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May 29, 1999--Present

Compiled by Phil Tsakiries

1.Curtis and Corky Candy
05/29/99-Schenectady, NY

2.Curtis Candy and Jeff Starr
07/30/99-Schenectady, NY
Starr pinned Corky in an all belts at stake match.

09/24/99-Schenectady, NY
Won handicap match

4.Hoss and Scourge
10/29/99-Schenectady, NY
Hoss picks Scourge as his partner.

5.Jeff Starr and Corky Candy
11/26/99-Schenectady, NY

6.Danger and JP Black
11/26/99-Schenectady, NY

Title Vacant
02/28/2000-Schenectady, NY
Stripped of titles

7.Hoss and Punk
02/28/2000-Schenectady, NY

8.The Lady Killers (Jeff Starr and Shockwave)
04/21/2000-Schenectady, NY
Title Vacant
06/06/2000-Schenectady, NY
Team splits up.

9.Damage Inc. (JP Black and Johnny Kain)
06/25/2000-Schenectady, NY

10.The New Moondogs (Mutt and Mange)
06/29/2000-Schenectady, NY

11.Omon Tortuga and Vendetta
10/27/2000-Schenectady, NY

12.Curtis Candy and Core
11/17/2000-Schenectady, NY
Defeat Vendetta in Handicap match.

13.The New Moondogs [2]
12/15/2000-Schenectady, NY

14. Deliverance (Militia and Shotgun)
03/30/2001-Schenectady, NY

15.The New Moondogs [3]
05/25/2001-Schenectady, NY

16.Core and Demonica
06/29/2001-Schenectady, NY

17.The Frat Pack (Eric Everlast and Kevin Dunn)
10/26/2001-Schenectady, NY

18.The New Moondogs [4]
01/25/2002-Schenectady, NY

19.Diablo Santiago and Oman Tortuga
03/29/2002-Schenectady, NY

20.Danger and HC Loc
04/26/2002-Schenectady, NY

20.Punk and Texas Outlaw
07/26/2002 Schenectady, NY
Won 6 man tag Team Match.

21.Punk and Texas Outlaw
07/26/2002-Schenectady, NY Won six man tag team match against Hardcore Society.

22.Moondogs [5]
09/27/2002-Rotterdam, NY

23.The Outcast Killaz
10/25/2002-Rotterdam, NY

24.Jeff Starr and Shockwave [2]
05/30/2003-Rotterdam, NY

25.Jimmy Jacobs and Gavin Starr
06/08/2003-Warren, MI (The Hot Rocks Sports Bar and Music Cafe)

26.24.Jeff Starr and Shockwave
04/26/2003-Warrensburg, NY
Title is merged with Fusion Tag Team Title, 05/30/2003.

25.Danger and Punk
07/18/2003-Hudson Falls, NY

26.Danger and Nick Neighborhood
01/30/2004-Hudson Falls, NY
Unrest withing Damage, Inc. prevented Punk from defending the title.

27.Shane Alden and Swinger Sidusky
03/26/2004-Hudson Falls, NY

28.Warpath and Virus
04/09/2004-Hudson Falls, NY

29.Shane Alden and Swinger Sidusky [2]
04/23/2004-Hudson Falls, NY

30.Nick Neighborhood and Chuck Deep
05/08/2004-Hudson Falls, NY

31.Shane Alden and Swinger Sidusky [3]
07/09/2004 Hudson Falls, NY

32.Danger and Nick Neighborhood [2]
Hudson Falls, NY

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