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November 12, 1999--Present

Compiled by Eric Roelfsema

1.Zane Morris
11/12/99-N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeated Jeremy Jett in tourney final to crown the first Champion

2.Jeremy Jett
03/10/2000-North Richland Hills, TX

3.Zane Morris [2]
03/31/2000-North Richland Hills, TX

06/02/2000-North Richland Hills, TX

5.Cowtown Kid (Kevin Duncan)
09/01/2000-North Richland Hills, TX

Title Vacant
"Cowtown Kid" Kevin Duncan was stripped of the title on October 24 for refusing a mandatory title defense scheduled for October 27

6.Mike Thunder
11/03/2000-North Richland Hills, TX
Defeated Joey Corman, Chris Chronic, Samir and Zane Morris in a 5-way match.

7.Joey Corman
02/23/2001-N. Richland Hills, TX

8.Mike Thunder [2]
03/23/2001-N. Richland Hills, TX

Mike Thunder vacates the title after winning the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title on 05/04/2001 in N. Richland Hills, TX

9.Dash Riproc
05/11/2001-North Richland Hills, TX
Defeats Samir in a one-night 6-man tournament final to win vacant title.

10.Samir [2]
05/25/2001-North Richland Hills, TX

11.B.J. "MiniStuff" Turner
08/03/2001-North Richland Hills, TX

12.Joey Corman [2]
10/26/01-North Richland Hills, TX

Joey Corman stripped of title.

13.B. J. Turner [2]
1/19/2002-Beaumont, Texas
Won the title in a one night tournament on an ETW (Extreme Texas Wrestling) card
ETW is an affiliate of NWA Southwest.

14.J.P. Black
03/22/2002-North Richland Hills, TX (Texas Indoor Arena)
Defeats Chaz Taylor to win vacant title.
4th Annual NWA Southwest Parade of Champions card

Title vacant

07/19/2002-North Richland Hills, TX
Defeated Justin 2 Fine and Chuck Murphy in a Three Way match.

16.Kevin Duncan [2]
09/07/2002-North Richland Hills, TX

Title Vacant
Duncan retired from wrestling

17.Cyclone [2]]

18.Live Wire
05/01/2004 - Joshua, TX

19.JT LaMotta
10/29/2004-Dallas, TX (Royal Mall)
Halloween SlammaJamma card

20.Robert Evans
03/13/2005-Arlington, TX
Defeated LaMotta, Jiggalo James, and Stephen Murphy in a 4-way match.

21.Joey Corman [3]
04/28/2005-Gladewater, TX

22.J.T. LaMotta [2]
(Or 04/28 or 05/18)

23.David Stahr
02/09/2007- Cypress, TX

24.Golden Prince
09/14/2007-Cypress, TX

25.Cody Jones
10/13/2007-Irving, TX

26.Cyclone [3]
12/01/2007-Amarillo, TX

Title Vacant
Stripped on due to injury.

27.David Stahr [2]
06/13/2008-Houston, TX
Defeated Golden Prince.

Title Vacant
07/11/2008-Cypress, TX
David Stahr vacated title and quit NWA Southwest affiliate WOW

28.Galen Ramirez
07/11/2008-Cypress, TX.
Defeated the Golden Prince to win the vacant NWA Texas Jr. Heavyweight Title

29.Cyclone [4]
08/08/2008-Cypress, TX

30.Cody Jones
10/25/2008-Amarillo, Texas

31.Galan Ramirez [2]
01/06/2009-Cypress, TX

32.Cody Jones [3]
03/21/2009-Livingston, TX

33.Gabe the Babe
05/16/2009-Amarillo, TX

34.Jasper Davis
08/01/2009-Whitesboro, TX
Defeated Gabe the Babe [c], ACH and MRK for title.

09/04/2009-Houston, TX

36.Rudy Russo
12/03/2009-Corpus Christi, TX

37.Gabe the Babe [2]
05/01/2010-Whitesboro, TX

38.Kevin Douglas
08/14/2010-Gainesville, TX (Gainesville High School)
Defeated Gabe the Babe, Andromeda, and Andy Dalton in a Four Way match.
NWA Southwest Parade of Champions

39.Jasper Davis [2]
10/02/2010-Altus, OK

40.Cody Jones [4]
01/07/2011-Robstown, TX (RMB Fairgrounds)

41.Chris Wolfe
06/22/2013-Amarillo, TX
Defeated Cody Jones, Hudson Crowley, and JoJo Benitez in 4-way match for the vacant title.

42.Hudson Crowley
06/21/2014-Amarillo, TX

43.Ryan Justice
10/11/2014/- Amarillo, TX

44.Nolen Phillips
11/08/2014-Amarillo, TX

45.Ryan Justice [2]
12/13/2014-Amarillo, TX

46.Nolen Phillips [2]
01/17/2014-Amarillo, TX

47.Russian Assassin
02/28/2015-Amarillo, TX
Won a scramble match in which Nolen Phillips (c) also particiated

48.Nolen Phillips [3]
03/07/2015-Amarillo, TX

49.Title Vacant
Nolen Phillips was stripped of the title - title retired on the same day

Title name changed to Junior Heavyweight Title

50.Greg Walker
03/11/2017-Amarillo, TX
Defeated Ken Carter for the vacant title

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