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November 23, 1996--June 30, 1998

Compiled by Samuel Eanes, Brian Westcott and Earl Oliver

1.Michael Modest and Steve Rizzono
11/20/96-Hayward, CA
Modest and Rizzono became the first APW Tag Team Champions by defeating Frank Dalton and Joe Applebaumer in the finals of an 8-team tournament

2.Robert Thompson and Donovan Morgan
01/25/97-Hayward, CA

3.Tony Jones and Jay Smooth

4.Vic Grimes and Dic Grimes
09/19/97-Hayward, CA

Vic is suspended.

5.Robert Thompson and Chris Cole 11/22/97-Hayward, CA
Defeat Michael Modest and Donovan Morgan in tournament final.

6.Tony Jones and Steve Rizzono
12/06/97-Hayward, CA

Rizzono is fired from APW

7.Michael Modest and Tony Jones
02/21/98-Hayward, CA
Defeat Frank Murdoch and Jay Smooth

8.Frank Murdoch and Boom-Boom Commini
05/15/98-Pinole, CA

Commini is unable to defend the titles.

9.Frank Murdoch and Vic Murdoch
05/30/98-Pacifica, CA
Defeat Tony Jones and Ed Moretti.

Title declared vacant
Murdoch and Vic Murdoch failed to defend them within the two month title defense period due to Vic Murdoch´┐Żs (a.k.a. "Vicious" Vic Grimes) obligations to the WWF.
The current status of the tag team championship remains in limbo

10.Westside Playaz 2000 (Boyce LeGrand and Robert Thompson)
05/06/2000-Pacifica, Ca.

Titles Vacant
Westside Playaz left the promotion

11.Original Westside Playaz ("Brown Bomber" Robert Thompson and "Shooter" Tony Jones)
04/14/2001-Vallejo, CA
Defeated the Ballard Brothers to win the vacant titles
managed by Jimmy Ripp
Only in California card

12.Boyce LeGrande and Mark Smith
06/09/2001-Vallejo, CA

13.The Ballard Brothers
07/28/2001-Vallejo, CA

14.Robert Thompson and Tony Jones
09/29/2001-Vallejo, CA
Defeated The Ballard Brothers and Samoa Joe and Keiji Sakoda in a Three Way match.

09/29/2001-Vallejo, CA
Thompson and Jones break up after winning the title.

15.The Ballard Brothers [2]
05/18/2002-King City, CA
Defeated Samoa Joe and Robert Thompson in a tournament final to win vacant title.


16.Billy Blade and Kaden
12/04/2004-Hayward, CA
Defeats Dana Lee and Lil Cholo to win vacant title.

17.Vennis DeMarco and Chris Colioni
08/20/2005-Hayward, CA
Defeated Billy Blade and Peyton, Kyu Katsuki and The Great Tenshi, and Tiffany and Melissa in a Four Way Elimination match.
APW Gym Wars

18.Kyu Ketsuki and Kid Omega
10/22/2005-Bakersfield, CA

19.The Mafia [2]
12/03/2005-Hayward, CA
Defeated the All Pro Rangers (Kid Omega and Kyu Ketsuki) and Team Australia to win the titles.

20.Derek Sanders and Payton
01/28/2006-Hayward, CA
Sanders teamed with Kyu Ketsuki and Kid Omega to defeat Vennia DeMarco, Chris Colioni, and Kafu in a six man tag team match with the main who gained the pinfall gaining control of the titles. Sanders got the pinfall and gave the second title to Payton (a female manager).

Title Vacant
Handed over the titles to Gabriel Ramirez (APW GM).

21.Nathan Rulez and AJ Kirsch
02/11/2006-Hayward, CA
Won a tag team battle royal to win the vacant titles by last eliminating Kid Omega and Kyu Ketsuki.

22.Dana Lee and Tito Aquino
06/02/2007-Hayward, CA
Defeated Rulez and Kirsch in a 2 out of 3 falls match to win the titles.

23.Gangrel and Billy Blade
08/11/2007-Hayward, CA
Defeated Lee and Aquino in a 2 out of 3 falls match to win the titles.

24.Derek Sanders and Nathan Rulez
01/052/2008-Hayward, CA

Title Inactive

25.Dos Perfectos (Diego Hernandez and Jesse Jimenez)
12/14/2011-Atascadero, CA
Defeated the Pinoy Boyz (Aaron Solo and Kimo Kanaloa) to become the first Vendetta Pro Wrestling champions
Recognized as APW/VPW "Unified" Tag Team champions

26.SU/KA (Sunami and Kadin Anthony)
05/11/2012-Hayward, CA

27.Suburban Commandos (D-Unit and T-Rent)
01/05/2013-Hayward, CA
Defeated SU/KA (c) and Shane Ballard and Shannon Bllard in 3-way match.

28.Pink Mink Inc. (Matt Carlos and Rik Luxury)
04/13/2013-Hayward, CA

29.Boyce LeGrande and Mustafa Saed
10/26/2013-Hayward, CA

30.Classic Connection (Buddy Royal and Levi Shapiro)
03/15/2014- Daly City, CA

31.Idris Jackson and Sione Finau
12/19/2014-Daly City, CA
Defeated the Classic Connection (c), Jeckles, The Jester and Jinxx, and Julio Pedroza and Vinny Massaro.

32,Classic Connection (Buddy Royal and Levi Shapiro) [2]
03/13/2015-Daly City, CA
Won the title from Idris Jackson and Sione Finau.

33.Reno SCUM (Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend)
12/18/2015-Daly City, CA

34.Marcus Lewis and Will Hobbs
11/11/2016-Pacifica, CA

35.Classic Connection (Buddy Royal and Levi Shapiro) [3]
03/25/2017-Daly City, GA

36.Lion Power: Marcus Lewis and Will Hobbs [2]
05/06/2017-San Francisco, CA
Defeated Classic Connection (Buddy Royal and Levi Shapiro* and Brian Zane) in

37.handicap match.

38.Black Armada (Papo Esco and Synn)
07/07/2017-Daly City, CA

39.Lion Power [3]
11/10/2017-San Francisco, CA
Defeat Black Armada, Classic Connection (Buddy Royal and Levi Shapiro), and Bad Boys Personified (Boyce LeGrande and Rik Luxury) in 4-way match.

40.Reno SCUM: Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend [2]
03/17/2018-Daly City, CA

41.Reno Over Everything (Karl Fredericks and Styker)
05/25/2018-Concord, CA

42.Reno SCUM [3]
07/06/2018-Daly City, CA

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