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June 8, 2002--Present

Compiled by Eric Roelfsema and Matt Bish

1.The Players Club (Lance James and Sebastian)
06/08/2002-Altoona, PA Defeated Brock Singleton and Zubov to become the first champs

2.Dirk Ciglar and Brandon K
07/13/2002-Altoona, PA

Title Vacant
08/03/2002-Altoona, PA
Stripped for no show

3.The Players Club [2]
08/17/2002-Clearfield, PA
Defeated Mercury Flash and Zubov for vacant title

4.The Bubbster and Dr. Feelgood
10/18/2002-Altoona, PA
Defeated Sebastian in a handicap match because Lance James no showed

5.Jay Scott and Bobby Shields
12/03/2002-Altoona, PA

6.Youth Gone Wild (Daniels and Xander Graves)
03/29/2003-Altoona, PA

08/23/2003-Altoona, PA
Managed by Miss Taylor

8.Youth Gone Wild [2]
10/11/2003-Altoona, PA
Defeated X-Treme in a Ladder Match
Managed by Roxy

9.Big Lenny and Trevor Michaels
11/15/2003-Altoona, PA

10.X-Treme [2]
02/212004-Altoona, PA
Managed by Miss Taylor
TLC Match that also included Youth Gone Wild

11.Da Munchies (Dick Trimmins and Sheik/Abdul Hassan)
05/12/2004-Altoona, PA

12.X-Treme [3]
06/12/2004-Altoona, PA
Managed by Miss Taylor

13.Da Munchies
07/24/2004-Altoona, PA

14.Steel Collision (Bad Bubba Brewer and The Insaniac)
08/22/2004-Earnest, PA
Members of The Circle of Success

15.X-Treme [4]
10/20/2004-Bigler, PA
Defeated The Insaniac and Trevor Michaels (subbing for Bad Bubba Brewer, who no showed)

16.Youth Gone Wild [3]
11/06/2004-Bedford, PA
Defeated Squig and McGrath

17.X-treme [5]
11/13/2004-Altoona, PA

18.Youth Gone Wild [4]
01/08/2005-Altoona, PA
This was a Stairway to Heaven Match. YGW’s partner was Sebastian and X-Treme’s partner was Scott Fowler

Title Vacant
01/29/2005-Altoona, PA
Youth Gone Wild were stripped because they fought X-Treme to a double-pin.

19.X-Treme [6]
02/19/2005-Altoona, PA
Defeated Youth Gone Wild in a Ladder Match

20.Trailer Park Trash
04/16/2005-Altoona, PA

[Records unclear]

21.Kato and Big Lenny
12/09/2006-Altoona, PA
Defeated Dave Daniels and Xander Graves for title

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