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January 20, 1998--Present

Compiled by Phil Tsakiries

1.Gutterboy and Randy The Violator
01/20/98-Hagerstown, MD Defeated Flex Fenom and Shorty Smalls to become first champions.

2.The Beverly Hillbillies (Jack Hammer and Slickyboy)
03/03/98 -Hagerstown, MD

3.The Grungers
03/31/98-Hagerstown, MD

Vacate Titles after John Rambo, Jack Hammer, and Fumer defeated Grungers and Egon Ecton on 5/16/98

4.The Grungers (2)
06/02/98-Hagerstown, MD
Won tournament

5.Violator and Biggs
06/09/98 -Hagerstown, MD

6.Flex Fenom and Aidean
07/14/98-Hagerstown, MD

7.Flex Fenom and Latin Lover
10/20/98-Hagerstown, MD
Defeated Aidean and Mike Lawson

8.Morgus the Maniac and Dave Donavon

Vacate Titles 4/99

9.The Grungers 4/6/99
Defeated Steve Vaughn and Jerkface to win vacant titles.

Vacate Titles

10.Kurt Keizer and Jerkface
Defeated The Highwaymen and Slickboy and OGB in three way dance to win vacant titles.

11.Cannonball and Bruiser Blackwell

12.Brian Anthony and Aidean
Defeated Cannonball and Bruiser Blackwell and Morgus the Maniac and Hardrock Hamilton in a three way match.

13.Jimmy Jessup and The Freak
03/14/00-Hagerstown, MD

14.The Highwaymen (Jake Davis and Leslie Leatherman)
05/02/00-Hagerstown, MD

15.OGB and The Doc
01/23/01-Hagerstown, MD

Vacate Title

16.Rob Noxious and The American Jackass
Defeated Chewey and King Tut in tournament final to win vacant titles.

17.The Highwaymen (2)
Defeated Scott and Slickyboy for vacant titles when Rob Noxious and American Jackass couldn't make the show.

18.The Big New Yorkers (Slicky D and Jerkface)
06/19/01-Hagerstown, MD

19.House of Pain Bullies (Skagnetti and Gutterboy)
Awarded Titles when Slicky D cancells out of scheduled match.

20.Slicky D and Jerkface (2)
07/24/01-Hagerstown, MD
Awarded Titles when Skagnetti no shows event.

21.Gutterboy and Master of Disaster
07/24/01-Hagerstown, MD

Vacate Titles Gutterboy is taking time off from pro wrestling.

22.Spazman Anthony and Jake Davis
10/16/01-Hagerstown, MD
Defeated Leslie Leatherman and Flex Fenom to win vacant titles.

23.Jack Hammer and Latin Tornado
12/29/01-Hagerstown, MD

24.Flex Fenom and Aidean
03/09/2002-Hagerstown, MD

25.Jack Hammer and Latin Tornado [2]
03/22/2002-Newville, PA

26.American Jack Ass and Hyjinx
07/04/2002-Hagerstown, MD
Awarded titles when Latin Tornado no showed event.

27.Jack Hammer and Duece is Wild
07/04/2002-Hagerstown, MD

28."Epic" Cashus Carter and Chuckie Manson
12/03/2002-Hagerstown, MD

29.Snatch Haggis and The Freak
02/01/2003-Blue Ridge Summit, PA

30.Leslie Leatherman and Jake Davis
04/05/2003-Greencastle, PA (The Fire Hall)

31.Snatch Haggis and The Freak [2]
05/14/2003-Newville, PA (Newville Area Community Center)
Awarded Titles

32.Goodfellows (Shorty Smalls and Duece Donatelli)
06/23/2003-Martinsburg, WV

33.The Collegiates (Dexter Alexander andJesse Valentine)
08/16/2003-Blue Ridge Summit, PA

34.Snatch Haggis and Shawn Patrick
Awarded titles when Alexander and Valentine forfeit titles

35.Kevin Featherstorm and Scott Vaughn
10/04/2003-Blue Ridge Summit, PA

Titles Vacant
Vacated Titles due to Featherstorms injury.

36.Nikolai Volkoff and Morgus The Maniac
01/10/2004-Martinsburg, WV
Defeated Shorty Smallz and Deuce Donnatelli

Titles Vacant
06/24/2004-Hagerstown, MD
Volkoff and Morgus stripped of titles for not defending them within 60 days

37.Kevin Featherstorm and Scott Vaughn
07/03/2004-Hagerstown, MD
Defeated R.D. Lovín and Deuce Donnatelli to win vacant titles

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