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March 2003--Present

Compiled by Hisaharu Tanabe and Cameron Nielsen

1.Los Mochis (Paco and Pedro)

2.Jason Ray and Stevie Slick
03/15/2003-Salt Lake City, UT

Title Vacant

3.Los Mochis (Paco and Damien)
Defeated ERA.

[records unclear]

4.No Fat Chicks (Derrick Jannetty and Charles Shipwright)
Still champions as of 02/07/2004

[records unclear]

5.Tristan Gallo and Justin Wilde

6.Tyson Ferrari and Jeff Matthew Bryant
06/18/2004-Salt Lake City, UT

7.European Union (Adrian Blade and Rain McCreede)

8.Tyson Ferrari and Jeff Matthew Bryant [2]

[records unclear]

9.G.Q. Gallo and Tristan Gallo

10.Los Mochi Paco and Tyson Ferrari
03/31/2006-Casa Grande, AZ

11.Los Mochis (Paco and Damien) [2]
05/15/2006-Salt Lake City, UT
Ferrari walked out on Paco during a title defense and Damien takes his place.

12.High Rollaz (Brian Masen and Jeff Matthew Bryant)
06/24/2006-Salt Lake City, UT
Defeated Paco and Guerrero Azteca, subbing for Damien.

13.Los Mochis (Paco and Guerrero Azteca)
07/28/2007-Salt Lake City, UT
Teamed with Konnan to defeat High Rollaz and Stevie Slick in a 6-man tag team match.

14.Total Control (Tristan Gallo and Devan Payne)
09/04/2006-Provo, UT

15.High Risk (Derrick Jannetty and Radical Ricky )
12/02/2006-Salt Lake City, UT

16.Cassidy and Dallas Murdock
08/31/2007-Provo, UT
Defeated Derrick Jannetty in a handicap match for the UCW-Zero Tag Team Title.

17.Paco and Blitz
05/17/2008-W. Jordan, UT

18.Stevie Slick and Devon Payne
09/06/2008-W. Jordan, UT

19.Stevie Slick and Dallas Murdock
Murdock replaced Payne

20.Eccentric Lion and J Cash
08/22/2009-Murray, UT
Defeated Murdock and Kid Cade substituting for Stevie Slick

21.Paco and Jr. X
12/19/2009-Murray, UT

22.Deavud the Destroyer and Zack James
09/25/2010< (Sometime after 10/05/29)

23.C.J. Ramos and Guerrero Azteca
11/20/2010-Salt Lake City, UT

24.Tyler Cintron and Stevie Slick
01/29/2011-Salt Lake City, UT
Protege replaced Tyler Cintron as the other tag team champion (with Stevie Slick) due to Cintron wanting to focus on singles competition sometime in 2011.

25.God Squad (Paco and Bronson)
11/19/2011-Salt Lake City, UT

26.Salt City Masquerade (Jr-X and Zack James)
01/28/2012-Salt Lake City, UT

27.Guerrero Azteca and Validus
03/31/2012-Salt Lake City, UT
UCW-Zero Ten Year Anniversary show.

28.Regulators (Cassidy and Dallas Murdock) [2]
07/28/2012-Salt Lake City, UT
Defeated Azteca and Stevie Slick (subbing for Validus) and Saints & Sinners (Deacon of Doom and Chip) in an elimination match to win the title.

Title Vacant
After a match between Regulators and Saints & Sinners on 10/06/2012 ended in a no contest.

29.American Pitbulls ("Captain" Craig Stevens and "Pitbull" Jason Jaxon)
10/20/12-Salt Lake City, UT
Defeated Guerrero Azteca and Manny Fresh in a tournament final on to win the vacant titles.

30.The Foundation (Martin Casaus and Derrick Jannetty)
03/23/2013-Salt Lake City, UT

31.American Pitbulls
04/20/2013-Salt Lake City, UT

32.The Foundation [2]
10/19/2013-Salt Lake City, UT
Defeated American Pitbulls and Paco and Junior X in a triple threat match to win the title for the second time

33.801 District (Paco and Junior X)
11/30/2013-Salt Lake City, UT
801 District defeated Casaus and Jannetty in a Cage Match.

34.Team BAD (Braiden Austin and Dante Acosta)
09/27/2014-Salt Lake City, UT

35.Reign of Insane (Bronson and Kade)
01/31/2015-Salt Lake City, UT

36.Fella Twins
08/22/2015-Salt Lake City, UT

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