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Date Unknown--Present

Compiled by Eric Roelfsema

1.Adam Evans and Mason Quinn
04/18/2003-Green Bay, WI
Defeated Adrian Lynch and Kujo for title

2.Southern Mississippi Militia

3.Rob Norwood and Shane Hills
10/24/2003-Green Bay, WI
Defeated Col. Tom and Dinn T. Moore, subbing for Southern Mississippi Militia

4.Ken Anderson and Adrian Serrano
12/13/2003-Green Bay, WI

5.Shimdog and Joey E
06/26/2004-Shawano, WI
Defeated Adrian Serrano and Kamikaze Ken Anderson after Matt Byron mistakenly hit Kamikaze Ken with a chair.

Title Vacant
Joey E. and Shimdog stripped of titles

6.Cash Money Bad Boys
Won vacant title in tournament final.

7.J-Cash and Ruff Ryder Rashaan
Won title in 2 ring battle royal

8.Lonewolf and Jack Berzerker
Defeated J-eCash and Ruff Rayder, and Rashaan and Spanish Stew for title.

9.Steve Stone and Red Lightning

10.Don Gotti and Christopher Gambino
07/14/2007-DePere, WI
Defeated Adrian Lynch and Jerry Stylz for vacant title

11.Chase McCoy and Mickey McCoy
10/20/2007-DePere, WI

12.Dream Police (Don Gotti and Chris Gambino) [2]
05/03/2008-DePere, WI
Defeated Chase and Mickey McCoy in a TLC Match

13.The Urban Assault Team
01/24/2009-DePere, WI
Defeated the Dream Police and Jerry Styles and Justin Dredd

14.Hood Money
04/11/2009-DePere, WI

15.Chase and Mickey McCoy
05/09/2009-DePere, WI
Wins title in 6-man match with Tejas as partner
Defeated Thomas Walton III and J-Cash with Nick Colucci as partner for the title.

16.Mason Quinn and Dysfunction
07/26/2009-Denmark, WI

17.B.G. James and Dysfunction
01/30/2010-Green Bay, WI

18.Dysfunction and Mason Quinn [2]
05/01/2010-Pulaski, WI
Faced each other in a singles match that ended as a double pinfall and recognized as a champion team.

19.Matt Winchester and Nick Colucci
07/17/2010-Wausaukee, WI
Defeated Dysfunction and Quinn and All-Canada Show (Brandon Haze and Trevor Gibson) in a 3-way match

Title Vacant

20.InkJET Express
10/15/2011-Green Bay, WI
Defeat Dream Police (Chris Gambino and Don Gotti) in tournament final.

21.Dream Police (Chris Gambino and Don Gotti)

22.Mirror Image (Bronson Bay and Ryan Summers)
04/07?/2012?-Green Bay, WI?

23.InkJET Express [2]
06/15/2012-Crandon, WI
Defeated Bay and Brock Hardy (subbing for the injured Summers).

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