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January 24, 2004--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott and Hisaharu Tanabe

1.B-Boy & Homicide
01/24/2004-Santa Ana, CA
Defeated Bryan Danielson and Super Dragon in tournament final to become the first champions.

2.X Foundation (Joey Ryan and Scott Lost) X
02/22/2008-Santa Ana, CA

3.Quicksilver and Chris Bosh
03/27/2004-Santa Ana, CA

4.SBS: Super Dragon & Excalibur
04/17/2004-Santa Ana, CA

5.X Foundation [2]
06/19/2004-Santa Ana, CA
Lost turned on Ryan during the match but still won the title.

6.Arrogance (Chris Bosh and Scott Lost)
10/09/2004-Los Angeles, CA
Lost defeated Ryan to gain full control of the title and chose Bosh as a new partner on 10/09/2004

7.Aerial Xpress (Quicksilver and Scorpio Sky
07/09/2005-Los Angeles, CA

Title Vacant
Sky failed to appear for the scheduled title defense.

8.2 Skinny Black Guys (El Generico aka Sami Zayn and Human Tornado)
08/06/2005-Los Angeles, CA
Defeated Scott Lost and Chris Bosh.

9.Super Dragon and Davey Richards
10/01/2005-Los Angeles, CA

Renamed PWG World Title in 02/2006.

10.Arrogance [2]
05/20/2006-Los Angeles, CA

11.Super Dragon and B-Boy
10/07/2006-Reseda, CA

12.Roderick Strong and Davey Richards
11/17/2006-Reseda, CA

13.Super Dragon and B-Boy [2]
11/18/2006-Reseda, CA
Defeated Richards and Strong, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, and Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley in a 4-way match.

14.Cape Fear (El Generico and Quicksilver)
12/02/2006-Reseda, CA

Title Vacant
Generico won the Heavyweight Title.

15.Pac (aka Neville) and Roderick Strong
05/20/2007-Burbank, CA
Defeated Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe in tournament final.

16.Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens) and El Generico (Sami Zayn)
07/29/2007-Burbank, CA

17.Super Dragon and Davey Richards [2]
10/27/2007-Portsmouth, ENG

18.Dynasty (Joey Ryan and Scott Lost) [3]
01/27/2008-La Habra Heights, CA
Awarded when Richards no-showed a title defense.

19.Kevin Steen and El Generico [2]
03/21/2008-Reseda, CA

10.Jack Evans and Roderick Strong
05/18/2008-Burbank, CA

21.Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black aka Seth Rollins)
07/06/2008-Reseda, CA
Defeated Strong and El Generico, substituting for Evans.

22.Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson)
08/31/2008-Reseda, CA

23.¡Peligro Abejas!: El Generico & Paul London
05/09/2010-Reseda, CA
Defeat the Young Bucks in the "DDT4" tournament final.

24.Young Bucks [2]
04/09/2011-Reseda, CA
Defeated Generico and Ricochet, substituting for London.

25.Appetite for Destruction (Super Dragon and Kevin Steen)
12/10/2011-Reseda, CA

24.Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno and Stupefied) 2012/05/26 Reseda, CA

25.Unbreakable F'n Machines (Brian Cage and Michael Elgin)
01/12/2013-Reseda, CA
Won the title in the first round of a tournament.

26.Young Bucks [3]
01/12/2013-Reseda, CA
Won the title in the second round of a tournament; also defeated El Generico and Kevin Steen in the final.

27.World's Cutest Tag Team (Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae)
07/26/2014-Reseda, CA

28.Monster Mafia (Josh Alexander and Ethan Page)
05/22/2015/-Reseda, CA
Won the title in the first round of the DDT4 tournament.

29.Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds and John Silver)
05/22/2015-Reseda, CA
Won the title in the second round of the DDT4 tournament.

30.Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee
05/22/2015-Reseda, CA
Won the title in the final of the DDT4 tournament.

31.Young Bucks [4]
06/26/2015-Reseda, CA

32.Penta el 0M (Pentagon Jr.) and Rey Fenix
03/18/2017-Reseda, CA
Defeated the Young Bucks and Matt Sydal and Ricochet in 3-way match.

33.Chosen Bros (Matt Riddle and Jeff Cobb)
10/20/2017-Reseda, CA

34.Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz)
04/20/2017-Reseda, CA
Defeated the Chosen Brothers and the Young Bucks in 3-way match.

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