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(South Carolina)



From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Brian Westcott

1.George South & The Rising Sun
Recognized on promotion start up.

2.Mean Mark & The Texas Outlaw
03/13/91-Charlotte, NC

3.Italian Stallion & Ron Garvin
10/23/91-Beckley, WV

4.George South & Mean Mark
12/16/91-Charlotte, NC

5.Flaming Youth & Gladiator II
03/31/92-Concord, NC

6.Cruel Connection I & II
11/12/92-Princeton, WV

7.Flaming Youth & Star Ryder
11/28/92-Stanley, NC

8.Russian Assassins
03/19/93-Kings Mountain, NC

9.Cruel Connection II & Flaming Youth
05/01/93-Sugar Grove, NC

10.Terry Austin & George South
09/24/93-Kings Mountain, NC

11.Italian Stallion & Star Ryder
10/25/93-Rockingham, NC

12.Terry Austin & Austin Steele
02/04/94-Elkin, NC

13.Italian Stallion & George South
06/18/94-Forest City, NC

14.Russian Assassin I & II
12/24/94-Charlotte, NC

15.Italian Stallion & Star Ryder [2]
08/05/95-Norfolk, VA

16.George South & The Equalizer
01/02/96-Mooresville, NC

17.Italian Stallion & Baby Huey
03/06/96-Gaffney, SC

18.Terry Austin & Austin Steele [2]
04/06/96-Gaffney, SC

19.Italian Stallion & Star Ryder [3]
05/04/96-Gaffney, SC

Star Ryder leaves the PWF.

20.The PWF Juicer & Sweet Brown Sugar
06/08/96-Gaffney, SC
Defeat Terry Austin & Austin Steele in tournament final.

21.Terry Austin & Austin Steele [3]
06/22/96-Forest City, NC

22.Italian Stallion & Baby Huey [2]
07/18/96-Charlotte, NC

23.Terry Austin & Austin Steele [4]
08/21/96-Charlotte, NC

Austin Steele retires due to injuries.

24.Black Angel & Flaming Youth
10/12/96-Charlotte, NC

25.Baby Huey & The Equalizer
11/28/96-Gastonia, NC

26.Men on a Mission
12/15/96-Charlotte, NC

M.O.M. refuse to defend their titles.

27.Cruel Connection II & Flaming Youth [2]
01/18/97-Gastonia, NC
Defeat Overlords in tournament final.

27.The Overlords
02/08/97-Gastonia, NC

29.The Black Dragons
03/29/97-Florence, SC

30.Masked Maniac & Flaming Youth
05/03/97-Mooresville, NC

31.The Black Dragons [2]
06/20/97-Morganton, NC

32.Chris Hamrick & Ripper
08/22/97-Gastonia, NC

33.The Black Dragons [3]
08/26/97-Charlotte, NC

34.Chris Hamrick & Ripper [2]
08/29/97-Sugar Grove, NC

35.Terry Austin & Black Angel
09/25/97-Charlotte, NC

36.The Lewis Brothers
03/14/98-Gastonia, NC

37.Italian Stallion & The Breeze
04/17/98-Mooresville, NC

38.The Lewis Brothers [2]
04/18/98-Lincolnton, NC

39.Black Angel & Super Ninja
05/14/98-Morganton, NC

40.Eddie & Hector Guerrero
05/22/98-Wheeling, WV

WCW does not recognize The Guerreros as PWF champions.

41.The Lewis Brothers [3]
06/06/98-Mooresville, NC
Defeat Black Angel & Super Ninja in tournament final.

42.Gladiator I & II
07/03/98-Lincolnton, NC

43.Sir Mo & Black Angel
07/31/98-Inman, SC

44.Rick Starr & Rock Jordan
08/29/98-Gaffney, SC

45.Sir Mo & Black Angel [2]
09/12/98-Mooresville, NC

46.Scott Powers & Christopher Steele
10/03/98-Lincolnton, NC


47.Universal Soldiers: Nuke & Sniper
03/12/99-Kings Mountain, NC
Defeat The New Breed: Bloodseeker & Craven to win vacant title.

46.The Soul Searchers

47.Italian Stallion & Brutus McNasty
06/10/99-Mooresville, NC

48.Soul Chasers (Bloodseeker & Nightstalker)
07/02/99-Kings Mountain, NC

Title Vacant

49.Vinnie Damoochie and Eddie Brown
12/27/2015-Hubert, NC
Defeated Jimmy Cicero and Jack Cicero in tournament final.

50.Extreme Horsemen (King Corino and C.W. Anderson)
03/02/2016-Hubert, NC
Won from Vinnie Damoochie and Eddie Brown.

51.L&F Express (Ricky Landell and Tommy Face)
04/08/2016-Hubert, NC
Defeat Anderson and Timmy Lou Retton and Zane Riley and Jakob Hammermeier in 3-way match.

52.Camelot (Zane Dawson and James Drake)
09/17/2016-Morgantown, NJ

Title Vacant
Extreme Horsemen (Preston Quinn and John Skyler) vacate the title on prior to the Premier Tag League.

53.Lance Lude and Zane Riley
12/30/2016-Hubert, NC
Won the Premier Tag League.

54.The Beauty and The Bum (Donnie Ray and Patrick Scott)
09/02/2017-Morehead City, NC
Won from Zane Riley and Sully Sullivan (sub for Lance Lude);

Title Vacant
For the annual Premier Tag League tournament.

55.Movie Myk and Patrick Scott
12/29/2017-Hubert, NC
Defeated Bobby Wohlfert and Jagger in the Premier Tag League tournament final.

Title Vacant

56.Administration (James Anthony and BoJack) [2]
07/12/2019-Hubert, NC
Defeat the International Superstars (Blanco Loco and Joey Ozbourne for the vacant title;

57.Boop and Book Connection (Donnie Ray and Lynzee Pike)
12/20/2019-Hubert, NC
Defeated Gem Stone and TGA Moss.

58.Sew Dudes with Attitude (Joe Harrison and Mickey Fulp)
01/31/2020-Hubert, NC
Defeated the Boop and Book Connection and the Administration (James Anthony and BoJack in a 3-way match.

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