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September 28, 1986--Present

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka, Brian Westcott and Eric Roelfsema

1.Ivan Koloff {James Parris}/Krusher Khrushchev {Barry Darsow}
09/28/86-Atlanta, GA
Ivan Koloff/Krusher Khruchchev defeated Dutch Mantel/Bobby Jaggers-The Kansas Jayhawks.

2.Ron Garvin {Roger Barnes}/Barry Windham
12/09/86-Spartanburg, SC
Garvin and Windham won the final of a ten-team tournament

3.Ivan Koloff (2)/Dick Murdoch
03/14/87-Atlanta, GA
managed by Paul Jones
The title became vacant in April of 1987 when Dick Murdoch was suspended.

4.Bobby Eaton {Robert Lee Eaton}/Stan Lane-The Midnight Express
05/16/87-Atlanta, GA
managed by Jim Cornette
Bobby Eaton/Stan Lane-The Midnight Express-defeated Ron Garvin/Barry Windham in the final of a six team tournament to win the title.

5.Tommy Rogers (Thomas Couch) /Bobby Fulton {James Hines}-The Fantastics
04/26/88-Chattanooga, TN

6.The Midnight Express (2)
07/10/88-Baltimore, MD (Great American Bash)
managed by Jim Cornette (2)
The title became vacant on 09/10/88 when The Midnight Express won the NWA World Tag Team Titles.

7.The Fantastics (2)
12/07/88-Chattanooga, TN (Clash of Champions)
The Fantastics defeated Eddie Gilbert {Thomas Edward Gilbert Jr.}/Ron Simmons in the finals of a six team tournament to win the title.

8.Kevin Sullivan/Steve Williams
12/26/88-Norfolk, VA (Starrcade)
Members of The Varsity Club

9.Eddie Gilbert/Rick Steiner {Robert Rechsteiner}
02/28/89-Columbia, SC
Members of The First Family
Eddie Gilbert/Rick Steiner vacated the title in April of 1989.

10.The Z-Man {Tom Zenk}/Brian Pillman
02/12/90-Gainesville, GA
The Z-Man/Brian Pillman defeated Michael Hayes/Jimmy Garvin-The Fabulous Freebirds in finals of an eight team tournament to win the title.

11.The Midnight Express (3)
05/19/90-Washington, DC (Capital Combat)
managed by Jim Cornette (3)

12.Rick Steiner (2)/Scott Steiner {Scott Rechsteiner}-The Steiner Brothers
08/24/90-East Rutherford, NJ
The Steiner Brothers held the following title in conjunction with the NWA U.S. Tag Team Title:

WCW withdrew from the NWA in January of 1991 and The Steiner Brothers were recognized as the last NWA United States Tag Team Champions and the first WCW United States Tag Team Champions.

NWA U.S. Tag Team Title revived in February, 1996

13.The Lost Boys
02/03/96-Cherry Hill, NJ
The Lost Boys defeated The Greek Connection & Seek/Destroy-Bad Attitude - in triangle match to win the vacant title.

14.Seek & Destroy-Bad Attitude
04/27/96-Yardsville, NJ

15.Twiggy Ramirez/Adrian Hall-Downward Spiral
11/16/96-Blackwood, NJ

16.The Lost Boys (2)
12/07/96- Mount Holly, NJ

17.Downward Spiral (2)
Woodbury, NJ

18.Ray Odyssey & The Inferno Kid-The Beach Bullies
04/12/97-Yardsville, NJ

19.Derek Domino & Harley Lewis-The Misfits
06/14/97-Vineland, NJ

20.Ian Rotten & Blaze
09/20/97-Bardstown, KY

The Title was declared vacant when Ian Rotten surrendered them on 01/22/98

21.The Misfits [2]
02/07/98-Somerdale, NJ
Defeat Twiggy Ramirez & Devon Storm to win vacant title

22.Ace Darling & Devon Storm
02/28/98-Philadelphia, PA

23.The Misfits [3]
03/22/98-Garfield, NJ

24.Lance Diamond & Steve Corino
07/31/98-Mt. Holly, NJ

25.The Pit Bulls
08/22/98-Mt. Holly, NJ
Managed by Tod Gordon & Missy Hyatt

26.The Misfits [4]
11/13/98-Hazlet, NJ

27.Doug Gilbert & Buddy Landell
06/05/99-Holmdel, NJ
Managed by Jim Cornette [4]

28.Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge
10/30/99- North Brunswick, NJ
Defeated Doug Gilbert & Tommy Rich for title
Rich subbed in match for injured Buddy Landell

29.Pit Bulls 1 & 2 [2]
12/11/99-West Deptford, NJ
Tommy Cairo & Chris Candido win the titles 04/7/00 in Tom's River, NJ, but the decision is later reversed by NWA Jersey officials.


30.The Lords of KAOS (Lance Erikson and Damien Wayne)
01/24/2014-Millersville, TN (SAW Mill Arena)
Defeated Team IOU (Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy), The Illuminati (Chase Owens and Chris Richards), and Jason Kincaid and Charles Alexander in a Four Way Dance Tournament final to win vacant title.
NWA Southern All Star Wrestling Inferno 2014

Title Vacant
The titles were vacated when the former champions, the Lords of Kaos, decided to pursue singles careers.
A one-night, 8-team tournament promoted by NWA Smoky Mountain will be held on Sunday, September 20, 2014 at the Kingsport Civic Auditorium in Kingsport, Tennessee to crown new champions.

31.Air America (Skylar Kruze and Gavin Daring)
09/20/2014-Kingsport, TN
Defeated the Heatseekers (Sigmon and Elliott Russell) and William Huckaby and Jordan Kage in 3-way final of an 8-team tournament for the vacant title.

32.The New Heat Seekers (Elliott Russell and Sigmon)
12/27/2014-Kingsport, TN (Kingsport Civic Auditorium)

33.Illuminat (Chase Owens and Chris Richards)
06/12/2015-Kingsport, TN

34.Axton Ray and Skylar Kruze
10/03/2015-Kingsport, TN
Defeated the Illuminati (Chase Owens and Chris Richards) (c), the Heatseekers (Elliot Russell and Sigmon), and the Agency (Jordan Kage and Toby Farley) in 4-way match.

35.Giants of Gehenna (Chris Richards and Travis Lee)
12/19/2015-Kingsport, TN

36.Air America (Skylar Kruze and Gavin Daring) [2]
04/16/2016-Kingsport, TN
Defeated Giants of Gehenna, the Heatseekers, the Dixon Line, the Hardliners, and Nick Hammonds and Wild Bill in a scramble match.

37.Heatseekers (Elliott Russell and Matt Sigmon) [2]
05/07/2016- Kingsport, TN

38.Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude and Rob Killjoy)
05/13/2017-Kingsport, TN

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