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November 12, 1999--Present

Compiled by Hisaharu Tanabe

1.Jake Logan
06/11/2011-Amarillo, TX
Defeated Shawn Sanders for PWF Title

Renamed NWA Amarillo Title on 06/20/11

2.Shawn Sanders
10/01/2011-Amarillo, TX
Defeated Logan and Josh Jackson in a 3-way match.

3.Jake Logan [2]
11/26/2011-Amarillo, TX

Renamed NWA Top of Texas Title in 01/12

4.Nathan Briggs
03/31/2012-Amarillo, TX

5.Kyle Hawk
04/14/2012-Amarillo, TX

Title Vacant

6.Jake Logan [3]
04/21/2012-Highland Park, TX
Defeated Nathan Briggs.

7.Benny Benitez
05/19/2012-Amarillo, TX

8.Biohaxxard (Jeremiah St. James)
06/09/2012-Amarillo, TX

9.Ryan Justice
08/18/2012-Amarillo, TX
Jake Logan defeated Justice on 10/27/12 in Amarillo, TX but the title is returned to Justice on 11/03/12 because Logan has been on the injured reserve which prohibits him to compete.

10.Jake Logan [4]
12/08/2012-Amarillo, TX

11.Nolen Phillips
02/02/2013-Amarillo, TX

12.Bubba Gene Husky
04/13/2013-Amarillo, TX
Defeated Phillips and JoJo Benitez in 3-way match; vacant on 05/02/2013 due to injury.

13.Nolen Phillips [2]
05/04/2013-Amarillo, TX Defeats Pierce Price and Chris Wolfe in 3-way match.

14.Nathan Briggs [2]
06/15/2013-Amarillo, TX

15.Mark E. Mark
07/20/2013-Amarillo, TX

16.VJoo Benitez
09/14/2013-Amarillo, TX
Defeated Mark and Nathan Briggs in 3-way match

Title Vacant
Stripped for no-show.

17.Shane Garrett
03/15/2014-Amarillo, TX
Defeated Josh Jackson.

18.The Cancun Kid
06/21/2014-Amarillo, TX

19.The Josh Jackson
10/04/2014-Amarillo, TX

20.Chad Thomas
01/10/2015-Amarillo, TX

21.Jake Logan [5]
02/28/2015-Amarillo, TX

22.Shane Garrett [2]
03/07/2015-Amarillo, TX
Defeated Chad Thomas in tournament final
Jake Logan won an earlier round but was attacked by Jay Hazzard and Chad Thomas and hospitalized.

23.Nathan Briggs [3]
04/05/2015-Amarillo, TX

24.Shane Garrett [3]
05/09/2015-Amarillo, TX

Title Vacant
Shane Garrett stripped of title

25.Nathan Briggs [4]
06/27/2015-Amarillo, TX
Defeated Shane Garrett for the vacant title.

26.Shane Garrett [4]
07/25/2015-Amarillo, TX

27.Jason Erra
08/29/2015-Amarillo, TX

28.Jake Logan [6]
12/19/2015-Amarillo, TX

29.Rex Logan
02/06/2016-Amarillo, TX

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