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January 01, 1991--Present

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka, Earl Oliver, Andrew Zadarnowski, Jason Fitzgerald, John Solo and Joe Dean

1."The Nature Boy" Ric Flair {Richard Morgan Fliehr}
01/11/91-East Rutherford, New Jersey, United States (The Meadowlands)
Member of The Four Horsemen
Ric Flair won theNational Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Heavyweight Title from Sting {Steven Borden} on 01/11/91.
With the NWA no longer operating as an organization, the U.S. branch was exclusively referred to as WCW from 01/01/91 on.
Flair is recognized as the first WCW World Champion.
Flair was stripped of the title on 07/01/91 when he was fired by WCW after signing a contract with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

2."The Total Package" Lex Luger {Lawrence Pfohl}
07/14/91-Baltimore, Maryland, United States (Baltimore Arena) - Great American Bash
managed by Harley Race; escorted by bodyguard Mr. Hughes {Curtis Hughes}
Lex Luger defeated Barry Windham in a steel cage to fill the vacant title.

02/29/92-Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States (Mecca Arena) - Superbrawl II
Nick Patrick was the referee for this match

4.Big Van Vader {Leon White}
07/12/92-Albany, Georgia, United States (Albany Civic Center) - The Great American Bash

5."The All American" Ron Simmons
08/02/92-Baltimore, Maryland, United States (Baltimore Arena)
Big Van Vader was scheduled to defend the title against Sting but Sting was injured by Jake Roberts {Aurillean Smith Jr.} earlier in the evening and was unable to make the match. WCW Commissioner, Bill Watts, ordered that Vader defend against someone and placed the names of the top ten contenders for in a hat. Ron Simmons name was drawn and he was awarded the title shot against Vader.

6.Big Van Vader (2)
12/30/92-Baltimore, Maryland, United States (Baltimore Arena)
Managed by Harley Race (2)

7.Sting (2)
03/11/93-London, ENGLAND

8.Big Van Vader/Vader (3)
03/17/93-Dublin, IRELAND (The Point Depot)
Managed by Harley Race (3)

9."The Nature Boy" Ric Flair (2)
12/27/93-Charlotte, North Carolina, United States (Independence Arena)-Starrcade
In the match in which Flair defeated Vader for the title, Flair had vowed that if he didn't win the title he would retire.

Title Held Up
The title was held-up on 04/23/94 after a match with Ricky Steamboat ended in a double pin.

10."The Nature Boy" Ric Flair (3)
04/24/94-Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Flair defeated Steamboat in the rematch on 04/24/94 to win the title back. Flair defeated Sting on 06/23/94 in Charleston, South Carolina to unify the WCW "International" World Heavyweight Title with the WCW World Heavyweight Title.
Managed by Sensous Sherri {Sherry Russell}

11.Hulk Hogan {Terrence Gene Bollea}
07/17/94-Orlando, Florida, United States (Orlando Arena)-Bash at The Beach
managed by "The Mouth of The South" Jimmy Hart

12.The Giant {Paul Wight}
10/29/95-Detroit, Michigan, United States (Joe Louis Arena)-Halloween Havoc
Member of The Dungeon of Doom
Managed by "The Mouth of The South" Jimmy Hart (2) & "The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan
The Giant won via disqualification
Jimmy Hart, Hogan's manager, signed the contract so that the title could change hands via disqualification
The Giant was stripped of the title on 11/06/95 when WCW claimed the decision was dubious.

13."The Macho Man" Randy Savage {Randy Poffo}
11/26/95-Norfolk, Virginia, United States (Scope Arena)-World War 3
Randy Savage won a sixty man, three ring battle royal, eliminating The One Man Gang {George Gray}
Hogan was not thrown over the top rope but referee Randy Anderson, believing Hogan was in fact eliminated, awarded the match to Savage after Gang was eliminated.

14."The Nature Boy" Ric Flair (4)
12/27/95-Nashville, Tennessee, United States (Nashville Municipal Auditorium)-Starrcade
Member of The Four Horsemen (2)
Flair had defeated Sting and Luger in a Triangle Match earlier in the evening to earn the subsequent title shot against Savage.

15."The Macho Man" Randy Savage (2)
01/22/96-Las Vegas, Nevada, United States-Monday Nitro
Managed by Miss Elizabeth {Elizabeth Hewlett}

16."The Nature Boy" Ric Flair (5)
02/11/96-St. Petersberg, Florida, United States (The Bayfront Center)-Superbrawl VI
Member of The Four Horsemen (3)
Managed by Miss Elizabeth (2) & Woman {Nancy Sullivan}
Flair defeated Savage in a steel cage match for the title.

17.The Giant (2)
Albany, Georgia, United States-Monday Nitro
Member of The Dungeon of Doom (2)
Managed by "The Mouth of The South" Jimmy Hart (3)
This title change was not aired on television until 04/29/96.

18."Hollywood" Hulk Hogan (2)
08/10/96-Sturgis, South Dakota, United States-Hog Wild
Member of The New World Order
Managed by Miss Elizabeth (3), Ted Dibiase {Theodore Marvin Dibiase}, & Eric Bischoff
Randy Anderson was the referee for this match.

19."The Total Package" Lex Luger (2)
08/04/97-Auburn-Hills, Michigan, United States (Monday Nitro)
Luger won the title via submission.
The referee was Scott Dickinson

20."Hollywood" Hulk Hogan (3)
08/09/97-Sturgis, South Dakota, United States (Road Wild)
Member of The New World Order (2)
managed by Eric Bischoff (2)
Randy Anderson was the referee for this match.

21.Sting (3)
12/28/97-Washington D.C., United States - Starrcade '97
Bret Hart interfered with the time keeper and wouldn't allow the bell to sound. He then restarted the match after referee Nick Patrick had declared Hogan the winner by pin fall. Sting was declared the winner by Hart by submission to the Scorpion Deathlock.

The Title was later held up because of the controversey over Bret Hart's actions.

22.Sting (4)
02/22/98-San Francisco, CA, United States (Cow Palace)- SuperBrawl '98
Nick Patrick ran in to replace Referee Charles Robinson when the latter was knocked out. Randy Savage interfered while Sting was fighting off the nWo and knocked Hogan out.

23."Macho Man" Randy Savage (3)
04/19/98-Denver, Colorado, United States (Denver Coliseum) - Spring Stampede '98
Kevin Nash PowerBombed Sting and then dragged an unconsious Savage over for the cover.

24.Hollywood Hulk Hogan (4)
04/20/98-Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States (the World Arena) - Monday Nitro
Kevin Nash PowerBombed Hogan and then dragged an unconscience Savage over for the cover but then Bret Hart ran in and clobbered Nash with the Title belt. He pulled Hogan onto Savage to give him the pinfall.

25. Goldberg (Bill Goldberg)
07/06/98-Atlanta, Georgia, United States (Georgia Dome) - Monday Nitro
Goldberg defeats Scott Hall in a US Title match as a prerequisite to facing Hogan for the World Title then goes on to defeat Hogan.

26.Kevin Nash
12/27/98-Washingtom D.C. (Starrcade '98)
member of the Wolf Pack
Scott Hall used a cattle prod on Goldberg to disable him so that an unwitting Nash could pin him.
This ended Goldberg's winning streak at 174-0.

27.Hollywood Hogan (5)
01/04/99-Atlanta, Georgia, USA (Georgia Dome) - Monday Nitro
Leader nWo
Hogan came out of "retirement" to face Nash after Goldberg was arrested on a trumped up charge by Elizabeth
Kevin Nash laid down for the pin then rejoined nWo Hollywood along with Scott Hall and Lex Luger

28."The Nature Boy" Ric Flair (6)
03/14/99-Louisville, KY. (Freedom Hall) - Uncensored PPV
28. 0:14:19
Member of The Four Horsemen
Flair defeated Hogan in a steel cage, first blood match for the title.
Also won control of WCW for life

29.Diamond Dallas Page (Paige Falkenberg)
04/11/99-Tacoma, WA (Tacoma Dome) - Spring Stampede PPV
Page won a Four Corners match against Sting, Hollywood Hogan and Ric Flair by pinning Flair

30.Sting (5)
04/26/99-Fargo, ND (Fargo Dome - Monday Nitro)

31.Diamond Dallas Page (2)
04/26/99-Fargo, ND (Fargo Dome - Monday Nitro)
0:07:46 + start of match which occured during break
That same night, Sting accepted a Four Way Dance match for the Title involving himself, DDP, Kevin Nash and Goldberg and lost the Title back to DDP, who pinned Nash (using a weapon supplied by Randy Savage)

32.Kevin Nash (2)
05/09/99-St. Louis, MO (TWA Dome) - Slamboree PPV
Randy Savage tried to help Page by getting him disqualified but Eric Bischoff ordered the match restarted. Nash won with a jack knife.

33.Randy Savage (4)
07/11/99-Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (National Car Rental Center)-Bash at the Beach
Savage pinned Nash in a Tag Team match wherein any of the other three wrestlers could win the World Title by pinning Nash.
Gorgeous George pretended to side with Nash and then delivered a low blow to give Savage his opening

34.Hollywood Hogan (6)
07/12/99-Jacksonville, Florida (Jacksonville Colosseum)-Monday Nitro
Randy Savage challenged "anybody except" Kevin Nash to face him for the Title and Hogan answered the challenge

35.Sting (6)
09/12/99-Winston-Salem, NC
Fall Brawl PPV
Lex Luger brings a bat to the ring and Sting uses it to beat Hogan down then pin him
Goldberg is declared the Champion on October 24, 1999 in Las Vegas, NV (MGM Grand Hotel) after a match at the Halloween Havoc PPV.

Title Vacant
10/25/99-Phoenix, AZ
Sting is stripped of the title for attacking Charles Robinson after the match at Hallween Havoc
Goldberg is declared tonot be the Champ because the match was not sanctioned by WCW

36.Bret "Hitman" Hart
11/21/99-Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Mayhem PPV)
Defeats Chris Benoit in the Finals of a Tourmament to fill the vacant title

37.Title Vacant
12/20/99-Baltimore, MD
Bret Hart vacates the title in disgust over his challenger being screwed by "The Powers That Be" during Starrcade '99 the night before.

38.Bret Hart [2]
12/20/99-Baltimore, MD (Monday Nitro)
Member of the nWo
The Outsiders entered the ring and beat on Goldberg with baseball bats while the referee was out cold.
Ironically, it was Roddy Piper who actually covered Goldberg during the count.

Title Vacant
Bret Hart unable to compete because of a concussion
Sid Vicious and Chris Benoit to wrestle for the title at the Souled Out PPV the next night

39.Chris Benoit
01/16/2000-Cincinnati, Ohio (Souled Out PPV)
Defeats Sid Vicious for the vacant title.

Title Vacant
Referee Arn Anderson declares that Sid's foot was under the rope when he tapped out

40.Kevin Nash (3)
01/25/2000-Las Vegas, NV
Sid Vicious was declared the Champion after a match on 01/24/2000 in Los Angeles, CA (Staples Center)on Monday Nitro, but on Tuesday, during a Thunder taping, Commissioner Nash declared that, because Sid pinned the wrong Harris Twin in his "Roadblock" match, he was disqualified from competing for the World Title, thus making Nash the Champion by default.

41.Sid Vicious (Sidney Eudy)
01/25/2000-Las Vegas, NV
Sid defeated Kevin Nash and Don Harris in a Three-Way-Dance Caged Heat match that same night

04/11/2000-Denver, CO (Monday Nitro)
All WCW Titles were forfeited to the new creative team of Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff

42.Jeff Jarrett
04/16/2000-Chicago, IL (WCW Spring Stampede)
Defeated Diamond Dallas Page in the finals of a tournament to fill the vacant title

43.Diamond Dallas Page [3]
04/24/2000-Rochester, NY (Monday Nitro)
Page defeated Jeff Jarrett in a cage match
Chris Kanyon ran inteference on Mike Awesome allowing Page to get the pin

44.David Arquette
04/25/2000-Syracuse, NY
Thunder (04/26 program)
Teamed with Diamond Dallas Page in a tag team match where the team member who got the pin would be crowned as the new Champion. Arquette pinned Eric Bischoff, who was teamed with Jeff Jarrett

45.Jeff Jarrett [2]
05/07/2000-Kansas City, MO (Kemper Arena)
Slamboree PPV
Defeats David Arquette and Diamond Dallas Page in a Triple Cage match when Arquette turns on Page and helps Jarrett

46.Ric Flair [7]
05/15/2000-Biloxi, Mississippi (Monday Nitro)

Title Vacant
Stripped by Vince Russo on May 22, 2000

47.Jeff Jarrett [3]
05/22/2000-Grand Rapids, MI
Defeated Kevin Nash
Vince Russo was the special referee
Nash was hit on the head with Jarrett's guitar after being "bloodbathed"

48.Kevin Nash [4]
05/23/2000-Saginaw, MI (Thunder - 5/24 program)
Defeated Jarrett and Scott Steiner in a triple threat match
Nash powerbombed Jarrett to get the pin

49.Ric Flair [8]-05/29/2000-Salt Lake City, UT (Monday Nitro
Belt returned to Flair by Nash.

50.Jeff Jarrett [4]
05/29/2000-Salt Lake City, UT (Monday Nitro)
David Flair was the special referee and interefered to give Jarrett the win
Vince Russo commandeered Charles Robinson's referee's shirt to make the three count

51.Hollywood Hulk Hogan (7)
07/09/2000-Daytona Beach, FL (Bash at the Beach PPV)
Jeff Jarrett laid down for Hogan at the order of Vince Russo
Russo immediately retired the World Title belt held by Hogan and declared another World Title match for the "real" WCW World Title would take place between Jeff Jarrett and Booker T

52.Booker T.
07/09/2000-Daytona Beach, FL (Bash at the Beach PPV)

53.Kevin Nash [5]
08/28/2000-Las Cruces, NM

54.Booker T [2]
09/17/2000-Buffalo, New York (Fall Brawl PPV)
Defeated Kevin Nash with a clean pin in a cage match

55. Vince Russo
09/25/2000-Uniondale, Long Island, New York (Monday Nitro)
Russo managed to leave the cage during a cage match to win the title from Booker T.

Title Vacant
10/02/2000-San Francisco, CA (Cow Palace)
Russo relinquishes the title during a statement on Nitro

56.Booker T [3]
10/02/2000-San Francisco, CA (Cow Palace)
Defeated Jeff Jarrett for the vacated title

57.Scott Steiner (Scott Rechsteiner)
11/26/2000-Milwaukee, WS (US Celular Arena)
Mayhem PPV card

58.Booker T [4]
03/26/2001-Panama Beach, FL (Sping Breakout on Nitro)
This was the final Nitro program on TNT
WWFE now owns WCW.
Booker T held the following titles in conjunction with the WCW World Heavyweight Title

59.Kurt Angle
07/24/2001-Pittsburgh, PA (Mellon Arena)
WWF Smackdown TV Taping

60.Booker T [5]
07/30/2001-Philadelphia, PA (First Union Center)
Monday Night RAW
Steve Austin delivers a Stunner on Kurt Angle to give Booker the win in this no disqualification match

61.The Rock (Duane Johnson)
08/19/2001-San Jose, CA (The Pond)
WWF SummerSlam PPV

62.Chris Jericho
10/21/2001-St. Louis, Missouri (Savvis Center)
No Mercy PPV
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley threw the chair that won the match for Jericho into the ring. She meant to help the Rock but it backfired on her.
Chris Jercho also held the following titles in conjunction with the WCW World Heavyweight Title

63.The Rock [2]
11/05/2001-Uniondale, Long Island, New York (Nassau Coliseum)

According to the storyline, World Championship Wrestling was forced out of business when the WCW Team lost a Winner-Take-All Elimination match to the WWF team at Survivor series in Greensboro, NC (Greensboro Coliseum) on 11/18/2001

Title renamed "The World Heavyweight Title" by the WWF
11/19/2001-Charlotte, NC (Charlotte Coliseum)
According to the storyline, World Championship Wrestling was forced out of business when the WCW Team lost a Winner-Take-All Elimination match to the WWF team at Survivor series in Greensboro, NC (Greensboro Coliseum) on 11/18/2001 The WCW World Heavyweight Title was renamed "The World Heavyweight Title" by the WWF Chairman, Vince McMahon and Rocky Maivia was named the first champion as the last WCW Champ on RAW the following evening.

64.Chris Jericho [2]
12/09/2001-San Diego, CA (San Diego Sports Arena)
WWF Vengeance PPV
Title is unified with WWF Heavyweight Title and is abandoned.

See the WWF World Heavyweight Title

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