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Sometime before September 1, 2005--Present

Compiled by Hisaharu Tanabe

1.Dave Scott and Eric St. Clair
10/08/2005-Hinton, WV Defeat Brent Batten and Ice in 4-team tournament final.

2.Big Bad John and Joe Simon
10/27/2005-Mt. Hope, WV

3.Johnny Blast and Kris King
01/20/2006-Bud, WV

4.Derik Billings and Chad Cross
01/20/2006-Bud, WV

5.Johnny Blast and Ice
02/18/2006-Mt. Hope, WV

Renamed NWA Mountain State Tag Team Title
MSW becomes an associate of NWA Tri-State.

6.Derik Billings and Billy Lit
09/09/2006-Hinton, WV

7.Johnny Blast and Ice [2]
09/23/2006-Mt. Hope, WV

8.Derik Billings and Billy Lit [2]

9.Bunkhouse Boys: Bandit and Willie Blackheart

10.Ricky Shane and Michael Cook

11.Aired on 07/06/16.

12.Bunkhouse Boys [2]
06/23/2007-Hinton, WV

13.Johnny Blast and Diablo Jr.
02/15/2008-Princeton, WV

14.Kris King and Ricky Shane
05/10/2008-Hinton, WV

15.Johnny Blast and Diablo Jr.
05/11/2008-Mt. Hope, WV


16.Bunkhouse Boys [3]
10/05/2008-Ghent, WV Defeat Kris King and Billy Lit in tournament final; stripped on 09/03/14 due to Blackheart's injury.

17.Kris King and Ricky Shane [2]
03/14/2009-Falls View, WV Defeat Derik Billings and Bryan Kyle.

18.Derik Billings and Bryan Kyle
04/17/2009-Alderson, WV Defeat Shane and Diablo Jr, subbing for King.

19.J.C. Dykes Jr. and Karl
04/25/2009-Rand, WV

20.Derik Billings and Bryan Kyle [2]
04/25/2009-Rand, WV

21.Johnny Blast and Diablo Jr.
06/19/2009-Princeton, WV Defeat Billings and Kyle and Shawn Cruz and Robbie Cruz in a 3-way match.

22.Frank Parker and Scotty Rocker
09/05/2009-Hinton, WV Still champions as of 09/10/09.

[records unclear]

23.Ice and King Richard

24.J.C. Dykes Jr. and Karl [2]
10/23/2009-Ghent, WV

25.Urban Death Squad: Johnny Blast and Spyder Crowley
03/20/2010-Rand, WV

26.Diablo Jr. and Dwayne Tenney
05/22/2010-Rand, WV

27.Derik Billings and Bryan Kyle [3]
07/17/2010-Matoaka, WV

28.Defeat Diablo and Tenney and Bunkhouse Boys in a 3-way match.

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