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March 26, 2004--Present

Compiled by Eric Roelfsema

1.XXXPlicit Content
03/26/2004- Waukesha, WI

2.Dysfunction and Carmine Despirito
06/04/2004-Waukesha, WI

3.The All-Stars
09/17/2004-Waukesha, WI

4.Dysfunction and DDS
02/04/2005-Waukesha, WI

5.Supremacy Effect
03/11/2005-Waukesha, WI

6.Soul Shooters
09/17/2005-Waukesha, WI

01/14/2006-Waukesha, WI

8.Frankie "Thumper" DeFalco and "El Vato" Jose Guerrero
01/21/2006-Germantown, WI

9.Lust [2]
01/28/2006-Waukesha, WI

10.Dinn T Moore and Steve Stone
03/31/2006-Waukesha, WI

11.Dysfunction and Mason Quinn
03/31/2006-Waukesha, WI

12.Lust [3]
03/31/2006-Waukesha, WI
Given title by Dysfunction and Quinn.

13.Daryk St.Holmes and Danny Scott
08/11/2006-Waukesha, WI
Defeated Silas Young and Bobby Valentino for title

14.The Soul Shooters (Appollo Starr and Drew Johnson)
04/31/2007- Waukesha, WI
Defeated the Aristocrats (Derek St.Holmes and Quinson Valentino)

15.Dinn T. Moore and Brandon Tatum
07/27/2007-Waukesha, WI

16.Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake
11/09/2007-Waukesha, WI
Defeated Dinn T. Moore and Ryan Cross, subbing for Brandon Tatum.

[Records unclear]

17.TC Washington and Chris Black
07/18/2008-Waukesha, WI * Beat American History Next for title

18.The SkullKrushers (Rasche Brown AND Keith Walker)
10/17/2008-Waukesha, WI
The SkullKrushers also held the following titles concurrently with the BCW Tag Team Title:

19.American History Next (Steve Stone and Hardcore Craig)
02/20/2009-Waukesha, WI

20.Mickey McCoy and Chase McCoy
04/24/2009-Waukesha, WI
Defeated American History Next, the team of Hardcore Craig and Steve Stone, for the Brew City Wrestling Tag Team Titles and the NWA Wisconsin Tag Team Titles.

21.American History Next [2]
05/29/2009-Waukesha, WI
Defeated the McCoys to win BCW title; McCoys remain to be NWA Wisconsin champions.

22.Brandon Blaze and Dave Demone
08/21/2009-West Allis, WI

23.Team Eh! (Brandon Haze and Dave Rydell)
Sometime after 11/20/2009

24.Beer City Bruisers
01/14/2011-W. Allis, WI
Defeated Team Eh! (c) and Uraban Assault Team in a cage match.

25.Urban Horsemen (Xavier Mustafa and T.C. Washington)
03/16/2012-W. Allis, WI
Won a gauntlet match involving Team Eh! (c).

26.Beer City Bruisers [2]
05/11/2012-Oshkosh, WI Defeated Urban Horsemen, Psychotic Rage, 2 Dudes 1 Stache: Peter Schwanz & Rick Johnson, and Dream Police: Don Gotti & Chris Gambino in a 5-way match.

27.Psychotic Rage
02/16/2013-W. Allis, WI

28.Mase Morgan and Joey Avalon
05/24/2013-W. Allis, WI

Title Vacant

29.InkJET Express (Mark Priebe and Joey Avalon)
08/23/2013-W. Allis, WI
Defeated Urban Assault Team (Jared Johnsonville and Mace Morgan) for the vacant title.

30.Urban Assault Team (Jared Johnsonville and Mace Morgan)
09/27/2013-Milwaukee, WI

31.Assault and Battery (Mike Alias and Kenneth Crises)
04/18/2014-W. Allis, WI

32.Beer City Bruisers (Matt Winchester and Nick Colucci) [3]
07/11/2014-Milwaukee, WI

33.Psychotic Rage (Jimmy Blaze and Mitch Blake) [c]
12/12/2014-W. Allis, WI
Defeated Beer City Bruisers (c), Insane Evil (Chase McCoy and Dysfunction), and the Congregation in 4-way match.

34.Insane Evil (Chase McCoy and Dysfunction)
02/13/2015-Milwaukee, WI

35.Perfect 10's (Justin Dredd and Jarrod Jaxx)
11/20/2015-W. Allis, WI

36.Hardcore Impact (Pauly Thomaselli and Hardcore Craig)
04/23/2016-Kenosha, WI

37.War Machine (Raymond Rowe and Hanson)
01/13/2017-W. Allis, WI

Title Vacant (2017)

38.Hardcore Impact [2]
07/21/2017-W. Allis, WI
Defeated N Words (Acid Jaz and Bryce Benjamin) for the vacant title.

39.Axemen (Marc Houston and Clint Poe
06/30/2018-Milwaukee, WI

Title Vacant

40.Maidens of Iron (Melanie Cruise and Stacy Shadows)
02/16/2019-Waukesha, WI
Defeated the Curse (Shawn Priest and Tylor Sullivan)

41.Curse (Shawn Priest and Tylor Sullivan)
06/14/2019-Waukesha, WI

42.Brandon Blaze and Nick Colucci
01/10/2020-Waukesha, WI
Defeated the Curse (Shawn Priest and Tylor Sullivan*, Hardcore Impact (Hardcore Craig and Pauly Thomaselli, and Maidens of Iron (Melanie Cruise and Stacy Shadows in a 4-way match.

43.Killer Instinct (Chucky Bates and Gunner Wixx
07/18/2020-Waukesha, WI

44.Sideshow (Cypher and Nacho Clown)
12/12/2020-Waukesha, WI

45.Curse (Shawn Priest and Tylor Sullivan)
02/13/2021-Waukesha, WI

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