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April 1985--January 01, 1991
January 24, 2020--Present

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka and Joe Dean

1.Dusty Rhodes {Virgil Runnels Jr.}
Dusty Rhodes was the last Mid-Atlantic (NWA) Television Champion and was thus recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) as the first NWA World Television Champion.

2.Tully Blanchard
04/28/85-Charlotte, NC
Valeted by Baby Doll {Nicole Roberts}

3.Dusty Rhodes (2)
07/06/85-Charlotte, NC (Great American Bash)
Rhodes was stripped of the title on October 19, 1995 for not defending the title after having his leg broken by Ric Flair {Richard Morgan Fliehr}, Ole Anderson {Ole Rogowski}, and Arn Anderson {Marty Lundie} on September 29, 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia.

4.Arn Anderson
01/04/86-Greensboro, NC
Member of The Four Horsemen
managed by J.J. Dillion
Anderson defeated Wahoo McDaniel {Edward McDaniel} in a tournament final to determine the new champion.

5.Dusty Rhodes (3)
09/09/86-Columbia, SC

6.Tully Blanchard (2)
11/27/86-Greensboro, NC (Starrcade)
Member of The Four Horsemen (2)
managed by J.J.Dillion (2)
Blanchard won the title from Rhodes in a first blood match.

7.Nikita Koloff {Scott Simpson}
08/17/87-Fayetville, NC
Koloff won the Universal Wrestling Federation World Television Title on November 26, 1987 and unified it with the NWA version.

8.Mike Rotundo {Lawrence Michael Rotundo}
01/26/88-Raleigh, NC
Member of The Varsity Club

9.Rick Steiner {Rob Rechsteiner}
12/26/88-Norfolk, VA (Starrcade)

10.Mike Rotundo (2)
02/20/89-Chicago, IL (Chi-Town Rumble)
Member of The Varsity Club (2)

11.Sting {Steven Borden}
03/31/89-Atlanta, GA
The title was held up on July 23, 1989 in Baltimore, Maryland following a match against The Great Muta {Keiji Muto}.

12.The Great Muta
09/03/89-Atlanta. GA
managed by Gary Hart
Muta defeated Sting in the rematch in Atlanta, Georgia to win the held up title.

13.Arn Anderson (2)
01/02/90-Gainsville, GA (NWA Power Hour)
Member of The Four Horsemen (3)

14.The Z-Man {Tom Zenk}
12/04/90-Gainsville, GA

15."The Enforcer" Arn Anderson {Marty Lunde}
01/14/91-Marietta, GA
Member of The Four Horsemen
Arn Anderson won the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Television Title from The Z-Man {Tom Zenk} on 01/14/91. With the NWA no longer operating as an organization, the U.S. branch was exclusively referred to as WCW from 01/01/91 on. Anderson is recognized as the first WCW Television Champion.
NWA Nashville starts referring to their NWA Wildside Television Title as the NWA World Television Title

Title Re-instated

16.Ricky Starks
01/24/2020-Atlanta, GA
Defeated Trevor Murdoch in tournament final.

17.Zicky Dice
01/26/2020-Atlanta, GA

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