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July 20, 1998--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott, Hisaharu Tanabe and David Crane

1.Zane Morris and Ian St. James
07/20/98 Dallas, TX
Defeats Iceman Parsons and Chris Young in tournament final

2.Team Extreme (Kit Carson and Khris Germany)
08/07/98-Dallas, TX

North Richland Hills, TX
Kit Carson and Khris Germany vacate title
tournament to be held on Friday for vacant title.
Carson and Germany were upset that The Brotherhood no-showed their title with them. Carson and Germany also claim the NWA World Tag Team Title (not confirmed).

3.New Doctor X and Bull Schmitt
3/12/99-N. Richland Hills, TX
beat Chris Young and Larry Green in tournament final

4.Team Extreme [2]
06/04/99-N. Richland Hills, TX

Title Vacant
Team Extreme win the NWA World Tag Titles

5.Canyon and Bull Schmidt
10/01/99-North Richland Hills, TX

6.Sterling Studs [2]
11/05/99-North Richland Hills, TX

7.The Rebellion (Kurt Reigns and Tejas)
01/01/2000-North Richland Hills, TX
Defeated Sterling Studs and The Mob in a 3-way dance.

8.Naughty by Nature
03/24/00-North Richland Hills, TX

9.Kurt Reigns and Tejas [2]
04/07/00-Dyersburg, TN

10.Salt and Pepper (Jimmy James and Action Jackson)
07/14/2000-N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeated Tejas and Mike Fox (subbing for Kurt Reigns)

9.Larry Green and Chris Young
11/17/2000-N. Richland Hills, TX

10.Black Attack (Al Jackson and Mike Anthony)
01/19/2001-North Richland Hills, TX

11.Blackbird Posse [2]
03/16/2001-N. Richland Hills, TX
Or they may be called "The Blackbirds"

12.Black Attack [2]
04/13/2001-North Richland Hills, TX

13.J.P. Black and Mike Thunder
09/7/2001-North Richland Hills, TX

14.Al Jackson and Mike Anthony [3]
09/30/2001-San Antonio, TX

15.J.P. Black and Mike Thunder [2]
02/08/2002-N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeated Al Jackson and Hellraiser Hark for title
Hark subbed for Mike Anthony in match.

16.The Blackbird Posse [3]
02/22/2002-North Richland Hills, TX (Texas Indoor Arena)

17.Instant Heat (Justin 2 Fine and B.J. Turner)
06/21/2002-North Richland Hills, TX

Title Vacant
Promoter Ken Taylor stripped the Texas Tag Team title from Instant Heat for failing to make a mandatory title defense

18.Texas Trailer Trash (Harley Johnson and Rogue)
06/26/2003-Ft. Worth, TX (Texas Motor Speedway)
Defeated ReGex (Tejas & Mace) for the vacant title

19.Hallomass (Joey Corman and Samir)
11/26/2003-Tyler, TX

Titles Vacant
Samir and Corman vacated the NWA Texas Tag Team Title by splitting up to become single wrestlers.

20.Texas Trailer Trash (Harley Johnson and Bobby 2 Badd)
06/19/2004-Dallas, TX Defeated Balls Ryder and Damon Logan (NC-17) to capture the vacant titles

Title Vacant
Declared vacant when the previous champs Texas Trailer Trash split up.

21.The Re-Gex (Mace and Seth Shai)
01/28/2006-Ft. Worth, TX
Defeat Jeff Brown and Jerry Brown for vacant title.

22.Chaz Taylor and Fast Eddie
03/12/2006-Houston, TX Defeated Fumankru, The Crusaders, and Eddie Lee and Doctor H.M. Rhod.

23.The Crusaders (Pop'N and Loc)
08/25/2006-Houston, TX

24.The Blacktinos (D.J. King and David Ramirez
02/09/2007-Cypress, TX

25.Chaz Taylor and Mr. Destiny
10/12/2007-Cypress, TX

26.The Blacktinos (David Martinez and D.J. King) [2]
06/13/2008-Houston, TX

27.Texas Regulators (Crash and Widowmaker)
07/19/2008-Dallas, TX

28.Prince Al Farat and Thomas Trump
10/11/2008-Dallas, TX

29.Team Texas (Chaz Taylor and Austin Rhodes)
03/21/2009-Livingston, TX

30.Canadian Sex Pistols (Cody Jones and Shawn Mills)
08/30/2009-Amarillo, TX

31.Shawn Sanders and Brice Payne
01/23/2010-Amarillo, TX
Defeated Cody Jones and Austin Riley, subbing for Shawn Mills.

32.Nobe Bryant and Jerome Daniels
05/01/2010-Whitesboro, TX

33.Impeccable (Ken Houston and Joey Figueroa)
11/12/2010-Cypress, TX

33.Gulf Coast Connection (Ben Galvan and Rudy Russo)
01/07/2011-Robstown, TX (RMB Fairgrounds)

35.Impeccable [2]
02/11/2011-Cypress, TX

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