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Sometime before May 19, 2001--Present

Compiled by Grant Sawyer

1.Gemini Kid
Inaugural champion

2.Mikael Yamaha
01/26/2001-Wilson, NC

3.Sexton Tyler
02/23/2002-Graham, NC

4.Ric Converse
07/20/2002-Graham, NC

03/08/2003-Burlington, NC

11/08/2003-Burlington, NC

Title renamed as the CWFMA Television Title

04/17/2004-Burlington, NC

8.Mikael Yamaha
06/26/2004-Burlington, NC

9.Jesse Ortega
01/08/2005-Burlington, NC

10.Mitch Connor
09/17/2005-Burlington, NC

11.Rob McBride
01/07/2006-Burlington, NC

12.Michael McAllister
05/20/2006-Burlington, NC

13.Brass Munkey
07/29/2006-Burlington, NC

14.Steve Greene
12/30/2006-Burlington, NC

15.Lee Valiant
06/16/2007-Burlington, NC
Pins Green in a 4-corner tag team match with a stipulation that whoever gets pinned loses his title to the winner.

16.Steve Greene [2]
06/23/2007-Greensboro, NC
Won 3-way match against Valiant and Chris Collins by pinning Valiant.

17.Tank Lawson
05/17/2008-Burlington, NC

18.Marcellus King
09/06/2008-Burlington, NC

19.Lee Valiant [2]
01/17/2009-Burlington, NC

20.Joey Silvia
10/18/2009-Burlington, NC

21.Lee Valiant [3]
01/03/2010-Burlington, NC

Title Vacant
Due to head injury.

22.Roy Wilkins
02/07/2010-Burlington, NC
Defeats Arik Royal in tournament final.

23.Arik Royal
06/19/2010-Burlington, NC

24.Ray Kandarick
12/18/2011-Burlington, NC
Won in a 6-man tag team match.

25.Donnie Dollar$
10/07/2012-Burlington, NC

26.Trevor Lee
09/22/2012-Burlington, NC

27.Matty de Nero
06/01/2013-Gibsonville, NC

28.Chase Dakota
10/19/2013-Gibsonville, NC

29.Mark James
03/15/2014-Gibsonville, NC

30.Manny Garcia
05/03/2014-Gibsonville, NC

31.Chris Lea
12/06/2014-Gibsonville, NC

32.Manny Garcia [2]
12/27/2014-Gibsonville, NC

33.Chet Sterling
03/21/2015-Gibsonville, NC
Teamed with Trevor Lee and defeat Garcia & Ethan Sharpe.

34.Cedric Alexander
11/07/2015-Gibsonville, NC

35.Smith Garrett
12/26/2015-Gibsonville, NC

36.Aric Andrews
06/18/2015-Gibsonville, NC Defeats Garrett and Chet Sterling in 3-way match; renamed Worldwide Television Title in 15/12.

37.Jesse Adler
10/14/2017-Gibsonville, NC

38.Arik Royal [2]
12/30/2017-Gibsonville, NC

39.Shane Helms
01/13/2018-Gibsonville, NC

40.Aric Andrews [2]
05/12/2018-Gibsonville, NC

41.Trevor Lee [2]
06/30/2018-Gibsonville, NC
Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight champion defeated Andrews in a double title match.

42.Otto Schwanz
11/03/2018-Gibsonville, NC
Won Television Title only.

43.Aaron Biggs
12/29/2018-Gibsonville, NC

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