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1981--November 1986

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Earl Oliver

3.Tully Blanchard and Gino Hernandez

3.Wahoo McDaniel and Terry Funk


3.Tully Blanchard and Gino Hernandez [2]

4.Ricky Morton and Ken Lucas

5.Dynamic Duo (Tully Blanchard and Gino Hernandez) [3]

6.Ricky Morton and Ken Lucas [2]

7.Dynamic Duo [4]

8.Dick Slater and Bob Sweetan
10/82-Odessa, TX
Defeated Blanchard and a substitute when Hernandez no-shows but stripped for pinning the substitute to win the belts.

9.Ricky Morton and Ken Lucas [3]
12/82-Corpus Christi, TX
Defeated The Grapplers in tournament final.

10.The Grapplers
01/16/82-San Antonio, TX

11.Dynamic Duo [5]
03/21/82-San Antonio, TX
Vacated on the same day when Blanchard attacked Hernandez with title belt immediately after his victory

12.The Grapplers [2]
04/83-San Antonio, TX

13.Sheepherders (Luke Williams and Jonathan Boyd)
05/83-San Antonio, TX

14.Luke Williams and Bobby Jaggers
Boyed broke his leg in an auto accident
Vacated on July 4, 1983 when Luke Williams attacked Jeggers after losing a non-title match to Bob Sweetan and Sweet Brown Sugar in San Antonio, TX.

15.Bobby Jaggers and Buddy Moreno
08/29/83-San Antonio, TX
Defeated Bob Sweetan and Ken Timbs in 4-team tournament final.

16.Fabulous Blonds (Eric Embry and Ken Timbs)
09/26/83-San Antonio, TX
Defeated Moreno and Scott Casey after Luke Williams reportedly breaks Jagger's arm on
title held up after a match against Rock 'n' Roll Express.

17.Fabulous Blonds [2]
Defeated Rock 'n' Roll Express in rematch.

18.Al Perez and Manny Fernandez

19.Fabulous Blonds [3]
Awarded when Perez and Fernandez did not defend the title

20.Fabulous Blonds (Eric Embry and Dan Greer)
Timbs left the promotion.

21.Brett Sawyer and Chicky Starr
09/09/84-San Antonio, TX

22.Fabulous Blonds [2]
10/18/84-San Antonio, TX

23.Jerry Oske and Rick Caset (Wendell Cooley)
12/17/84-San Antonio, TX

24.Maoris (Tudui and Wakahi)
01/20/84-San Antonio, TX

Renamed Texas All-Star Texas Tag Team Title in May, 1985

25.American Force (Paul Diamond and Nick Kiniski)
05/25/85-San Antonio, TX

26.Al Madril and Chavo Guerrero
07/05/85-San Antonio, TX
Vacated in July 1985 when Madril and Guerrero split after Guerrero pulled out of a scheduled defense against American Force with Gory Guerrero the guest referee
Madril and (substitute team mate) Black Gordman lost the match and then attacked Gory
Chavo Defeated Madril to take possession of both belts but chose to give them away rather then select a new partner

27.American Force (Paul Diamond and Shawn Michaels)
09/01/85-San Antonio, TX
Chavo Guerrero gave them the belts

28.Masked Hoods (Ricky Santana and Tony Torres)
09/29/85-San Antonio, TX

29.American Force [2]
11/17/85-San Antonio, TX

30.Al Madril and Magnificent Zulu

31.Al Madril and Mike Golden
Zulu is fired

Renamed U.S.A. Tag Team Title in 1986.

32.Dream Team (King Parsons and Tiger Conway Jr.)
05/23/86-Pasadena, TX

33.Mike Golden and Dizzy Golden
08/10/86-Pasadena, TX

34.Dream Team [2]
09/30/86-Houston, TX

35.Mike Golden and Dizzy Golden [2]
Awarded after Parsons left the promotion

Promotion closed in November 1986


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