28/63-Teaneck, NJ

21.Don McClarity/Vittorio 3Argentina2 Apollo
02/ /64- , CT

22.Dr. Jerry Graham (6)/Luke Graham
06/ /64-Washington, D.C.

23.Gene Kiniski/Waldo Von Erich
/ /64-Washingotn, D.C

24.Gorilla Monsoon (2)/Bill Watts
04/ /65-Washington, D.C.

25.Dan Miller/Dr. Bill Miller
07 /65-Washington, D.C.

26.Johnny Valentine (4)/Antonnio Pugliese {Tony Parisi}
02/21/66-New York, NY

27.Baron Mikel Scicluna/Smasher Sloan
09/22/66-Washington, D.C.
Baron Mikel Scicluna/Smasher Sloan were awarded the titles by a heel-turned Valentine when Antonnio Pugliese was injured in the second fall after winning the first.

28.Antonnio Pugliese (2)/Spiros Arion
12/08/66-Washington, D.C. Spiros Arion was substituting for an injured Miguel Perez in the third fall.

29.Spiros Arion (2)/Arnold Skoaland
06/ /67-Awarded
Skoaland replaced Pugliese on the team after Pugliese left the WWWF.

30.Lou Albano/Tony Altimore-The Sicilians
07/10/67-Atlantic City, NJ

31.Spiros Arion (3)/Bruno Sammartino
07/24/67-Atlantic City, NJ
The title was abandoned during 1967.

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