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May 1, 1993--Present

Compiled by Jim Dupree

1.Russian Invaders
05/01/93-Wilmington, DE

2.Hollywood Hunks
08/13/93-Wilmington, DE

3.Ace Darling and Kid Flash (Billy Kidman)
09/?/95-Wilmington, DE

4.Steve Corino and Lance Diamond
11/17/95-Wilmington, DE

5.Boogie Woogie Brown and Inferno Brown
05/16/96 Newport, DE

6.Viper and Armageddon
10/?/96 -Newport, DE

7.Lance Diamond and Cheetah Master
04/26/97-Newport, DE

8.Ace Darling and Devon Storm

9.Mark Schrader and Christian York
04/17/99-Newport, DE

10.Mark Schrader and Thunder
07/30/99-Newport, DE

11.Backseat Boys
11/19/99-Wilmington, DE

12.Haas Brothers

13.Low Ki and American Dragon
04/07/2001-Wilmington, DE

14.Lo Ki and Xavier
04/06/2002-Wilmington, DE (St. Matthews Parish Center)
In a match against Christopher Daniels and Xavier, the pre-match stipulations were that the wrestler who got the fall for his team could choose a partner. The storyline is that Low-Ki and American Dragon "can't stand each other". Since Low Ki won the fall (with American Dragon pinning Daniels...but with Low Ki the legit man in the ring)...he chose Xavier as his new partner and new co-holder of the ECWA Tag Titles.

15.Spanish Announce Team (Joel and Jose Maximo)
05/04/2002-Newport, DE
Defeat Low Ki and Xavier, J.J. Johnston and J.R. Ryder and Buck Wylde and Striker in a Four Way match.
Jose and Joel Maximo [2]

The Maximo brothers also held the following title in conjunction with the ECWA Tag Team Title:

16.Ace Darling and Striker
02/23/2003-Wilmington, DE
Defeated SAT, Prince Nana and Mega and Da Hit Squad for title.

17.Johnny Maxx and Joey Maxx
09/06/2003-Wilmington, DE

18.Billy Bax and Rob Eckos
11/08/2003-Wilmington, DE

19.Sean Royal and Dan Ekos
01/27/2007-Newark, DE
Defeated Billy Bax and Rob Eckos for title.

20.Berlin Bad Boys (Kermon the German and Max Von Bauer)
10/13/2007-Newark, DE

21.Bryan Logan and Matt Logan
12/01/2007-Newark, DE

22.Leather & Lace (JJ the Crew Guy and Mike Reed)
09/27/2008-Newark, DE
Defeated the Logan Brothers in a gauntlet match series

23.Mega and Cha Cha Chance
03/07/2009-Newark, DE

24.Alex Arion and Frankie Arion
09/12/2009-Newark, DE

25.Bryan Logan and Matt Logan [2]
10/10/2009-Newark, DE

26.Ryan Rush and Julian Starr
03/20/2010-Newark, DE

27.Best Around (T.J. Cannon and Bruce Maxwell)
10/16/2010-Newark, DE

28.Matt Saigon and Damian Dragon
05/07/2011-Newark, DE
Defeated Midnight Sensations (Christopher Rockwell and Sam Shields) for vacant title.

29.Asylum and Matt Burns
11/19/2011-Newark, DE
Defeated Fusion DS in an annual K-Cup tournament quarter-final.

30.Bryan Logan and Matt Logan [4]
11/19/2011-Newark, DE
Defeated Flatliners in K-Cup tournament semi-final.

31.Chris Rockwell and Sam Shields
11/19/2011-Newark, DE
Defeated the Logan Bros. in K-Cup tournament final.

32.Matt Saigon and Damian Dragon [2]
03/03/2012-Newark, DE

33.Chris Rockwell and Sam Shields [2]
03/10/2012-Carney's Point, NJ

34.Matt Saigon and Damian Dragon [3]
05/05/2012-Newark, DE

35.Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian and Aden Chambers
10/20/2012-Sewell, NJ
Defeated The Midnight Sensations (Chris Rockwell and Sam Shields) and Fusion DS (Damian Dragon and Matt Saigon) in a Triple Threat match.

36.AHTU and Breaker Morant
04/13/2013-Newark, DE AHTU teamed with Josh Daniels and Ricky Martinez and Apollyon to defeat Kekoa and Chambers and Bobby Shields and Danny E. and then chose Morant as his partner

Title Vacant
Declared vacant after a match against D-LINE ends with a double pinfall on 06/01/2013

37.D-LINE (Body Snatcher and Black Ice)
07/13/2013-Newark, DE
Defeated AHTU and Breaker Morant.

38.Team CK (Kage and Sean Carr)
04/05/2014-Newark, DE

Title Vacant

39.Extreme Rednecks (Chuck Payne and Kyle Payne)
03/01/2015-Woodbury Heights, NJ
Defeated Black Wall Street (Napalm Bomb and Solo) and Breaker Morant and Cory Kastle in tournament 3-way final.

40.D-LINE (Body Snatcher and Black Ice) [2]
06/27/2015-Springfield, PA

41.Sons of Brooklyn (Mike Verna and Talon)
06/04/2016-Woodbury Heights, NJ

42.Pan's Corp Agency (A.J. Pan and Damian Adams)
07/23/2016-Woodbury Heights, NJ
Won from Talon and Bobby Shields (subbing for Mike Verna).

43.Extreme Rednecks (Chuck Payne and Kyle Payne) [3]
04/29/2017-Woodbury Heights, NJ

44.Classics (Eric Martin and Tyler Stone)
06/24/2017-Woodbury Heights, NJ

45.The Classics (Eric Martin and Tyler Stone)
06/24/2017-Springfield, PA

46.Mr. Ooh La La and Jay D. Luscious
09/16/2017-Woodbury Heights, NJ

47.One Mean Team (Brian Johnson and Justin Pusser)
09/21/2017-Laurel Springs, NJ

48.Frankie Pickard and Tahir James
04/21/2018- Philadelphia PA

49.One Mean Team [2]
06/16/2018-Atlantic City, NJ

50.The Funky White Boy and Marcus Waters
10/13/2018-New Castle, DE

51.Mr. Ooh La La and Jay D. Luscious [2]
12/07/2019-New Castle, DE

52.Marvelous Ones (Greg Spitz and Teddy Fine)
09/19/2020-Morganville, NJ

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