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Sometime before May 19, 2001--Present

Compiled by Grant Sawyer

1.The Dupps inaugural champions

Title Vacant
The title was vacated due to the Dupps leaving for the WWF.
The two #1 contenders then wrestled to determine new champions.

2.Los Latinos Locos: Kozmo and Super Kozmo
05/19/2001-Burlington, NC

3.The SouthSide Playas (L.A. Cash and J-Money)
11/17/2001-Graham, NC

4.Joe and Damien Storm
03/23/2002-Graham, NC

5.The SouthSide Playas
05/11/2002-Burlington, NC

6.Main Attraction (Scott Powers and Chris Steele)
06/29/2002-Graham, NC

Title Vacant
Main Attraction was stripped of the titles after failing to appear for a mandatory title defense. The top two contenders then wrestled to determine the new champions.

7.Mikael Yamaha and Gemini Kid
12/28/2002-Graham, NC

8.Brad Attitude and Brad Rainz
08/2009/2003-Wentworth, NC

9.Mikael Yamaha and Gemini Kid [2]
12/27/2003-Burlington, NC

10.Brad Attitude and Brad Rainz [2]
01/31/2004-Seagrove, NC

11.Brass Munkey and American Steel Ninja
03/27/2004-Ramseur, NC

12.Rob McBride & Tank Lawson 2006/08/19 Burlington, NC

13.The VIPs (Jesse Ortega and Gemini Kid)
09/08/ 2007-Burlington, NC

14.Xsiris and Kamakazi Kid
03/15/2008-Burlington, NC
Won the title as masked Las Chivas and reveal themselves after the match.

15.Rob McBride and Tank Lawson
08/19/2006-Burlington, NC

16.The VIPs: Jesse Ortega and Gemini Kid
09/08/2007-Burlington, NC

17.Xsiris and Kamakazi Kid
03/15/2008-Burlington, NC
Win the title as masked Las Chivas and reveal themselves after the match.

Title Vacant
Xsiris and Kamakazi Kid stripped on of the titles after Mikael Yamaha substituted for the Kid, who was not medically cleared to wrestle.

18.Xsiris and Mikael Yamaha
08/02/2008-Burlington, NC
Defeated Jesse Ortega and the Gemini Kid in a one-night 4-team tournament final.

19.Syndicate (Evan Banks and Michael McAllister)
02/21/2009-Burlington, NC
Defeated Yamaha in a handicap match.

20.The VIPs [2]
06/06/2009-Oxford, NC
Defeated Syndicate, Arik Royale and Chase Dakota in a 3-way match.

21.Fatback Enterprises (Corey Edsel and Donnie Dollar$)
09/05/2009-Burlington, NC

22.Aftermath (Marcellus King and Jaxon Dane)
03/06/2010-Burlington, NC

23.Fatback Enterprises( Donnie Dollar$ and Nick Richards)
06/19/2010-Burlington, NC
Defeated Aftermath, Destiny Inc. (Ty Dillinger and Ray Kandrack), and Matt Smith and Chase Dakota in a 4-way match.

24.Ty Dillinger and Ray Kandrack
10/30/2010-Burlington, NC

25.Virginia Bombers (Jason Blade and Adam Page)
01/08/2011-Burlington, NC

26.Roy Wilkins and Walter Eaton
08/20/2011-Burlington, NC

27.Bobby Wohlfert and Devin Dalton
10/15/2011-Burlington, NC

28.Roy Wilkins and Walter Eaton [2]
11/19/2011-Burlington, NC

29.Arik Royal and Chiva Kid
02/11/2012-Greensboro, NC

30.All-Stars (Roy Wilkins and Walter Eaton) [3]
12/29/2012-Gibsonville, NC

31.Rick Converse and Xiris
06/15/2013-Gibsonville, NC
Defeated Roy Wilkins and Walter Eaton (c), Ben Tyler and Chet Sterling, and Matt Houston and Louis Moore in a 4-corners match.

32.Kamakazi Kid and Lee Valiant
09/07/2013-Gibsonville, NC

33.Rage and The Machine (Michael McAllister and Mecha Mercenary)
01/11/2014-Gibsonville, NC

33.Killbillies (Evan Banks and Aric Andrews)
05/17/2014-Gibsonville, NC
Team with Arik Royal to defeat Rage and The Machine (c) Corey Edsel in a match where Royal's Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title is also on the line.

34.Jason Miller and Nick Richards
10/042014-Gibsonville, NC

35.Chet Sterling and Trevor Lee
12/27/2014-Gibsonville, NC

36.Arik Royal and Ray Kandrack
12/05/2015-Gibsonville, NC

37.Sandwich Squad (Aaron Biggs and Mecha Mercenary)
06/182016-Gibsonville, NC

38.Dave Dawson and Zane Dawson
05/13/2017-Gibsonville, NC

39.Michael McAllister and Nick Richards
06/09/2018-Gibsonville, NC
Defeat tag team champions Dave Dawson and Zane Dawson in a 4-way match also involving PWI International Heavyweight champion Ric Converse and PWI Ultra J champion Cam Carter and CWF Heavyweight champion Trevor Lee and CWF Television champion Aric Andrews with a stipulation that the wrestler pinned loses his title.

40.Ethan Alexander Sharpe and Cain Justice
07/28/2018-Gibsonville, NC

41.Michael McAllister and Kool Jay
08/25/2018-Gibsonville, NC

42.Pineapple Express (Buddy Flowers and Number Braaah)
09/07/2019-Gibsonville, NC

43.Corruption (Dirty Daddy and Bellamy Koga) [2]
10/19/2019-Gibsonville, NC
12/28/2019-Burlington, NC

44.Aaron Biggs and Mike Mars
Defeat Corruption, Pineapple Express (B.K. Westbrook and Buddy Flowers, and Viva Las Amish (Hezekiah Hoskins and Jebediah Moss in a 4-way match.

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