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September 17, 1997--Present

Compiled by Eric Shaffer, Ben Ziek, John Lazarsky, Mark Clemson and Sam Cesare

1.Sweet Daddy Jay Love is introduced as 1/2 of the WSWF Tag Team Champions. (earliest documented holder)
Belts were later vacated, due to Sweet Daddy Jay Loveís original partner, possibly Hard Rock Hamilton, leaving

2.Lumberjaks (Jake and Jak Molsonn)
10/26/96-Hazleton, PA
Defeat Hardened Steel (Dan Steel and Steve Smyth) to win vacant title.
Managed by Kattra

3.Love Connection (Sweet Daddy Jay Love and Georgie Love)
03/08/97-Lebanon, PA

4.Samoan Gangstas (LA Smooth and Matt E. Smalls)
05/24/97-Hazleton, PA

Samoan Gangstas were suspended

5.Siberian Express {The Mad Russian and Russian Eliminator (Danny Rose)}
Defeat Lumberjaks and Love Connection

6.Samoan Gangstas
09/17/97-Hazleton, PA
Defeat Mad Russian and Russian Eliminator.

03/27/98-Hazleton, PA
After a series of family disputes, L.A. Smooth defeats Big Matty Smalls in a Loser Leaves Town match and the belts are vacated.

7.Grungers (Gutterboy and Skank)
Defeat Love Connection (Sweet Daddy Jay Love and Georgie Love) in a tournament final to crown new WSWF Tag Team Champions.

8.Wild Things (Arick Von Erick and Vincent Goodnite)
02/20/99-Hazleton, PA
Won Tournament to become WXW World Tag Team Champions.

9.Latin Hit Squad (Nuisance and Puerto Rican Chile)
04/03/99-Hazleton, PA
Defeat Vincent Goodnite and Sweet Daddy Jay Love (substituting for Arick Von Erick), after Sweet Daddy Jay Love turns against his partner

10.Wild Things [2]
04/24/99-Mountainville, PA

11.Latin Hit Squad [2]
07/11/99-Allentown, PA (Sportsfest)

12.American Hunk Society (Mark The Body and Smooth Tommy Suede)
09/17/99-Allentown, PA
Defeat Latin Hit Squad and Grungers in a Three Way match

13.Old School (Mad Russian and Salvatore Bellomo)
02/05/2000-Hazleton, PA

14.Latin Hit Squad [3]
04/07/2000-Hazleton, PA
Defeat Mad Russian and Jak Molsonn (substituting for Bellomo)

15.American Hunk Society [2]
06/02/2000-Hazleton, PA
Defeat Latin Hit Squad and Old School in a Three Way match

16.The Showstoppers: Lucifer Grimm and Afa, Jr.
07/07/2000-Plymouth, PA
Defeat Smooth Tommy Suede and Kevin The Behemoth (substituting for Mark The Body) and Latin Hit Squad in a Three Way match

17.American Hunk Society [3]
07/08/2000-Phillipsburg, NJ

18.Latin Hit Squad [4]
07/09/2000-Allentown, PA (Sportsfest)

19.Moondogs 2000 (Wenzel and Molsonn)
10/15/2000-Allentown, PA (WXW TV Taping)

20.Latin Hit Squad [5]
01/09/2001-Allentown, PA

21.New Jersey Hit Squad (Mafia and Monsta Mack)
05/27/2001-Allentown, PA (Days Inn Conference Center)

22.Moondogs 2000 [2]
07/13/2001-Allentown, PA
Moondog Grimm becomes a member of the team.

23.Neil and Bob
08/17/2001-Hazleton, PA

24.Twin Tackles (Gene Snisky and Rob Harper)
10/12/2001-McKeesport, PA
Defeat Bob and Weave (substituting for Neil)
10/13/2001, Commissioner Lotto Money rules that Weave wasnít a tag champion, so his pinfall didnít change the titles.

25.Twin Tackles: Gene Snisky and Rob Harper [2]
10/13/2001-Hazleton, PA

26.New Jersey Hit Squad [2]
02/10/2002-Allentown, PA

27.Big Dawg Molsonn and Big Poppa Pete 07/12/2002-Allentown, PA
Philthy Phil is allowed to substitute for Big Poppa Pete in a title defense, 07/20/2002, Hazleton, PA.

TITLE VACANT 10/20/2002-Bethlehem, PA
Big Poppa Pete turns against Big Dawg Molsonn.

28.Supreme Lee Great and Smooth Tommy Suede
11/24/2002-Allentown, PA
Defeat Los Lunatics to win vacant title.

29.Moondogs 2000 (Wenzel and Molsonn) [3]
01/04/2003-Bethlehem, PA

30.Los Lunatics (Eddie Guapo and Low Ryda)
03/08/2003-Hazleton, PA

31.The Double Threat (Jake Bishop and Cliff Compton)
07/11/2003-Allentown, PA

TITLE VACANT 09/14/2003
Double Threat are stripped of the titles for failing to defend them within 30 days.

32.All Money Is Legal
10/19/2003-Sciota, PA
Defeats Los Lunatics in a Best of Five Series to win vacant title

33.Anthony Michaels & Mark Gore
01/09/2004-Sciota, PA
Defeated All Money Is Legal and All-Knighters.

34.Nuisance & Sugaa
03/12/2004-Sciota, PA


35.The Untouchables [2]
05/29/2004-Sciota, PA
Defeated The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels to win vacant title.

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