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December 30, 2007--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver

1.Starr Power (Jimmy Starr and Robert Jamez)
12/30/2007-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
16 Teams fought and tried to become the first ever BCWA Tag Team Champions
Starr Power defeated Super Team and The Southside Firebirds at Cataclysm to become the champions
Tournament Final

2.The Southside Firebirds (Brian Delray and Nick Phoenix)
02/24/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Firebirds defeated Starr Power with Brian Delray pinning Tony Riot.

3.The Heat Runners (The Flatliner Scotty Fraytown and Jason Haggerty)
03/16/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Frontline The Heat Runners defeated Nick Phoenix without his tag team partner Brian Delray

4.The Shadowoods Shotguns (Akujin and Sonic Redd)
03/30/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
No Escape the top 4 Tag Teams in BCWA competed in a one fall fatal fourway match.
Epic was the team pinned.

5.Epic (Ryan Green and Dynamite Evan Craig)
07/20/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Drastic Measures in a fourway tag team match Epic came out on top.

6.Akujin and Insane D
08/03/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Superslam 4 - At Superslam 4 the shotguns were entitled to their rematch, due to an injured Sonic Redd Akujin chose a mystery partner to help win the titles.

7.Epic [2]
08/24/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Summer Stand-Off

8.The Shadowoods Shotguns (Akujin and Sonic Redd)
11/02/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)

9.Enterprise (Major Money and Cashius Reye)
12/28/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)

10.The Parker Brothers (Cyrus and Tristan)
No Escape 2009

11.The First Class Cartel (Judas Coltrain and Ravishing Ron)
07/26/2009-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Drastic Measures

12.The Paper Chasers (Tony Banks and Ken Kash)
10/18/2009-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)

13.No More Sorrow
01/03/2010-Southgate, MI (Modern Exchange)
Ken Kash was injured and unable to compete. Marvelous Tony Banks was pinned in a handycap match
Cataclysm 4

14.Crush N' Steele
08/01/2010-Southgate, MI (Modern Exchange)
Drastic Measures

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