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January 01, 1991--Present

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka, Earl Oliver, Andrew Zadarnowski, John Solo and Joe Dean

1.Butch Reed {Bruce Reed}/Ron Simmons-Doom
00:00:00 managed by Theodore R. Long
Doom were theNational Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Tag Team Champions when WCW withdrew from the NWA. Their recognition as champions carried over to WCW. They were the first WCW World Tag Team Champions.

2.Michael P.S. Hayes {Michael Seitz}/Jimmy "Jam" Garvin {James Williams}-The Fabulous Freebirds
02/24/91-Phoenix, AZ (Wrestle War)
managed by Diamond Dallas Paige {Paige Falkenberg}, Big Daddy Dink {Oliver Humperdink}, & The Diamond Doll {Kimberly Falkenberg}
The Fabulous Freebirds were defeated for the titles at a television taping several days before they won them on a pay per view card.

3."The Dog Faced Gremlin" Rick Steiner {Robert Rechsteiner}/ Scott Steiner {Scott Rechsteiner}-Steiner Brothers
02/18/91-Montgomery, AL
The Steiner Brothers defeat of the Freebirds aired on 03/09/91.
The Steiner Brothers held the following title in conjunction with the WCW Tag Titles:

4."The Enforcer" Arn Anderson {Marty Lunde}/Larry Zybsko {Larry Whistler}-The Enforcers
09/05/91-Augusta, GA-Clash of The Champions (Augusta Civic Center)
The Enforcers defeated Rick Steiner/Bill Kazmaier in a tournament final to crown new champions.

5.Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat {Richard Blood}/ "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes {Dustin Runnels}
11/19/91-Savannah, GA-Clash of The Champions (Savannah Civic Center)
Rick Steamboat was a substitute for an injured Barry Windham.

6."The Enforcer" Arn Anderson (2)/"Beautiful" Bobby Eaton {Robert Lee Eaton}
01/16/92-Jacksonville, FL
Members of The Dangerous Alliance
managed by Paul E. Dangerously {Paul Heyman Jr.} & Madusa {Debbie Miceli}
Anderson/Bobby Eaton defeated Steamboat/Dustin Rhodes in a two out of three falls match.

7.The Steiner Brothers (2)
05/03/92-Chicago, IL
The Steiner Brothers defeated Anderson/Eaton in a steel cage match. The Steiner Brothers held the following title in conjunction with the WCW Tag Titles:

8."Dr. Death" Steve Williams/Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy
07/05/92-Atlanta, GA
Steve Williams/Terry Gordy defeated Windham/Rhodes in the finals of a tournament for the NWA World Tag Team Title on 07/12/92 in Albany, GA in 00:21:01.
The Championship was referred to as the Unified World Tag Team Title from that point on.

9."The Natural" Dustin Rhodes (2)/Barry Windham
09/21/92-Atlanta, GA - WCW Saturday Night

10.Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (2)/Shane Douglas {Troy Martin}
11/18/92-Macon, GA-Clash of The Champions (Macon Coliseum)

11."Stunning" Steve Austin {Steve Williams}/"Flyin'" Brian Pillman-The Hollywood Blonds-03/03/93-Macon, GA - WCW Worldwide
The referee for this match was Randy Anderson.

12."The Enforcer" Arn Anderson (3)/Paul Roma {Paul Centropani}
08/18/93-Daytona, FL (Daytona Beach Ocean Center)-Clash of The Champions ??
Members of The Four Horsemen
Anderson/Paul Roma defeated the team of Steve Austin and Lord Steven Regal {Darrin Matthews}, subbing for Brian Pillman. On 09/01/93 WCW withdrew from the NWA. Title recognition was reduced back to WCW World Tag Team Title at this time.

13.Brian Knobbs {Brian Yandrisovitz}/Jerry Saggs {Jerome Saganovich}-The Nasty Boys
09/19/93-Houston, TX (The Astro Arena)-Fall Brawl
managed by Missy Hyatt {Melissa Hiatt}

14.Marcus Alexander Bagwell {Mark Bagwell}/Too Cold Scorpio {Charles Skaggs}
10/04/93-Columbus, GA - The Main Event
managed by Theodore R. Long (2)
The title change didn't air on television until 10/23/93.

15.The Nasty Boys (2)
10/24/93-New Orleans, LA (Lakefront Arena)-Halloween Havoc
managed by Missy Hyatt (2)

16.Cactus Jack {Michael Foley}/Kevin Sullivan
05/22/94-Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia Civic Center)-Slamboree
This was a broadstreet bully match with Dave Schultz of The Philadelphia Flyers hockey team as guest referee.

17.Paul Roma (2)/"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff-Pretty Wonderful
07/17/94-Orlando, FL (Orlando Arena)-Bash at The Beach

18.Marcus Alexander Bagwell (2)/The Patriot {Del Wilkes}-Stars & Stripes
09/25/94-Atlanta, GA

19.Pretty Wonderful (2)
10/23/94-Detroit, MI (Joe Louis Arena)-Halloween Havoc

20.Stars & Stripes (2)
11/16/94-Jacksonville, FL (Jacksonville Coliseum)-Clash of The Champions - (Jacksonville Coliseum)

21.Booker T. {Booker Hoffman}/Stevie Ray {Lane Hoffman}-Harlem Heat
12/08/94-Atlanta, GA
managed by Sister Sherri {Sherry Russell}

22.The Nasty Boys (3)
05/21/95-St.Petersburg, FL (The Bayfront Center)-Slamboree

23.The Harlem Heat (2)
05/03/95-Orlando, FL - WCW World Wide
managed by Sister Sherri (2)
The title change didn't air on television until 06/25/95.

24."Dirty" Dick Slater {Van Ritchard Slater}/Bunkhouse Buck {Jimmy Golden}
06/21/95-Atlanta, GA (Center Stage)-Saturday Night
Members of The Studds Stable
managed by Colonel Robert Parker {Robert Andrew Welch}
This match didn't air on television until 07/22/95. Dick Slater held the following title during his WCW World Tag Team Title reign:

25.The Harlem Heat (3)
09/17/95-Asheville, NC (Ashville Civic Center)
Fall Brawl
managed by Sister Sherri (3)

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26.Marcus Alexander Bagwell (4)/Scotty Riggs {Scott Anton}-The American Males-09/18/95-Johnson City,TN (Freedom Hall)-Monday Nitro
The American Males were scheduled to fight Lord Steven Regal/Bobby Eaton-The Blue Bloods-until Harlem Heat beat up The Blue Bloods in the dressing room and challenged The American Males. The American Males accepted the challenge and won the titles.

27.The Harlem Heat (4)
10/11/95-Atlanta, GA (WCW Saturday Night)
managed by Sister Sherri (4)
This match wasn't aired on television until 10/28/95.

28.Sting {Steven Borden}/"The Total Package" Lex Luger {Lawrence Pfohl}
01/22/96-Las Vegas, NV-Monday Nitro
Lex Luger held the following titles in conjunction with the WCW World Tag Team Title:

29.The Harlem Heat (5)
06/24/96-Charlotte, NC-Monday Nitro
managed by Sister Sherri (5)/Colonel Robert Parker (2)
Harlem Heat won a triangular match over Sting/Luger & The Steiner Brothers to win the title.

30.The Steiner Brothers (3)
07/24/96-Cincinnati, OH

31.The Harlem Heat (6)
07/27/96-Dayton, OH
managed by Sister Sherri (6)/Colonel Robert Parker (3)

32.Rocco Rock {Ted Petty}/Johnny Grunge {Michael Durham}-The Public Enemy
09/23/96-Birmingham, AL (Monday Nitro)

33.The Harlem Heat (7)
10/01/96-Canton, OH (WCW Saturday Night)
managed by Sister Sherri (7)/Colonel Robert Parker (4)

34.Kevin Nash/Scott Hall-The Outsiders
10/27/96-Las Vegas, NV (MGM Grand)-Halloween Havoc
managed by Ted Dibiase {Theodore Marvin Dibiase}
Members of The New World Order

35.The Steiner Brothers (4)
01/25/97-Cedar Rapids, IA (Five Seasons Center)- NWO Souled Out
00:14:43 Nick Patrick was the offocial for the match. He was rendered unconcious and another official, Randy Anderson, entered the ring to count the three count.

36.The Outsiders (2)
01/27/97-Awarded-Monday Nitro
managed by Ted Dibiase (2) & Eric Bischoff Members of The New World Order (2)
The Steiners were stripped of the titles due to the wrong official counting the fall and title change. The belts were awarded to The Outsiders.

37."The Total Package" Lex Luger (2)/The Giant {Paul Wight}
02/23/97-San Francisco, CA-Superbrawl VII

38.The Outsiders (3)
02/24/97-Awarded-Monday Nitro
00:00:00 managed by Ted Dibiase & Eric Bischoff (2)
Members of The New World Order (3)
Eric Bischoff, The Executive Vice President of WCW, stripped the title from Luger/The Giant and awarded them back to The Outsiders with the stipulation that the New World Order would put all of their titles on the line in one match against WCW.

39.The Steiner Brothers (5)
10/13/97-Tampa Bay, FL (The Ice Palace)-Monday Nitro
managed by Ted Dibiase (4)
The Steiner Brothers defeated Scott Hall/Syxx {Sean Waltman} due the leg injury of Kevin Nash. The original referee was assaulted by Scott Hall and Larry Zybsko became a special guest referee.

40.The Outsiders (4)
01/12/98-Jacksonville, FL -Monday Nitro
Hall and Nash win the title in a controversial decision as the nWo seems to be falling apart at ringside.

41.The Steiner Brothers (6)
02/9/98-El Paso, Texas -Monday Nitro
Managed by Ted Dibiasi

42.The Outsiders (5)
02/22/98-San francisco, CA - SuperBrawl '98
members of the nWo
Scott Steiner turned on his brother and caused the loss. He handed the belts over then joined the nWo.

43.The Giant and Sting
05/17/98-Worchester, Massachusetts - Slamboree '98
The Giant was a member of the nWo (Hogan Faction)

44.Sting and Kevin Nash
06/14/98-Baltimore, Maryland, United States (Baltimore Arena) - Great American Bash
Sting defeats the Giant in a match to determine who will carry on as one-half of the Tag Team Champions
He names Kevin Nash as his partner the next night on Nitro
Members of nWo (Wolfpack faction)

45.The Giant and Scott Hall
07/20/98-Salt Lake City, Utah, United States (East Center) - Monday Nitro
00:09:34 (+ Commercial time)
Bret Hart distracted Sting allowing Hall to execute the Outsiders' Edge
Members of nWo (Hogan faction)

46.Rick Steiner and Kenny Kaos
09/26/98-Phoenix Arizona (America West Arena)- Monday Nitro
Steiner actually won the Title the night before in Las Vegas at Hallowen Havoc during an impromptu match against the Giant and Scott Stieiner. Buff Bagwell was his partner but deserted him in the middle of the match. Steiner won the match single-hand face the Giant and Stevie Ray on Nitro

Title Vacated 01/99 due to Rick Steiner's injury

47.Barry Windham and Curt Hennig
02/21/99-Oakland, CA (Oakland Coliseum)
SuperBrawl IX
47. 0:00:31
Defeated Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko in the final match of a tournament to name new champions.

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48.Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko
03/14/99-Louisville, KY. (Freedon Hall)
Uncensored PPV
Members of the Four Horsemen
Defeated Barry Windham and Curt Hennig in a Lumberjack match where the wrestlers outside the ring were allowed to use belts as weapons.

49.Rey Misterio, Jr. & Kidman
03/29/99-Toronto. Ontario, Canada (the Air Canada Center)
Mondy Nitro
0:09:46 + commercial time
Rey Misterio, Jr. held the following titles in conjunction with the WCW World Tag Title

50. Raven (Scott Levy) and Perry Saturn
05/09/99-St. Louis, MO (TWA Dome - Slamboree PPV)
Raven pinned Kidman in a Three-Way match including Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit

51. Diamond Dallas Page (Paige Falkenberg) & Bam Bam Bigalow (Scott Bigalow)
05/31/99-St. Houston, Texas (Astro Dome - Monday Nitro)
09 + commercial time
Saturn started the match solo after both Raven and Saturn were Pearl Harbored by the challengers. Kanyon ran in at the end to help and he was the one pinned.

52.Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn
06/10/99-Syracuse, NY (Thunder
Whole match(Saturn vs. Kanyon and Saturn/Benoit vs. Kanyon/Page)
14:46 + commercial time
Saturn was in a singles match against Kanyon when Diamond Dallas Page ran in and attacked. Benoit then hit the ring and the referee (Randy Anderson) ruled the match to be a Tag Team Title contest on the spot. Benoit pinned Page to win the match and the titles.
Benoit and Saturn initially won the titles in Cleveland, Ohio at Nitro on June 7, 1999 but were subsequently stripped by WCW President Ric Flair because he ruled that Saturn was not legally part of the match (Flair was Benoit's partner but deserted him in the middle of the match - Arn Anderson tried to take his place but Saturn came out and took over).

53.The Triad (Diamond Dallas Page/Kanyon/Bam Bam Bigalow)
06/13/99-Baltimore, Maryland, USA (Baltimore Arena - The Great American Bash)
Bigalow and Page did a double Diamond Cutter on Benoit while the referee was occupied elsewehere and then Page pulled Kanyon onto Benoit for the pin

54.Harlem Heat [8]
08/14/99-Sturgis, SD
Road Wild PPV
Defeated Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigalow to win the titles

55.Barry and Kendall Windham
08/23/99-Las Vegas, Nevada (MGM Grand)
Monday Nitro
Members of the West Texas Rednecks
Curt Hennig used a cow bell to knock out Booker T and give the Windhams the win

56.Harlem Heat (9)
09/12/99-Winston-Salem, NC
Fall Brawl PPV

57.Konnan & Rey Misterio, Jr. (Filthy Animals)
10/18/99-Philadelphia, PA.
Eddie G and Kidman interfere to assure the win.

58.Harlem Heat (10)
10/24/99-Las Vegas, NV (MGM Grand Hotel)
Halloween Havoc PPV
After Rey Misterio, Jr. is injured, the originally scheduled match between the Filthy Animals and the First Family is switched to a 6 Man - three-way Street Fight.
Booker T pins Brian Knobbs in the backstage area to get the win.

59.Konnan (2) and Kidman (2) (Filthy Animals)
10/25/99-Phoenix, AZ (Monday Nitro)

60.Creative Control (Ron and Don Harris)
11/22/99-Auburn Hills, MI. (The Palace)

61.Bret Hart & Bill Goldberg
12/07/99-Madison, WI (Thunder - 12/9 program)

62. The Outsiders [5]
12/13/99-New Orleans, LA (New Orleans Arena)
Monday Nitro
Outsiders attack Bret Hart before the match to set up the win. Hart eventually makes it to the ring but is not able to prevent the loss. Nash pins Hart.
Scott Hall also held the following titles in conjunction with the WCW World tag Team Title

Titles Vacated
12/27/99-Houston, Texas
Bill Busch declares titles vacant after Scott Hall fails to arrive at the arena on time.
Lethal Lottery Tournament is established to fill the vacant titles.

63.David Flair (David Fliehr) and Crowbar (Chris Ford)
01/03/2000-Greenville, SC (Monday Nitro)
Referee Arn Anderson hit Kevin Nash with a crowbar, pulled David on top for the cover then counted Nash out.
Flair/Crowbar defeated Buff Bagwell/Vampiro (subbing for Chris Kanyon) to get into the finals, thanks to interference by the nWo.

64.Big Vito & Johnny the Bull (The Mamalukes)
01/18/2000-Evansville, IN (Thunder - 1/19 program)

65.The Harris Boys (Ron & Don Harris) [2]
02/12/2000-Oberhausen, GERMANY

66.The Mamalukes [2]
02/13/2000-Leipzig, GERMANY

67.The Harris Twins [2]
03/19/2000-Miami Florida (American Airlines Arena)
Uncensored PPV
Defeated the Mamalukes in a no disqualification match.

04/11/2000-Denver, CO (Monday Nitro)
All WCW Titles were forfeited to the new creative team of Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff

68.Marcus Alexander (Buff) Bagwell & Shane Douglas (Troy Martin)
04/16/2000-Chicago, IL (WCW Spring Stampede)
Defeated Team Package in the finals of a tournament to fill the vacant titles

69.Kronic (Brian Clark and Brian Adams)
05/15/00-Biloxi, Mississippi (Monday Nitro)
Buff Bagwell was suspended because of a run in with a stagehand backstage the week before
Shane Douglas picked the Wall as his substitute partner to face Kronic, who had stolen the Tag belts previously and had possession of them at the time of the match.
Douglas deserted his partner in the middle of the match.

70. Sean Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo
05/30/2000-Nampa, ID
WCW Thunder (05/31 program)
Kronic was disqualified and lost the titles due to a special stipulation which waved the DQ rule.

71.Kronic [2]
07/09/2000-Daytona Beach, FL (Bash at the Beach PPV)

72.Vampiro and The Great Muta
08/13/2000-Vancouver, BC, Canada
New Blood Rising PPV
The Harris Twins interfered to give Dark Carnival the win

73. Juventud Guerrera and Rey Misterio, Jr.
08/14/2000-Kelowna, BC Canada (Monday Nitro)

Titles Vacant
09/18/2000-Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Disco Inferno put up the Tag Belts as collateral against Ernest "the Cat" Miller's WCW Commissioner status for one day, then lost the match.

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74.Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire
09/25/2000-Uniondale, Long Island, NY
Defeat the Filthy Animals in a Battle Royal to determine the new Champions
Kronic, who had been disqualified from competing, did most of the work for them

75.Lt. Loco (Chavo Guerrero, Jr.) & Corporal Cajun (Lash LaRoux)
10/09/2000-Sydney, AUSTRALIA

76.Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire [2]
10/09/2000-Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Commissioner Mike Sanders granted a rematch immediately

77.Boogie Knights (Disgo Inferno and Alex Wright)
11/16/2000-Obernhausen, Germany (Arena Obernhausen)
Gen. Rection was subbing for Disqo Inferno, who was legitimately injured in an earlier battle royal
WCW ignored the substitution for television consumption. The first Nitro after the German PPV (the 11/20 program) introduced the Boogie Knights as the new Champs.

78.The Perfect Event (Sean Stasiak & Chuck Palumbo) [2]
11/20/2000-Augusta, GA
Prime Time Elix Skipper substituted for Disgo during the match.
Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page defeated the Perfect Event on November 26, 2000 in Milwaukee, WS (US Celular Arena) at the Mayhem PPV card.
At Nitro a week later, Commissioner Mike Sanders convinced CEO Ric Flair to demand the return of the titles after showing him video of the match, indicating that Nash had pinned Sean Stasiak when the latter was not the legal man.

79.The Insiders (Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash)
12/17/2000-Washinton, D.C. (MCI Center)
Starrcade 2000

80.The Natural Born Thrillers: Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire
01/14/2001-Indianapolis, IN (SIN PPV)

WWF buys WCW
Final WCW Monday Nitro aired on 03/26/2001 from Panama Beach, FL

81.The Undertaker (Mark Calloway) and Kane (Glenn Jacobs)
08/07/2001-Los Angeles, CA (Staples Center)
SmackDown taping (August 9 program)
Undertaker and Kane are the first WWF Wrestlers to hold the WCW Tag Team Titles
The Undertaker and Kane also held the following titles in conjunction with the WCW World Tag Team Titles

82. Booker T and Test (Andrew Martin)
09/25/2001-Dayton, Ohio (Nutter Center)
Shane McMahon brought a chair into the ring. While the referee was down, Booker used the chair on the Undertaker

83.The Hardey Boyz
10/08/2001-Indianapolis, IN (Conseco Fieldhouse)
RAW is War
The Undertaker interefered to give the Hardeys the win

84.The Dudley Boyz
10/23/2001-Omaha, NE (Omaha Civic Auditorium)
WWF Smackdown TV Taping

The WCW World Tag Team Title was unified with the WWF Tag Team Title at Survivor series in Greensboro, NC (Greensboro Coliseum) on 11/18/2001 when the Dudley Boyz defeated the Hardey Boyz in a unification cage match

According to the storyline, World Championship Wrestling was forced out of business when the WCW Team lost a Winner-Take-All Elimination match to the WWF team on the same program

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