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December 13, 1988--November, 1997

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan and Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka

1.Jerry "The King" Lawler
12/13/88-Chicago, IL
Jerry Lawler had won the American Wrestling Association (AWA) World Heavyweight Title, defeating Curt Henning on 05/09/88 in Memphis, TN

Unifies World Class Wrestling Association (WCWA) World Heavyweight Title, defeating Kerry Von Erich {Kerry Gene Adkisson} on 12/13/88.

2.The Master of Pain {Mark Callaway}
04/01/89-Memphis, TN

3.Jerry "The King" Lawler (2)
04/25/89-Memphis, TN

4.The Soultaker {Charles Wright}
10/23/89-Memphis, TN

5.Jerry "The King" Lawler (3)
11/06/89-Memphis, TN

6.King Cobra
12/30/89-Memphis, TN

7.Jerry "The King" Lawler (4)
Memphis, TN

8.Jimmy Valiant
02/26/90-Memphis, TN
managed by The Colonel

9.Jerry "The King" Lawler (5)
03/12/90-Memphis, TN

10.Jimmy Valiant (2)
04/28/90-Memphis, TN

11.Jerry "The King" Lawler (6)
05/05/90-Memphis, TN

12.The Snowman {Eddie Crawford}
06/18/90-Memphis, TN
The referee for the Lawler/The Snowman match was Leon Spinks.
Snowman was stripped on 08/27/90 when he no-showed a title defense.

13.Jerry "The King" Lawler (7)
10/08/90-Memphis, TN
Lawler defeated Austin Idol in a tournament final to crown a new champion.

14.Terry Funk
11/05/90-Memphis, TN

15.Jerry "The King" Lawler (8)
03/11/91-Memphis, TN

16.Awesome Kong {Dwayne McCallaugh}
07/29/91-Memphis, TN

17.Jerry "The King" Lawler (9)
08/12/91-Memphis, TN

18.The Dragon Master
08/26/91-Memphis, TN

19.Jerry "The King" Lawler (10)
09/02/91-Memphis, TN

20.Kamala {Jim Harris}
11/25/91-Memphis, TN
managed by Friday {Buddy Wayne}

21.Jerry "The King" Lawler (11)
12/02/91-Memphis, TN

22.Kamala (2)
12/09/91-Memphis, TN
The title was held up after a match against Koko B. Ware {James Ware} on 02/02/92 in Memphis, TN.

23.Kamala (3)
02/10/92-Memphis, TN
Kamala defeated Ware in a rematch for the title.

24.Koko B. Ware
02/24/92-Memphis, TN

25.Kamala (4)
03/16/92-Memphis, TN
Kamala won the title by count out.

26.Jerry "The King" Lawler (12)
05/04/92-Memphis, TN
Lawler defeated Eddie Gilbert {Thomas Edward Gilbert Jr.} on 06/08/92 in Memphis, TN to unify The Global Wrestling Federation (GWF) World Heavyweight Title and The USWA Unified World Heavyweight Title.
Note: Although Gilbert was billed as the GWF World Champion when he arrived at the USWA - he was, in fact the GWF North American Champion - there was no World Title associated with GWF

27."Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert
06/15/92-Memphis, TN

28.Rick Morton
07/13/92-Memphis, TN

29."Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert (2)
07/20/92-Memphis, TN

30.The Junkyard Dog
09/21/92-Memphis, TN

31.Butch Reed {Bruce Reed}
10/12/92-Memphis, TN

32.Todd Champion
10/17/92-Cleveland, OH
Todd Champion was awarded the title when Butch Reed left the promotion, but allegedly won in Cleveland, OH.
managed by Bert Prentice

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33.Jerry "The King" Lawler (13)
11/02/92-Memphis, TN

34.Koko B. Ware (2)
12/07/92-Memphis, TN

35.Jerry "The King" Lawler (14)
12/14/92-Memphis, TN

36.Papa Shango {Charles Wright} (2)
05/03/93 -Memphis, TN
managed by Bert Prentice (2) and Johnny Polo {Scott Levy}

37."The Rocket" Owen Hart
06/21/93-Memphis, TN
managed by Bert Prentice (3)

38.Jerry "The King" Lawler (15)
07/05/93-Memphis, TN

39.Tatanka {Chris Chavis}
09/13/93-Memphis, TN

40.Jerry "The King" Lawler (16)
09/20/93-Memphis, TN
Lawler pinned Tatanka in an 8-man tag team match with special stipulations to allow the title to switch.

41."The Macho Man" Randy Savage {Randy Poffo}
10/11/93-Memphis, TN
Randy Savage vacated the title on 11/20/93 when the USWA and World Wrestling Federation (WWF) temporarily ended co-promotion.
managed by Vince McMahon

42.Jeff Jarrett {Jeffrey Leonard Jarrett}
11/22/93-Memphis, TN
Jeff Jarrett won a battle royal, pinning Jerry Lawler to win the vacant title.

43.Jerry "The King" Lawler (17)
12/20/93-Memphis, TN

44."Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert (3)
01/31/94-Memphis, TN

45.Jerry "The King" Lawler (18)
02/07/94-Memphis, TN

46."Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert (4)
02/14/94-Memphis, TN

47.Jerry "The King" Lawler (19)
03/25/94-Senatobia, MS *

48.Sid Vicious {Sidney Ray Eudy}
07/16/94-Memphis, TN
Sid Vicious won the title by forfeit.

49.Jerry "The King" Lawler (20)
02/06/95-Memphis, TN
Lawler held the following title in conjunction with the USWA title:

50.Bill Dundee {William Crookshanks}
02/25/95-Memphis, TN

51."The Bad Guy" Razor Ramon {Scott Hall}
04/03/95-Memphis, TN

52.Jerry "The King" Lawler (21)
05/01/95-Memphis, TN

53.Ahmed Johnson {Tony Norris}
11/06/95-Memphis, TN

54.Jeff Jarrett (2)
12/20/95-Tunica, MS Jarret was stripped of the title on 03/02/96 because of a back injury.

55.Jerry "The King" Lawler (22)
03/04/96-Memphis, TN
Lawler defeated Mabel in a tournament final to win the vacant title.

56.Jeff Jarrett (3)
04/20/96-Memphis, TN
Jarret pinned Lawler when Lawler was checking on referee Frank Morrell, who faked a heart attack while Lawler pinned Jarrett.

57.Jerry "The King" Lawler (23)
08/96-West Helena, AR

58.Sid Vicious (2)
08/30/96-Memphis, TN

59.Jerry "The King" Lawler (24)
09/02/96-Memphis, TN

60.The Colorado Kid
10/04/96-Jonesboro, AR

61.Jerry "The King" Lawler (25)
11/16/96-Memphis, TN

03/15/97-Memphis, TN

63.Jerry "The King" Lawler (26)
03/22/97-Memphis, TN

64.Fine Reginald
04/12/97-Memphis, TN

65.Jerry "The King" Lawler (27)
04/27/97-Memphis, TN

66.Dutch Mantell
08/08/97-Memphis, TN

Promotion closes November, 1997

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