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July 31,, 1993--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

07/31/93-Milwaukee, WI
Defeat James Gang to become first champions.

2.Chad Love and Eric Love
12/19/93-West Allis, WI

3.Flying Tigers (Waveriders) [2]
03/25/94-West Allis, WI

4.Frankie DeFalco and Illinois State Trooper
11/27/94-Kewaskum, WI
Managed by The Hustler (Carmine DeSpirito)

5.Chad Love and Eric Love [2]
07/22/95-West Allis, WI

6.Colonel Blatnick and Spymaster
10/28/95-West Allis, WI
Defeat Eric Love and Billy Joe Eaton

Blatnick injured

7.Frankie DeFalco and Johnny Mercedes
03/29/96-West Allis, WI
Defeat Chad Love and Eric Love to win vacant title.

8.Colonel Blatnick and Spymaster [2]
08/03/96-Milwaukee, WI

9.Farmer Vic and Bouncer Bullinski
11/02/96-West Allis, WI

10.C.C. Love (Chad Love) and Billy Wild
03/07/97-West Allis, WI

11.Farmer Vic and Bouncer Bullinski [2]
06/06/97-West Allis, WI

12.Alliance of Violence (Billy Joe Eaton and Rev. Axl Future)
11/07/97-West Allis, WI

13.C.C. Love and Billy Wild [2]
05/01/98-West Allis, WI

14.The Saint 'n' Sinner (Rev. Axl Future and Arc Angel Vincent)
02/06/99-West Allis, WI

15.Derek St. Holmes and Quentin
10/31/99-West Allis, WI

16.The Saint 'n' Sinner [2]
11/13/99-West Allis, WI

17.Blaze and The Skull Krusher
02/17/2000-West Allis, WI

18.Corporal Robinson and Hardcore Craig
04/15/2000-West Allis, WI

19.The Saint 'n' Sinner [3] 09/01/2000-West Allis, WI
Defeat Corporal Robinson and Barfly Mike (subbing for Hardcore Craig)

20.Frankie DeFalco and Jason Dukes
01/13/2001-West Allis, WI

21.Chuckie Smooth and Matt Longtime
09/02/2001-Big Bend, WI (K.P. Classics)
Defeat Jason Dukes and Frankie DeFalco and "Dysfunction" Kurt Krueger in a Three Way match.

22.Dino Bambino and "Dysfunction" Kurt Krueger
10/13/2001-Wind Lake, WI (Kelly's Bleachers II)

23.The Old School Express (Skull Krusher and Jason Dukes)
03/30/2002-Wind Lake, WI (Kelly's Bleachers II)

24.The Furies
08/31/2002-Big Bend, WI

25.The Jacyl and Lauden Payne
02/22/2003-Milwaukee, WI

26.Skull Krusher and Jason Dukes
03/15/2003-Milwaukee, WI

24.Zack Gowan and Silas Young
04/09/2004-Milwaukee, WI
Defeated The Outcasts (Colonel Blatnick and Farmer Vic)
MAW 11th Anniversary Show

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