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(Puerto Rico)


January 6, 2000--Present

Compiled by Manuel Gonzalez and Earl Oliver with additional information from Brian Westcott and Richard Palma

1.Val Venis and Ricky Santana
01/06/2000-Bayamon, PR
Defeated the Head Bangers and Huracan Castillo Jr. and Savio Vega in a three way dance tournament final

2.Ricky Santana and Sean Hill
By Official decision

3.Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito P rez
03/09/2000-Carolina, PR
Commisioner Jos Estrada ordered Ricky Santana to defend the title. Santana said his tag team partner, Val Venis, was injured. Commisioner named Sean Hill as his partner. The title defense was one between Santana and Hill vs. Perez and Castillo, that ended in a disqualification. A challenge was issued and Fidel Sierra was added by the heels and Savio Vega by the faces in a six men match, being a match that if
Savio Vega pinned Sean Hill and then Castillo and P rez won the title. After the babyfaces wins, Castillo and P rez were crowned tag team champions.
Castillo and P rez then turned on Vega and become heels.

4.Star Corporation (Chicky Starr and V ctor The Bodyguard)
04/28/2000-Ponce, PR

5.Nueva Generaci n (Ricky Banderas and Nuevo Gran Apolo)
05/07/2000-Moca, PR

6.Andy Anderson and Steve Bradley (Club WWF)
06/03/2000-Ponce, PR
Headhunter II subsituted for Steve Bradley when Bradley was called by WWF on June 8, 2000
Bradley later returned from WWF and reassumed the Tag Team Title on June 14, 2000

9.Nueva Generaci n [2]
06/16/2000-Aguas Buenas, PR
This change took plave after a 4-Way match between those two teams, Starr Corporation and Sexy and Sensual (Shan Hill and Andr s Borges)

10.Club WWF [2]
06/17/2000-Humacao, PR

11.Starr Corporation [2]
07/08/2000-Manat , PR

Title Held Up
07/29/2000-Levittown, Toa Baja, PR
After a Match vs. Nueva Generaci n

13.Nueva Generaci n [3]
08/05/2000-Levittown, Toa Baja, PR
Ricky Banderas named a new partner, Miguelito P rez, on August 6 after he turned on Nuevo Gran Apolo
On August 13 any combination of Ricky Banderas, Miguelito P rez, Pain and Huracan Castillo is declared as qualified to defend the title
Fidel Sierra is added at the August 20 show at Lares, PR (but Sierra is no longer with IWA)

14.Star Corporation [3]
09/20/00-Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Defeated Miguelito P rez and Pain

15.Andy Anderson and Vizago (Bret Sanders)
11/11/2000-Vega Baja, PR
Defeated Chicky Starr and Victor the Bodyguard

16.Miguel Perez and Nuevo Gran Apolo
02/24/2001-Bayamon, PR (Pepin Cestero Basketball Place)
Stipulation was that if Perez and Apolo loose they couldn't be a team anymore

17.Starr Corporation: Chicky Starr and Victor the Bodyguard [4]
03/23/2001-Arecibo, PR (Francisco "Pancho" Padilla Coliseum)
Defeat Nuevo Gran Apolo in a handicap match. Miguel Perez no showed.

18.D-Lo Brown and Shane
05/27/2001-Cata o, PR (Pedro Rodriguez Gay )
D-Lo Brown and Shane defeated Los Boricuas (Perez and Castillo) and Starr Corporation in a 3 Way Dance Match to win the IWA Tag Team Titles when Hombre Dinamita interfered, sidekicking Chicky Starr.

19.Los Boricuas (Miguelito Perez and Huracan Castillo Jr.)
06/23/2001-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Pete Gas and Chaz and the team of Shane and D-Lo Brown in a three way dance match to become the new Tag Team Champions

20.Big Ross McCollough and Tiger Ali Singh
08/11/2001-Levittown, Toa Baja, PR

21.Zaruxx and Agente Bruno
09/01/2001-Gurabo, PR
They wrestled Tiger Ali Singh and Big Russ McCollough on a tag team match but since they were all member of the NEW CORPORATION, they faked the match. Then Savio Ordered the match to be a Title match adding Los Boricuas. At the end Russ was knocked out and then Castillo hit Zaruxx with the bell, Zaruxx landed over Russ and Castillo came to pin both. Savio ruled that since Zaruxx was pinning Russ, Zaruxx and Bruno won the Tag Team Titles.
Zaruxx also held the following titles in conjuncion with the IWA Tg Team Title:

22.Los Boricuas [2]
09/29/2001-Bayamon, PR

23.Pain and Tiger Ali Singh
11/24/2001-Bayamon, PR

24.The Starr Corporation [5]
12/08/2001-Orocovis (Jes s 'Tito' Col n Coliseum)
Defeated Pain and Angel (substituting for Tiger Ali Singh)

25.Ricky Banderas and Shane The Glamour Boy
04/05/2002-Manat , PR (Acropolis)

26.The Starr Corporation [6]
04/13/2002-Bayamon, PR (Pep n Cestero Arena)
Shane no showed under a deportation stipulation (actually he was headed to Japan)

27.Los Boricuas [3]
07/21/2002-Levittown, Toa Baja (Volleyball Arena)

28.Miguelito Perez and Savio Vega
10/20/2002-Juana Diaz, PR (Municipal Coliseum)
Miguelito Perez defeated Huracan Castillo in a No DQ match to win control of the tag team titles at the Antio Barcelo Coliseum on 09/21/2002 at Toa Baja, PR.
Perez picked Savio Vega to be his new tag team partner.

29.Eric Alexander and Andy Anderson
01/19/2003-Levittown, Toa Baja, PR (Volleyball Arena)
Defeat Abyss and Miguelito Perez.

Title Vacant
03/15/2003-Bayamon, PR
Savio Vega vacated the IWA Tag Team Title due after for failure to defend the title for 30 days due to Eric Alexander being injured

30.Miguelito Perez and Avyss

31.Glamour Boy Shane and Abyss
05/17/2003-Toa Baja, PR In a match between former tag team partners, Abyss (1/2 of the Tag Team of the promotion) defeated Miguel Perez (1/2 of the tag team) to win the total control of the title, after Shane interfered. Abyss handed him the other belt, so new tag team champions are Shane and Abyss.

32.Eric Alexander and Craven
06/28/2003-Humacao, PR
Defeat Slash Venom and Miguelito Perez

Title Vacant

30.Craven and Erick Alexander
07/12/2003-San Juan, PR (Roberto Clemente Coliseum)
Defeated Miguelito Perez and Slash Venom to win the vacant titles

31.Stefano and Chicano
01/06/2004-Bayamon, PR (Rubin Rodriguez Coliseum)

32.Los Boricuas [4]
01/24/2004-Cabo Rojo (Rebekah Colberg Cabrera Coliseum)

33.Thunder and Lightning
02/21/2004-Caguas, PR (Hector Sola Bezares Coliseum)
Defeated the teams of Los Ilegales, La Compa a (Victor the Bodyguard and Chet Jabronski) and Los Boricuas.

34.Glamour Boy Shane and Kasey James
06/19/2004-Bayamon, PR

35.Thunder and Lightning [5]
06/25/2004-Bayamon, PR

36.Slash Venom and Chicano
09/25/2004-Bayamon, PR (Pepin Cestero Arena)
Defeated Thunder & Lightning in a cage match

37.Chet Jablonski and Kasey James
10/16/2004-Bayamon, PR (Juan Ram n Loubriel Stadium)

38.Chicano and Slash Venom [2]
11/20/2004-Bayamon, PR (Pepin Cestero Arena)

Title Held Up
06/25/2005-Bayamon, PR
Title suspended after match w/ Diabolico & Draco Lee and Noriega & Golden Boy.

39.Diabolico & Draco Lee
06/25/2005-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Noriega & Golden Boy for held-uptitle.

40.Swat Team
07/16/2005-Bayamon, PR (Pepin Cestero Arena)

[Records unclear]

41.El Chicano and Jeff Jeffrey
11/11/2006-Carolina, PR
Defeated Joel Moxley and Hade Vansen for title

42.El Bacano and El Diamante
12/09/2006-Bayamon, PR

43.Mr. Big and Blitz
05/12/2007-Toa Baja, PR
Defeated El Bacano and El Diamante for title


43.Diabolico and El Diamante
06/16/2007-Bayamon, PR

Title Vacant

45.Cruzz and Diabolico
05/17/2008-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Dennis Rivera and Noel Rodriguez for vacant title

46.Dennis Rivera and Noel Rodriguez
05/31/2008-Toa Baja, PR

[Records unclear]>

47.Zaer Arafat and Hbardan Kadafi
11/15/2008-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Cruzz and Diabolico for title

48.Savio Vega and Miguel Perez Jr
11/29/2008-Bayamon, PR

49.Zaer Arafat and Hardan Kadafi [2]
12/13/2008-Bayamon, PR

50.Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez
02/14/2009-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Dennis Rivera and Noel Rodriguez for title.

05/19/2009-Bayamon, PR
Homicide and Hernandez vacate title.

51.Los Arabes
07/18/2009-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Chicano/Bran Madness, Noel Rodriguez/Richard Rondon and Chris Joel/Golden Boy to capture vacant title.

52.Chicano and Bryan
08/16/2009-Cataño, PR

53.Rick Stanley and Noel Rodriguez
09/13/2009-Hatillo, PR

54.Chicano and Dennis Rivera
09/19/2009-Bayamon, PR

55,Los Arabes [4]
09/27/2009-Yauco, PR

56.Chicano and Dennis Rivera [2]
10/03/2009-Cataño, PR

57.Los Arabes [5]
10/31/2009-Yauco, PR

58.Los Fugitivos de la Calle (Niche and Lynx)
11/28/2009-Sabana Grande, PR

59.Los Arabes [6]
12/12/2009-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Los Fugitivos de la Calle and Los Nuevos Dueños de la Malicia (Noel Rodríguez and Rick Stanley) in a 3-way match.

60.La Doble R (Richard Rondo and Romeo)
01/06/2010-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Los Arabes and Los Nuevos Dueños de la Malicia (Noel Rodríguez and Rick Stanley) in a 3-way match.

61.La Companía Elite (Gilbert and Rick Stanley)
02/132010-Bayamon, PR

62.Faces of Fear (Rainstein and Spectro)
04/172010-Bayamon, PR

63.La Compañía Elite [2]
05/01?/2010-Toa Alta, PR?

64.Faces of Fear [2]
05/22/2010-Las Piedras, PR
Defeat La Compañía Elite and Barbie Boy and Queen Jay Adonis in a 3-way match.

65.Kong I and Kong II
08/28/2010-Yabucoa, PR

55.Faces of Fear [3]
09/11/2010-Bayamon, PR

67.Kong I and Kong II [2]
09/252010-Lajas, PR
Defeat Spectro in handicap match.

68.Rick Stanley and Dennis Rivera
10/02/2010-Anasco, PR

69.Atomo and Sonico
11/202010-Lajas, PR

70.Cruzz of Fear: Spectro and Damian
02/12/2011-Bayamon, PR

71Thunder and Lightning [7] 04/02/2011-Toa Baja, PR

72.La Malicia (Dennis Rivera and Noel Rodríguez) [3]
06/112011-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Thunder and Lightning and Zona 101: Abadd and Chicano in a 3-way match.

73.Zcion and Diego de Jesús
08/06/2011-Ciales, PR

74.La Malicia [4]
08/20.2011-Vega Alta, PR
Stripped off from Zcion and Diego de Jesús and awarded back to La Malicia; La
Malicia also defeats WWC World champions Los Fugitivos de la Calle: Niche and Lynx on 11/09/24 in Caguas, PR in a match not approved by WWC; Los Fugitivos are officially awarded the WWC World Title back on 11/11/05.

75.La Milicia (Guevara and Zapata)
01/28/2012-Toa Alta, PR
Steal the belts right after the match and proclaim as the champions.

76,Los Fuerzas Aérea (Shock and Riddix)
02/11/2012-Toa Alta, PR
Defeat La Milicia (Guevara and Zapata) and Los Perros de la Muerte in a 3-way match.

77.La Milicia [2]
03/17/2012-San Juan, PR

Promtion closed

Promotion reopened

78.Puro Macho (Khriz Diaz and J.C. Navarro)
05/18/2019-Mayaguez, PR
Defeated Legio (Spectro and Vassago) in tournament final for the vacant/reactivated title but an immediate rematch is ordered.

79.Legio (Spectro and Vassago)
05/18/2019-Mayaguez, PR

80.Puro Macho [2]
09/07/2019-Guaynabo, PR

81.Los Fugitivos (Niche and Lynx)
03/07/2020-Humacao, PR

82.Owners of Time (Nick Mercer and Leinord White)
07/31/2020-San Juan, PR

83.5150: (Slice Boogie and Rivera)
01/16/2022-Humacao, PR
Also hold MLW World Title.

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