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October 26, 2005--Present

Compiled by The Masked Marvel

1.DDB and The Rage
10/26/2005-Waipahu, HI (FilCom Center)
Won a battle royal by eliminating Society's Rejects (Mark Anarchy and Rocko Shinoda). After The Rage was eliminated, he re-entered the ring and threw both members of Society's Rejects over the top rope after they had eliminated his partner.
AZW Halloween Hangover 2005

2.Society's Rejects (Mark Anarchy and Rocko Shinoda)
12/19/2005-Waipahu, HI (FilCom Center)
AZW BattleClash I

3.The Heatseekers (Cheap Heat and Calor Futuro)
07/24/2006-Waipahu, HI (FilCom Center)

4.Society's Rejects [2]
11/18/2005-Honolulu, HI (Spalding Clubhouse)

5.The Heatseekers [2]
12/21/2006-Waipahu, HI (FilCom Center)
This was an 'Anarchy Rules' match.

6.DDB and AkuA
02/05/2007-Waipahu, HI (FilCom Center)
Defeated Devilshock (Jet Akuma and Bobby 'The Lightning' Bolt), Mark Anarchy and Sabaki, and The Heatseekers in a Four Way Elimination match.
AZW A New Years Bash 2007

7.Devilshock (Jet Akuma and Bobby 'The Lightning' Bolt)
07/12/2007-Waipahu, HI (FilCom Center)
AZW Anniversary Annihilation: Year Two (Night Two)

8.Nijuu Ninkaku and Sabaki
04/21/2008-Waipahu, HI (FilCom Center)
AZW Reckless Abandon 3

9.Necessary Evil (Jet Akuma and NebuLous)
08/23/2008-Kalihi, HI (Tiger Muay Thai Gym)
AZW Battle for Respect 2008

10.Nijuu Ninkaku and Sabaki [2]
09/22/2008-Waipahu, HI (FilCom Center)
AZW Showdown 2008

11.The Polynesian Power Trip (Kaimana and Ativalu)
03/07/2009-Honolulu, HI (Tiger Muay Thai Gym)
AZW Revenge and Retribution 2009

12.Lords of the Pacific (Ahuna and Kapu La'akea)
05/22/2010-Aiea, HI
AZW Revenge and Retribution 2010

13.Kaimana and Ativalu [2]
08/21/2010-Aiea, HI

14.Bobby Bolt and Rocko Shinoda
11/27/2010-Waianae, HI

14.Kaimana and Ativalu [3]
01/29/2011-Aiea, HI

15.Invicible (Kaniala and Kory Oliver)
09/17/2011-Ewa Beach, HI

15.Urban Swag (TKO and Ali Shabazz)
01/30/2012-Waipahu, HI

16.Invincible [2]
05/13/2012-Waipahu, HI

17.Devilshock [2]
11/18/2012-Waipahu, HI

18.Nightmarchers (Ahuna and Makena Cruz)
06/10/2013-Waipahu, HI

19.Invincible (Kaniala and Kory Oliver) [3]
10/14/2013-Waipahu, HI

20.T.K.O. and Romeo Castillo
03/10/2014-Waipahu, HI

21.The Regime (Jafar the Butcher and Al Ahmed)
06/16/2014-Waipahu, HI

22.Rocko Shinoda and The Final Solution
2/21/2014-Waipahu, HI
Won the title from The Regime (Jafar the Butcher and Al Ahmed)

23.Devilshock (Bobby Bolt and Jet Akuma) [3]
04/27/2015-Waipahu, HI

Title Vacant
Bobby Bolt (his partner is Jet Akuma) was unable to compete

24.Kaimana and The Sexy Aleki
05/18/2015-Waipahu, HI
Defeated Invincible (Kaniala and Kory Oliver), Rocko Shinoda and The Final Solution, and The Regime in a 4-way match.

25.Invincible (Kaniala and Kory Oliver) [4]
12/21/2015-Waipahu, HI

26.Bobby Bolt and Serj Slayborne
06/27/2016-Waipahu, HI

27.Rocko Shinoda and Mr. Fitness

28.Invincible [5]
04/17/2017-Waipahu, HI

29.DevilSlay [2]
11/21/2017-Ewa Beach, HI

30.Mark Anarchy and Dark Anarchy
05/21/2018-Waipahu, HI

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