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April 14, 1998--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.Phi DeKappa U. (Mike Shane and Todd Shane)
11/14/98-Crystal River, FL
Defeat Mike Marcello & Pepe Prado in tournament final to become the first champions.

2."Iceman" Buck Quartermaine & Freedom Ryder
06/12/99-Crystal River, FL

3.Phi DeKappa U. [2]
09/11/99-Crystal River, FL

4.Drunk & Disorderly
01/22/2000-Crystal River, FL

5.A.S.S. (Anarchy Suicide Squad)
01/29/2000-St. Petersburg, FL

6.Inner Aggression
03/18/2000-Crystal River, FL

7."Hardcore" Nick Gage & Justice Pain
05/20/2000-Crystal River, FL

Title declared vacant after lack of defenses.

8.The Southern Posse
01/13/2001-St. Petersburg, FL
Defeat Drunk & Disorderly, The Chaotic Cult, and The Snack Pack in a Four Way Hardcore Tag Team Battle Royal to vacant title.

9.The Curtain Jerkers (Rod Steel and Mark Zout)
04/07/2001-St. Petersburg

10.The Shane Brothers [3]
04/21/2001-St. Petersburg, FL
The Shane Twins also held the following titles in conjunction with the IPW Tag Team Titles

11.Quickiemart and Mark Zout
12/08/2001-St. Petersburg, FL
Won both titles

12.Wrongful Death (Naphtali and Dagon Briggs)
02/08/2002-St. Petersburg, FL
Defeated QuickieMart, Christian York and Joey Matthews for titles

13.The Softcore Connection (Nick Berk and Z-Barr)
03/29/2002-St. Petersburg, FL (Florida WrestlePlex)

12.Wrongful Death [2]
03/30/2002-Crystal River, FL (Crystal River National Guard Armory)
Defeated Nick Berk/Z-Barr and Deranged/Insane Dragon

13.Frankie Capone and Python
05/24/2002-Deltona, FL
IPW Tag Team Title and NWA Florida Tag Team Title are no longer unified.

14.Wrongful Death [3]
06/08/2002-St. Petersburg, FL (Florida Wrestleplex)

15.The Strong Brothers
06/28/2002-St. Petersburg, FL

16.Scoot Andrews and Mike Sullivan
09/20/2002-St. Petersburg, FL

16.Mike Shane and Todd Shane [4]
02/08/2003-St. Petersburg, Fl
Defeated Scoot Andrews and Mikey Tenderfoot, subbing for Mike Sullivan (who had a family emergency) for the IPW and NWA Florida Tag Team Titles.

17.Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal)
03/01/2003-Kanagawa, JAPAN (Yokohama Arena)
This match was for the IPW Tag Team Titles only. The Shane Twins retained the NWA Florida Tag Team Titles

18.The Shane Twins [5]
06/29/2003-Hokkaido, JAPAN (Hokkaido Sports Center)
World Japan card

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