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Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.Assault & Battery: Jimmy Deo & Maxx Crimson
06/01/95-Reading, PA
Defeat Jim Powers & Jimmy B. Goode to become first champions.

2.Heavenly Bodies: Tom Prichard & Jimmy Del Ray
07/21/95-Gilbertsville, PA

3.Assault & Battery: Jimmy Deo & Maxx Crimson [2]
07/22/95-Wind Gap, PA

4.Surf & Turf: Jimmy Deo & Ray Odyssey
02/23/96-Reading, PA
Deo defeats Crimson in a singles match and chooses Odyssey as his new partner.

5.Double Delight: Vinnie Biondo & Romeo Catino
03/29/96-Reading, PA
Win title in a Four Corners match.

6.D.Z. Gillespie & Assassin
08/16/96-Reading, PA

7.Double Delight: Vinnie Biondo & Romeo Catino [2]
09/27/96-Reading, PA

8.Ace Darling & Mark Mest
12/27/96-Reading, PA

9.Ace Darling & Glenn Osbourne
Mest thrown out of team and replaced with Osbourne.

10.Mike Quackenbush & Pat Shamrock
08/22/97-Reading, PA

11.Dave Patera & Jihad Hussein
09/26/97-Reading, PA

12.Blue Thunder & J.R. Ryder
01/16/98-Reading, PA
Defeat Patera & Persian Prince (subbing for injured Hussein)

13.Fire & Lightning: Inferno Kid & Mike Quackenbush
05/15/98-Reading, PA
Defeat Thunder & Ryder and Don Montoya & Peligro in a triangle match.

14.Lance Diamond & Reckless Youth
07/24/98-Reading, PA
Diamond & Reckless each won a battle royal to become partners to face Fire & Lightning.

15.Flash Flanagan & Glenn Osbourne
04/16/99-Hamburg, PA
Defeat Lance Diamond & Christopher Daniels (subbing for Reckless Youth)

In conjunction with the PCW Heavyweight Title, Flash Flanagan also held the following titles:

16.Chris Krueger & Kodiak
09/24/99-Hamburg, PA

17.Boogie Woogie Brown & Jeff Peterson
03/04/2000-Hamburg, PA
Defeat Kodiak & Eddie Valentine (subbing for Chris Krueger)

18.The Haas Brothers

19.J.J. Johnson & Cheetah Master
09/07/2000-Reading, PA
Defeat The Haas Brothers in a 2/3 Falls match.

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