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(revived 1998)

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Brian Westcott, David Crane, Hisaharu Tanabe and Earl Oliver

1.Martino Angelo
[records unclear]

2.Bobby Managoff

3.Dave Levin
07/13/45-Houston, TX

4.Buddy Rogers
07/27/45-Houston, TX

5.Ted Cox
08/31/45-Houston, TX

6.Buddy Rogers [2]
09/07/45-Houston, TX
[records unclear]

7.Jim Casey

8.Buddy Rogers [3]
11/23/45-Houston, TX

9.Lou Thesz
05/03/46-Houston, TX

10.Buddy Rogers [4]
05/10/46-Houston, TX

11.Kay Bell

12.Dave Levin [2]
07/26/46-Houston, TX

13.Ted Cox [2]
08/16/46-Houston, TX
[records unclear]

14.Danny McShain

15.Miguel "Blackie" Guzman
[records unclear]

16.Dizzy Davis

17.Antonio Rocca
08/48-Houston, TX

18.Danny McShain [2]
11/12/48-Houston, TX

19.Antonio Rocca [2]
11/30/48-Dallas, TX

20.Dizzy Davis [2]
01/01/49 Waco, TX

21.Wild Red Berry
01/28/49-Houston, TX

22.Miguel Guzman [2]
03/02/49-San Antonio, TX

23.Danny McShain [3]
04/01/49-Houston, TX

24.Sonny Myers
04/22/49-Houston, TX

25.Bob Wagner
05/49-Houston, TX

26.Rito Romero
06/49-San Antonio, TX

27.Sonny Myers [2]
Sandy O'Donne won title from Myers by DQ in 07. in Dallas, TX; title declared vacated.

28.Sonny Myers [3]

29.Miguel Guzman [3]
08/19/49-Houston, TX
[records unclear]

30.Wild Red Berry [2]

31.Leo Newman
11/49-Dallas, TX

32.Verne Gagne
12/16/49-Houston, TX

33.Danny McShain [4]
01/13/50-Houston, TX
[records unclear]

34.Miguel Guzman [4]
[records unclear]

35.Rito Romero [2]

36.Sonny Myers [4]

37.Buddy Rogers [5]
08/07/50-Ft. Worth, TX

38.Killer Kowalski
08/22/50-Dallas, TX
[records unclear]

39.Miguel Guzman [5]

40.Verne Gagne [2]
09/08/50-Houston, TX

41.Rito Romero [2]
10/27/50-Houston, TX
[records unclear]

42.Danny Savish

43.Miguel Guzman [6]
06/08/51-Houston, TX

44.Wayne Martin
06/12/51-Dallas, TX

45.Miguel Guzman [7]
06/18/51-Ft. Worth, TX
Awarded after Sonny Myers interfered on Martin's behalf in a rematch.
[records unclear]

46.Duke Keomuka
08/17/51-Houston, TX
Defeated Ray Gunkel.

47.Ray Gunkel
09/04/51-Dallas, TX
[records unclear]

48.Mighty Atlas
11/16/51-Houston, TX
[records unclear]

49.Ray Gunkel [2]

50.Duke Keomuka [2]

51.Cyclone Ayala
11/52-Houston, TX

52.Duke Keomuka [3]
vacated in 53.

53.Ray Gunkel [3]
won tournament.

54.Bull Curry
05/07/54-Houston, TX

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55.Enrique Guzman
05/21/54-Houston, TX

56.Ed Francis
06/11/54-Houston, TX

57.Johnny Valentine

58.The Sheik

59.Polo Torres
11/19/54-Houston, TX

60.Mr. Moto

61.Pepper Gomez
08/05/55-Houston, TX

62.Duke Keomuka [4]

63.Pepper Gomez [2]

64.Buddy Rogers [6]
06/01/56-Houston, TX

65.Pepper Gomez [3]
08/03/56-Houston, TX

66.Gene Kelly (Gene Kiniski)
08/18/56-Houston, TX

67.Pepper Gomez [4]
09/07/56-Houston, TX

68.El Medico
10/19/56-Houston, TX

69.Pepper Gomez [5]
02/08/57-Houston, TX

70.El Medico [2]

71.Pepper Gomez [6]
02/22/57-Houston, TX

72.Don Leo Jonathan
04/19/57-Houston, TX

73.Ivan the Terrible(Pampero Firpo)08/30/57-Houston, TX

74.El Medico [3]
09/13/57-Houston, TX

75.Pepper Gomez [7]
11/01/57-Houston, TX

76.Cursher Duggan (Boris Malenko)
11/08/57-Houston, TX

77.Bill Melby
11/15/57-Houston, TX

78.Johnny Valentine [2]
01/21/58-Dallas, TX

79.El Medico [4]
03/28/58-Houston, TX

80.Pepper Gomez [8]
04/25/58-Houston, TX

81.El Medico [5]
05/09/58-Houston, TX

82.Dick Steinborn
07/25/58-Houston, TX

83.Tosh Togo
10/03/58-Houston, TX

84.Pepper Gomez [9]
11/07/58-Houston, TX

85.Danny McShain [5]

86.Pepper Gomez [10]

87.Joe Christie
01/20/59-Dallas, TX

88.Luis Hernandez
05/59-Houston, TX

89.Corsica Joe
06/04/59-San Antonio, TX
[records unclear]

90.Nick Kozak

91.Pete Managoff
01/60-Houston, TX
[records unclear]

92.Torbellino Blanco

93.Danny McShain [6]
04/26/60-Dallas, TX

94.Torbellino Blanco [2]
05/10/60-Dallas, TX

95.Duke Keomuka [5]
06/22/60-San Antonio, TX

96.Torbellino Blanco [3]

97.Don Leo Jonathan [2]
[records unclear]

98.Ciclon Negro

99.Dan Manoukian
01/20/61-Houston, TX

100.Pepper Gomez [11]
02/10/61-Houston, TX

101.Waldo Von Erich
06/23/61-Houston, TX

102.Dory Dixon
07/14/61-Houston, TX

103.Sputnik Monroe
10/27/61-Houston, TX

104.Pepe Gonzales
11/17/61-Houston, TX

105.Jack Dalton (Don Fargo)
12/01/61-Houston, TX

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106.Dory Dixon [2]
01/05/62-Houston, TX

107.The Mummy
05/18/62-Houston, TX

108.Art Thomas
06/15/62-Houston, TX

109.El Medico II
10/26/62-Houston, TX

110.Rip Hawk
01/11/63-Houston, TX

111.Sweet Daddy Siki
02/08/63-Houston, TX

112.Art Thomas [2]
04/26/63-Houston, TX

113.Bill Watts
05/03/63-Houston, TX

114.Pepper Gomez [12]
06/21/63-Houston, TX

115.Mark Lewin
06/29/63-Houston, TX

116.Billy White Wolf(Adnon Kaissey) 09/24/63-Dallas, TX

117.Joe Blanchard
12/03/63-Dallas, TX

118.Tokyo Tom (Antonio Inoki)
06/24/64-Houston, TX
May have vacated title in 64.

119.Pepper Gomez *
May have defeated Tokyo Tom for title.

120.Fritz Von Erich
Defeated Pepper Gomez.

121.Ernie Ladd

122.Fritz Von Erich [2]
04/30/65-Houston, TX

123.Joe Blanchard [2]
11/21/66-Ft. Worth, TX

124.Fritz Von Erich [3]
01/16/67-Ft. Worth, TX
Vacates on 03/27 when Von Erich won NWA American title.

125.Buddy Austin
05/67-Dallas, TX
Defeated Paul DeMarco in tournament final.

126.Buddy Moreno
08/09/67-San Antonio, TX
vacated in 67 when Moreno injured.

127.Billy Red Lyons
11/08/67-San Antonio, TX
won tournament.

128.Spoiler #1
03/29/68-Houston, TX

129.Grizzly Jake Smith

130.The Spoiler [2]
08/20/68-Dallas, TX

131.Dan Miller
12/68-Houston, TX

132.Johnny Valentine [3]
05/69-Houston, TX

133.Jose Lothario
?/69-San Antonio, TX

134.Johnny Valentine [4]

135.Wahoo McDaniel
01/26/70-Ft. Worth, TX

136.Johnny Valentine [5]

137.George Scott
10/13/70-Dallas, TX

138.Johnny Valentine [6]

139.Pepper Gomez [13]
02/18/71-Corpus Christi, TX

140.Johnny Valentine [7]

141.Jose Lothario [2]
11/17/71-San Antonio, TX

142.Red Bastien
03/08/72-San Antonio, TX

143.Stan Stasiak
06/24/72-Irving, TX

144.Jose Lothario [3]
10/25/72-San Antonio, TX

145.Blackjack Mulligan
05/04/73-Houston, TX

146.Jose Lothario [4]

147.Great Mephisto
01/15/74-Dallas, TX

148.Red Bastien [2]
05/28/74-Dallas, TX
[records unclear]

149.Al Madril

150.John Tolos
05/14/75-San Antonio, TX

151.Al Madril [2]
07/15/75-Dallas, TX

152.Buddy Wolfe
[records unclear]

153.Rocky Johnson

154.Seigfreid Steinke
08/20/76-Houston, TX

155.Rocky Johnson [2]

156.Seigfreid Steinke [2]

157.Moondog Mayne

158.Scott Casey

159.Jimmy Snuka
[records unclear]

160.Ox Baker

161.Al Madril [3]

162.Dale Valentine
03/24/78-Houston, TX

163.Bruiser Brody
05/28/78-Houston, TX

164.David Von Erich
09/10/78-Dallas, TX

165.Gino Hernandez
10/78-Ft. Worth, TX

166.David Von Erich [2]
?/78-Dallas, TX

167.Gino Hernandez [2]
12/78-Dallas, TX

168.David Von Erich [3]
02/79-Dallas, TX

169.Mark Lewin [2]
11/79-Ft. Worth, TX

170.Gino Hernandez [3]

171.Mark Lewin [3]
05/25/80-Dallas, TX

172.Gino Hernandez [4]

173.David Von Erich [4]
08/80-Dallas, TX

174.Killer Tim Brooks

175.Al Madril [4]
?/81-Ft. Worth, TX

176.Bill Irwin
08/82-Lawton, OK

177.David Von Erich [5]
09/19/82-Dallas, TX

178.Jimmy Garvin
03/83-Dallas, TX

179.David Von Erich [6]
04/04/83-Ft. Worth, TX
Title held-up after a match against Jimmy Garvin in April 1983
Title was immediately help up again after Garvin's victory in first rematch on June 17, 1983 in Dallas, TX because of Sunshine's interference.

180.David Von Erich [7]
Defeated Jimmy Garvin win rematch
Title was held up after a match against Garvin on July 11, 1983

181.David Von Erich [8]
won rematch against Garvin
Title was vacated on February 11, 1984 when Von Erich died in Tokyo.

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182.Gino Hernandez [5]
06/23/84-San Antonio, TX
Injured and replaced Kerry Von Erich in tournament final and Defeated Ric Flair.

183.Brian Adias
07/29/85-Ft. Worth, TX

184.Gino Hernandez [6]
09/02/85-Ft. Worth, TX

185.Brian Adias [2]
09/27/85-Ft. Worth, TX

186.The Grappler
12/09/85-Ft. Worth, TX
World Class withdraws from NWA in February 1986

187.Brian Adias [3]
03/10/86 Ft. Worth, TX

188.Buzz Sawyer
07/04/86 Dallas, TX
vacated in 01.

189.Bob Bradley
01/12/87-Ft. Worth, TX
Defeated Dingo Warrior in tournament final.

190.Dingo Warrior (Jim Helwig)
02/02/87-Ft. Worth, TX

191.Al Perez
06/21/87-Puerto Rico
Vacates when Perez won WCWA World title on August 21, 1987

192.Ted Arcidi
08/31/87-Ft. Worth, TX
won title in a battle royal.

193.Matt Borne
11/10/87-Midland, TX

194.Terry Taylor
02/26/88-Dallas, TX

195.Kevin Von Erich
07/04/88-Dallas, TX
Awarded when Taylor leaves World Class.

196.Iceman King Parsons
08/05/88-Dallas, TX
Defeated Kerry Von Erich.

197.Brickhouse Brown
02/03/89-Dallas, TX

198.Gary Young
03/04/89-San Antonio, TX
won by forfeit; or on 03/06 in Sweeny, TX.

199.Eric Embry
04/07/89-Dallas, TX

201.Super Zodiac (Gary Young)
05/19/89-Dallas, TX

202.Eric Embry [2]
05/26/89-Dallas, TX

203.P. Y. Chu-Hi
07/03/89-Wichita Falls, TX

204.Eric Embry [3]
08/18/89-Dallas, TX

205.The Punisher
10/05/89-Dallas, TX
won by forfeit.

206.Kerry Von Erich
10/20/89-Dallas, TX

207.Jerry Lawler
12/12/89-Dallas, TX

208.Kerry Von Erich [2]
01/05/90-Dallas, TX

209.Matt Borne [2]
05/25/90-Dallas, TX

210.Kerry Von Erich [3]
06/01/90-Dallas, TX

211.Angel of Death
07/13/90-Dallas, TX
won by forfeit.

212.Kevin Von Erich [2]
11/23/90-Dallas, TX
vacated when the World Class promotion closes in 01.

213.Bill Dundee
01/25/91-Dallas, TX
Defeated Gary Young in tournament final
Kevin Von Erich was recognized as champion by Texas Wrestling Federation after defeating Angel of Death on February 3, 1991 in Dallas, TX until TWF closes in May 1991

Title Revived by CWA

214.Eric Embry [4]
02/15/91-Dallas, TX
Title held-up with Bill Dundee on 03/29/91.

215.Bill Dundee [2]
04/05/91-Dallas, TX
Defeated Embry in rematch.

216.Eric Embry [5]
04/12/91-Dallas, TX
Defeated by Jerry Lawler on 04/26/91 in Dallas, TX, but the decision was later overturned
Title held up after a match against Bill Dundee on May 24, 1991 in Dallas, TX.

217.Bill Dundee [3]
05/31/91-Dallas, TX
Defeated Tom Prichard, subbing for Embry in rematch P>218.Tom Prichard
06/07/91-Dallas, TX

219.Lord Humongous
08/12/91-Memphis, TN

220.Tom Prichard [2]
08/19/91-Memphis, TN

221.Brian Christopher
02/10/92-Memphis, TN
vacated in 92.

222.Dynamite Dixon
Recognized by USWF.
[records unclear]

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223.Scott Putski
06/16/93-Laredo, TX
Defeated Jason the 13th to be recognized by USWF
also recognized by GWF by winning a battle royal on July 16, 1994 in Arlington, TX
vacated on 94/09/21 when GWF closes

224.Warrior 2000
11/14/97-Dallas, TX
Defeated Brian Adias to be recognized by CWA
vacated when CWA closed in December 1997

Title Revived

225.Rod Price
05/01/98-Dallas, TX
Defeated Action Jackson in tournament final

TITLE vacated
Price stripped for failure to pay fine

226.Brian Adias
07/03/98-Dallas, TX
Defeated Kritical Mass in tournament final

TITLE vacated
Adias vacates the title due to injury

227.Action Jackson
07/31/98-Dallas, TX
Defeated Kit Carson to win vacated title

228.Rodney "Redd Dogg" Begnaud
11/27/98-North Richland Hills, TX
Defeated Action Jackson & Kit Carson in a Triple Threat match.

TITLE vacated
Red Dogg Begnaud signs with ECW and vacates the title.

229.Khris Germany
02/05/99-North Richland Hills, TX
Defeated Jimmy James to win vacated title.

230.Brian Adias [2]
02/19/99-N. Richland Hills, TX

231.Steven Dunn
03/26/99-N. Richland Hills, TX

06/10/99-Dallas, TX
Steven Dunn was stripped of the belt due to no-show.

232.Kevin Northcutt
06/10/99-Dallas, TX
Defeats Rodney "Redd Dogg" Begnaud to win vacant title.

233.Rodney Begnaud [2]
07/29/99-Dallas, TX

09/11/99-N. Richland Hills, TX

Title Vacated

234.Kevin Northcutt [2]
09/25/99-N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeats Jimmy James for vacant title
Kevin Northcutt also held the following titles in conjunction with the National Wrestling Alliance Texas Heavyweight Title

235.Cedric of Hollywood
02/18/2000-North Richland Hills, TX

236.Kevin Northcutt [3]
04/08/2000-Galviston, TX
There may be some question as to whether this match actually took place

Title Vacant
Northcutt gives up the title after winning the NWA National title

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237.Mike "Main Event" Fox
04/28/2000-North Richland Hills, TX
Defeated Rodney Begnaud in tournament final.

238.Rodney "Redd Dogg" Begnaud [3]
05/26/2000-North Richland Hills, TX (Texas Indoor Arena)

Begnaud vacates due to ECW Committments

239.Al Jackson
09/29/2000-North Richland Hills, TX (Texas Indoor Arena)
Match was a Fatal 4-Way also involving 7-foot Tiger Steele, New Doctor X and Action Jackson
Jackson used a super kick pin on Action Jackson to claim the vacant title

240.Hotstuff Hernandez
12/01/2000-North Richland Hills, TX

241.Gary Tool
02/02/2001-North Richland Hills, TX

242.Hotstuff Hernandez [2]
03/16/2001-N. Richland Hills, TX

243.Kevin Northcutt [4]
05/23/2001-San Antonio, TX

244.Hotstuff Hernandez [3]
08/17/2001 - Refugio, TX

Title Vacant
Hernandez forced to vacate after winning the NWA National Heavyweight Title on 10/13/2001 in St. Petersburg, FL

245.Kevin Northcutt [5]
10/26/01-North Richland Hills, TX
Defeated Macdaddie Mike Anthony for the vacant title

246.MacDaddie Mike Anthony
12/14/2001-North Richland Hills, TX (Texas Indoor Arena)

Title Vacant
Mike Anthony stripped of the title by promoter Ken Taylor after submitting a resignation letter via email

247.Jeremy Jett [2]
03/22/2002-North Richland Hills, TX (Texas Indoor Arena)
4th Annual NWA Southwest Parade of Champions card

248.Steve DeMarco
06/21/2002-North Richland Hills, TX

249.J. P. Black [2]
08/01/2002-Ft. Worth, TX

250.Steve DeMarco [2]
10/26/2002-Corpus Christi, TX (Memorial Coliseum)
Texas Death Match - taped fists
NWA 54th Anniversary Show

251.J.P. Black [3]
05/31/2003-Pasadena, TX

252.Al Jackson [2]
09/20/2003-Greenville, TX
Managed by Steve Moody
Southwest Premier Wrestling card

Title Vacant
Jackson stripped for failure to appear for two title defences

253.J.P. Black [4]

254.Al Jackson [3]

04/24/2004-Perry, OK

256.Kevin Northcutt [6]
04/16/2005-Ponca City, OK
Defeated Tejas in an impromptu match on a NWA Universal (formerly NWA Oklahoma) card.

257.Mark Orton
07/15/2006-Beaumont, TX

258.Chaz Taylor
08/12/2006-Houston, TX (VFW Hall)
Chaz Taylor held the following title in conjunction with the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title

259.Seth Korbin
07/13/2007-Cypress, TX
Defeated Chaz Taylor and Silky Barnes for title

260.Chaz Taylor
08/10/2007-Cypress, TX
Defeated Seth Korbin and Chance Christopher

261.Kevin Northcutt [7]
10/14/2007-Corpus Christi, TX

262.Chaz Taylor [2]
08/24/2008-San Antonio, TX.

263.Mike DiBiase
09/06/2008-Amarillo, TX

Title Vacant
DiBiase no-shows the scheduled title defense.

264.Kevin Northcutt [8]
10/04/2008-Robstown, TX
Defeated El Diablo Rojo.

265.Michael Faith
01/06/2009-Cypress, TX

Title Vacant
Michael Faith was stripped of the title due to injury he suffered on March 11th

266.Spoiler 2000
03/21/2009-Livingston, TX
Defeated Seth Korbin for vacant title.

267.Kevin Northcutt [9]
05/02/2009-Tyler, TX

268.Chad Thomas 05/15/2010-Amarillo, TX

269.Michael Faith [2]
08/14/2010-Gainesville, TX (Gainesville High School)
NWA Southwest Parade of Champions

270.Charlie Haas
09/04/2010-Amarillo, TX

271.Lance Hoyt
01/07/2011-Robstown, TX (RMB Fairgrounds)

272.Scott Summers
01/13/2012-Cypress, TX

273.Jax Dane
12/14/2013-Cypress, TX
Defeated Scot Summers [Texas], Ryan Genesis [Lonestar], and Ray Rowe in a 4-way match to unify both titles. (looks like the Texas title was unified into the Lone Star title)

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