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August 16, 1998--Present

Compiled by Eric Roelfsema and Brian Westcott

1.Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher)
08/16/98-Baltimore, MD
Defeated Jimmy Cicero and Julio Sanchez in 8 man elimination match.

2.Jimmy Cicero and Julio Sanchez
09/20/98-Baltimore, MD

3.Stevie Richards and Earl The Pearl
11/04/98-Glen Burnie, MD

4.The Guetto Mafia (2-Dope and Sydeswype)
02/07/99-Baltimore, MD

5.Danny Rose and Bruiser
05/02/99-Baltimore, MD

6.The Guetto Mafia [2]
05/16/99-Owings Mills, MD

7.Adam Flash and Bruiser
05/22/99-Pylesville, MD

8.Jimmy Cicero and Romeo Valentino
07/08/99-Baltimore, MD

9.Bruiser and Jerry "The King" Lawler
11/13/99-Owings Mills, MD

12/05/99-Baltimore, MD
Jerry Lawler is unavailable for dates until the spring.

10.Earl the Pearl and Rich Myers
01/19/2000-Glen Burnie, MD
Defeat Jimmy Cicero/Chad Austin and Joey Matthews/Christian York in tournament final to win vacant title.

11.Joey Matthews and Christian York
05/17/2000-Glen Burnie, MD

12.Cueball Carmichael and Dino Divine
08/02/00-Ocean City, MD

12.Romeo Valentino and "Soda Pop" Ronnie Zukko
02/21/2001-Glen Burnie, MD
Managed by Candie

13.The Ghetto Mafia [3]
06/09/2001-Middle River, MD
Defeated Romeo Valentine/Ronnie Zukko and Rich Myers/Earl "the Pearl" in a three way elimination match

14.Holy Rollers
07/18/2001-Glen Burnie, MD
Defeat Ghetto Mafia and Romeo Valentino and Ronnie Zukko in a Triangle Keys on a Pole Street Fight match

15.Rich Myers and Earl The Pearl

16.Christian York and Joey Matthews [2]
11/03/2001-Paw Paw, WV

17.Dino Devine and Chad Bowman
05/22/2002-Glen Burnie, MD

18.2-Dope and Sideswype
07/16/2003-Glen Burnie, MD
Defeated Chad Bowman/Dino Divine and Buzz Stryker/Derek Wayne
MCW and MEWF Tag Team Title are now unified.

19.The Slackers
02/26/2006-Dundalk, MD (MCW Arena)
Defeated Jason Static and Judas Young, The Holy Rollers, and The Ghetto Mafia to win vacant title.
MCW Resurrection

20.The New Age Outlaws: Billy Gunn and Road Dogg (B.G. James)
02/26/2006-Dundalk, MD (MCW Arena)
Defeated The Slackers and The Holy Rollers in a Three Way match.
MCW Resurrection

21.Danny Doring and Danny Jaxx
03/26/2006-Dundalk, MD
Defeated The New Age Outlaws, The Holy Rollers, and The Slackers.

22.Jason Static and Scott Fowler
05/07/2006-Dundalk, MD

23.The Bruiser and Genesis
09/10/2006-Glen Burnie, MD

24.Kelly Bell and Buzz Stryker
12/28/2006-Dundalk, MD

25.Ruckus and Sabian
04/21/2007-Bel Air, MD
Defeated Kelly Bell and Buzz Stryker and Doyle Day and Buck Chyld.

26.Ghetto Mafia (2-Dope and Qenaan Creed)
09/09/2007-Dundalk, MD

27.Zachary Shane and Johnny Hardwick
04/05/2008-Dundalk, MD
Defeat Gettho Mafia and Ryan Mcbride and Teddy Stigma in a 3-way match.

28.Ghetto Mafia [2]
05/04/2008-Dundalk, MD
Defeat Shane and Hardwick and Ryan Mcbride and Teddy Stigma in a 3-way match.

29.Teddy Stigma and Ryan McBride
12/27/2008-Dundalk, MD
Won a ladder match to win the titles


30.Dino Divine and DJ Hyde
04/11/2009-Dundalk, MD

31.Tyler Hilton and Zachary Shane
07/11/2009-Dundalk, MD

32.Team Macktion (Kirby Mack and TJ Mack)
12/26/2009-Dundalk, MD

33.Holy Rollers (Earl the Pearl and Ramblin' Rich)
07/31/2010-Dundalk, MD

34.Fed-Up (G-Fed and C-Fed)
07/30/2011-Dundalk, MD

35.Black Wallstreet
12/30/2011-Dundalk, MD

36.Fed-Up [2]
04/06/2012-Dundalk, MD

37.Adam Flash and Ronnie Zukko
12/29/2012-Dundalk, MD

37.G-Fed & Buck Chyld
08/10/2013-Dundalk, MD
Defeat New Age Scumbags, The Hell Cats, Napalm Bomb and Dope, Solo and Chuck Lennox, Mitch Miller and Paul White, and Hoss Hagood in a gauntlet match

37.Black Wall Street (Bomb and Solo)
03/22/2014-Joppa, MD
Won the title from G-Fed and Buck Chyld.

38.Christian York and Ruckus
10/03/2014-Waldorf, MD
Won the title from Black Wall Street: Napalm Bomb and Solo.

39.Black Wall Street [2]
10/04/2014-Dundalk, MD

40.Hell Cats (Jimmy Starz and Sexy Steve)
12/27/2015-Joppa, MD

41.Ecktourage (Dirty Money and Eric Chapel)
07/19/2015-Joppa, MD
Defeated Hell Cats: Jimmy Starz and Sexy Steve (c), Fed Up: C-Fed & G-Fed, and Black Wall Street: Napalm Bomb & Solo in a 4-way match.

42.Lio Rush and Patrick Clark
10/03/2015-Joppa, MD
Defeated Ecktourage: Dirty Money and Eric Chapel (c) and Hell Cats: Jimmy Starz and Sexy Steve in a 3-corners match.

43.Punk Rock All Stars (Drake Carter and Shaun Cannon)
04/23/2016-Joppa, MD

44.Ecktourage (Dirty Money and Eric Chapel) [3]
07/16/2016-Joppa, MD
Defeated the Punk Rock All Stars, Black Wallstreet: Napalm Bomb and Solo, Appalachian Outlaws (Bo Nekoda and Cousin Clay), Guns For Hire (Bill Collier and Paul Jordane), Rayo and The Bruiser, and the Dixon Line (Ken Dixon and Rob Locke) in gauntlet match.

45.Matt Hardy and Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy)
01/28/2017-Joppa, MD
TNA World champions, defeat Ecktourage in a double title match

Title Vacant
The Hardys join WWE.

46.Guns for Hire (Bill Collier and Paul Jordane)
04/22/2017-Joppa, MD
Defeated Ecktourage

47.Cartel (Dante Caballero and Joe Keys)
12/01/2017-Joppa, MD
Win from Guns for Hire (Bill Collier and Paul Jordane)

48.Bobby and Robby
03/24/2018-Joppa, MD

41.Guns for Hire (Bill Collier and Paul Jordane) [2]
09/29/2018-Joppa, MD
Won a gauntlet match against Bobby and Robby*, the Punk Rock All Stars: Drake Carter and Shaun Cannon, the Hell Cats (Jimmy Starz and Sexy Steve, and Dirty Money and G-Fed.

42.Sons of Savagery (Bishop Khan and Malcolm Moses)
11/09/2018-Joppa, MD

Title Vacant
Sons of Savagery: Bishop Khan and Malcolm Moses sign with ROH.

43.The Saviors: John Skyler and Eric Martin
07/13/2019-Joppa, MD
Defeated Bobby and Robby in tournament final.

44.Rush Hour (Tommy Seto and Deion Epps
01/17/2020-Joppa, MD

45.Joe Keys and Breaux Keller
06/23/2021-Joppa, MD

46.Chuck Lennox and Drolix
11/12/2022-Joppa, MD
Defeated Seduce and Destroy (Joe Keys and Breaux Keller) and Ken Dixon and Boom Hayden in a 3-way match.

47.Trade (Myles Hawkins and Killian McMurphy)
12/30/2021-Joppa, MD

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