Compiled by Matt Benaka, Brian Westcott, Manuel Gonzalez,
Eric Roelfsema, Samual Eannes, Richard Palma, Phil Tsakiries and Richard Sullivan
with special thanks to Scott Teal, Hisaharu Tanabe, Royal Duncan and Gary Will

Table of Contents

Major Promotions

AJPW - All Japan Pro-Wrestling |AWA - American Wrestling Association |CMLL - Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre |ECW - Eastern/Extreme Championship Wrestling |EMLL - Empresa Mundial de Lucha Libre (NWA) |NWA - National Wrestling Alliance |New Japan |LLPW - Ladies' Legends of Pro-Wrestling |WCW - World Championship Wrestling |WWC - World Wrestling Council (Puerto Rico) |WWF - World Wrestling Federation

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Introduction and Credits

History of the National Wrestling Alliance prior to 1948

Courtesy of the NWA Web Site


A message from Matt Benaka...

Earl has seen fit to publish the title histories that I have been working on for a couple years now. While I am quite proud of my histories, they are nowhere near complete. I need arena names, times of matches, and broadcast the title change was shown on for many of the histories. Also, you all may recall managers for some of the older champions. Anyway, if you have any information or corrections, please let me know.

The format is as follows:
1) Champion {Champion's real name}
2) Date title was won-Location won (Arena won in)
3) Broadcast match was shown on
4) Time of match
5) Manager/s if any {manager's real name}
6) Oddities surrounding the reign, if any
7) Referee for the match
8) Stable Champion belonged to, if any


January 10, 1998: In December of 1997,Matt Benaka was forced by time contraints to give up his work on this project. I have decided to carry on and will strive too maintain the high standards set by my predecessor. Future updates will bear the legend "Compiled by Matt Benaka and Earl Oliver" except those which I have compiled from scratch.

June 1998: Brian Westcott of Westcott's Wrestling Archive has lent invaluable assistance in the compilation of these records. Future updates compiled by him will bear the legend "Compiled by Brian Westcott".

February 1999: Manuel Gonzalez has supplied valuable details concerning the WWC promotion in Puerto Rico. Future updates compiled by him will bear the legend "Compiled by Manuel Gonzalez".Richard Sullivan has provided details regarding the Crockett Promotion's Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling from his personal memories and collection of clippings,Eric Roelfsema has aided in the compilation of the more recent NWA title histories andAndrew Zadarnowski has calculated fall times for the major WWF and WCW Titles over the last years.

May 1999: Samual Eannes whose web site is called The Wrestling House has compiled title histories for All Pro Wrestling, UFC and several others. Future updates compiled by him will bear the legend "Compiled by Samueal Eanes". AlsoJoe Dean has contributed details concerning title changes that took place on TV broadcasts.

July 1999: Jason Fitzgerald has graciously allowed me to copy arena information for WWF, WCW and ECW titles from his own Title Histories at the Prime Time Wrestling web site.

July 1999: It has been brought to my attention that the information contained herein pertaining to the Florida promotions from the 40's and 50's was originally gathered byScott Teal, publisher of the What Ever Happened To... wrestling nostalgia magazine and proprietor of the What Ever Happened Too... web site for his book The History of Professional Wrestling: Volume I . This material was not heretofore credited to Mr. Teal. Solie's regrets this oversight and will strive in the future to make sure that all individuals are credited for their research.

April 2001: Richard Palma has compiled title histories for the Pro Wrestling America and other promotions. Future updates compiled by him will bear the legend "Compiled by Richard Palma".

December 2001: Phil Tsakiries has compiled title histories for several Independent promotions. Future updates compiled by him will bear the legend "Compiled by Phil Tsakiries".

I would like to thank Matt, Brian and Eric for their contributions which constitute the bulk of this project, Samuel, Scott, Richard, Andrew, Joe, Jason, Phil and Manual for their assistance and to also acknowledge the friendship, assistance and great research of Hisaharu Tanabe of The Great Hisa's Puroresu Dojo page's Title Histories, the Ring Warriors Web Site , and

Wrestling Title Histories

by Royal Duncan & Gary Will,

whose information is included in many of these listings and where much of my own research was conducted.

Some of the information in these listings, especially from prior to the mid 1980's, have been gleaned from Duncan & Will with added details supplied by the individuals listed above - these listing are identified by the legend: "From Wrestling Title Histories by Royal Duncan & Gary Will". Solie's would like to stress thatWrestling Title Histories offers a much more complete listing then what is available here and would encourage our readers to support their efforts and those of Scott Teal by purchasing their publications.

Earl Oliver can be reached at
Any questions, comments, corrections, or information would be greatly appreciated.
Editor's Note: Since there are more than one hundred and sixty-five promotions represented here, I have provided this handy Table of Contents with links that take you to the specified portion of the document.

  • American Heavyweight Title
  • British Titles
  • European Titles
  • AAA - Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion
  • ACCW - Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling
  • ACW - Assault Championship Wrestling
  • AJPW - All Japan Pro-Wrestling
  • AJWPW - All Japan Womens' Pro-Wrestling
  • AMW - Appalachian Mountain Wrestling
  • APW - All Pro Wrestling (Northern California)
  • ATCW - Atlantic Terror Championship Wrestling
  • AWA - American Wrestling Association
  • AWC - American Wrestling Council
  • AWF - American Wrestling Federation
  • AWF - Americas Wrestling Federation (Puerto Rico)
  • BCW - Border City Wrestling
  • BJPW - Big Japan Pro Wrestling
  • B.R.A.W.L. - Bloody Rage American Wrestling League
  • BWA - Boriquen Wrestling Association (Puerto Rico)
  • Chaotic Wrestling
  • CMLL - Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
  • CPW - Championship Pro Wrestling
  • CWA - Catch Wrestling Association
  • CWA - Century Wrestling Alliance (Massachusetts)
  • CWA - Championship Wrestling America
  • CWA - Continental Wrestling Association
  • CWF - Canadian Wrestling Federation (NWA)
  • CWF - Championship Wrestling Federation (NWA East)
  • Championship Wrestling from Florida (NWA)
  • CZW - Combat Zone Wrestling
  • ECCW - Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling (NWA Canada)
  • ECW - Eastern/Extreme Championship Wrestling
  • ECWA - East Coast Wrestling Association
  • EFC - Extreme Fighting Championship
  • EMLL - Empresa Mundial de Lucha Libre (NWA)
  • EWA - Empire Wrestling Alliance
  • FCW - Florida Championship Wrestling
  • FMW - Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling
  • FOW - Future Of Wrestling
  • FWA - Frontier Wrestling Alliance
  • FWA - Future Wrestling Alliance
  • GAEA Japan
  • Georgia Championship Wrestling
  • GWF - Global Wrestling Federation
  • GCCW - Gulf Coast Championship Wrestling
  • HCW - Hot Championship Wrestling (Puerto Rico)
  • HOPWF - House of Pain Wrestling Federation
  • HPW - Hoosier Pro Wrestling
  • HWA - Hardcore Wrestling Alliance
  • HW - Hardway Wrestling
  • HWA - Heartland Wrestling Association
  • IAW
  • ICW - Impact Championship Wrestling
  • IPW - Independent Professional Wrestling (Florida)
  • IPWA - Independent Professional Wrestling Alliance (Tennessee)
  • ISPW - Independent Superstars of Professional Wrestling (New Jersey)
  • IWA - Independent Wrestling Association (Indiana/Kentucky)
  • IWA - International Wrestling Alliance
  • IWA - International Wrestling Alliance (Indiana)
  • IWA - International Wrestling Alliance (formerly NWA Puerto Rico)
  • IWA - International Wrestling Association (Ohio/New York)
  • IWA - International Wrestling Association (Japan)
  • IWAS - International Wrestling All-Stars
  • IWC - International Wrestling Council (Mexico/California)
  • IWF - Independent Wrestling Federation
  • IWRG - International Wrestling Revolution Group
  • JAPW - Jersey All Pro Wrestling
  • JCW - Jersey Champioship Wrestling
  • JWA - Japan Wrestling Association
  • JWP - Japanese Women Pro-Wrestling
  • JWPP - Japanese Women Pro-Wrestling Project
  • LLPW - Ladies' Legends of Pro-Wrestling
  • LPWA - Ladies Profesional Wrestling Association
  • MACW - Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (NWA Mid-Atlantic)
  • MAW - Mid-America Wrestling
  • MCW - Maryland Championship Wrestling
  • MCW - Memphis Championship Wrestling
  • MCW - Music City Wrestling (NWA)
  • MDW - Mason-Dixon Wrestling
  • MECW - Main Event Championship Wrestling
  • MEWF - Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation
  • MOCW - Missouri Championship Wrestling (NWA Mid West)
  • MPPW Memphis Power Pro Wrestling (Tennessee)
  • MPW - Michinoku Pro Wrestling (NWA Mid West)
  • Mid-South/Tri-State Wrestling (NWA)
  • MWA - Midwest Wrestling Association (Kansas City)
  • MWWF - Midwest Wrestling Federation
  • NCW - National Championship Wrestling
  • NECW - New England Championship Wrestling
  • New American Wrestling
  • New Japan
  • NOAH (PWN - Pro Wrestling NOAH)
  • North American Wrestling (formerly West Coast Wrestling Association)
  • Northeast Wrestling
  • NWA - National Wrestling Alliance
  • NWA - National Wrestling Association
  • NWA Canada
  • NWA East
  • NWA Florida
  • NWA Georgia
  • NWA Great Lakes (formerly Southern Michigan Championship Wrestling/NWA Michigan)
  • NWA Hawai'i
  • NWA Jersey
  • NWA Main Event
  • NWA Mid-Atlantic
  • NWA Mid-South (formerly Warriors of Wrestling Federation)
  • NWA Mid-West
  • NWA Mississippi
  • NWA Nashville
  • NWA New England
  • NWA New Jersey
  • NWA New York
  • NWA Northeast
  • NWA Pennsylvania
  • NWA Southwest
  • NWA Tri-State (Formerly NWA of West Virginia/Ohio
  • NWA Virginia (Virginia Championship Wrestling)
  • NWA Wildside
  • NWA World Wide
  • NWA 2000
  • NWCW - New-Wave Championship Wrestling
  • NWF - National Wrestling Federation (New York)
  • NWF - Nittany Wrestling Federation (part of NWA East)
  • NWL - National Wrestling League
  • OPW - Osaka Pro Wrestling
  • OVW - Ohio Valley Wrestling (NWA)
  • Pancrase
  • PCW - Pacific Coast Wrestling (NWA)
  • PNCW - Pacific Northwest Championship Wrestling (NWA)
  • Pacific Wrestling Federation (All Japan)
  • PCW - Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling
  • PCW - Phoenix Championship Wrestling
  • PCW - Powerhouse Championship Wrestling
  • PCW - Pro Championship Wrestling
  • PLW - Power League Wrestling
  • PPW Power Pro Wrestling (Tennessee)
  • Promo Azteca (Mexico)
  • PWA - Pennsylvania Wrestling Alliance (NWA)
  • PWA - Pro-Wrestling America
  • PWF - Premier Wrestling Federation
  • PWF - Premier Wrestling Federation (Mid-South)
  • PWF - Premier Wrestling Federation (Northeast)
  • PWF - Professional Wrestling Florida
  • PWF - Pro Wrestling Federation (Puerto Rico)
  • PWF - Pro Wrestling Federation (North/South Carolina)
  • PWN - Pro Wrestling NOAH
  • PWL - Pittsburg Wrestling League (NWA East)
  • PWX - Pro Wrestling eXpress (NWA East)
  • RCW - River City Wrestling
  • RWF - Real Wrestling Federation
  • SCW - Southern Championship Wrestling
  • SCW - Southwest Championship Wrestling
  • SCW - Steel City Wrestling (Pennsylvania)
  • SEWA - South Eastern Wrestling Alliance
  • SGWF - South's Greatest Wrestling Fans (NWA Mississippi)
  • Shooto
  • SMW - Smoky Mountain Wrestling
  • Southeastern/Continental Wrestling (NWA)
  • SOW - Superstars of Wrestling/iGeneration Wrestling
  • SSW - Southern States Wrestling
  • Stampede Wrestling
  • TCW -Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling
  • TWA -Texas Wrestling Alliance
  • TWF -Texas Wrestling Federation
  • TWP -Titan Wrestling Promotion (Australia)
  • TWWF -Jd' Trans-world Wrestling Federation
  • UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
  • UPW - Underground Pro Wrestling (NWA East)
  • USAPW - USA Pro Wrestling
  • USA Wrestling
  • USCW - United States Championship Wrestling
  • USWA - United States Wrestling Association
  • UWA - Universal Wrestling Association
  • UWC - United Wrestling Coalition
  • UWF - Universal Wrestling Federation
  • UWFI - Union of Wrestling Force International
  • VCW - Virginia Championship Wrestling (NWA Virginia)
  • WOWF - Warriors of Wrestling Federation (NWA Mid-South)
  • WCWA - West Coast Wrestling Association
  • WOW - Women Of Wrestling
  • WCWA - World Class Wrestling Association
  • WCWO - Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws
  • WCW - World Championship Wrestling
  • WCW - World Championship Wrestling (Australia)
  • WLW - World Legion Wrestling (NWA)
  • WWWA - World Wide Wrestling Alliance
  • WWWA - World Womens' Wrestling Association (All Japan)
  • WWA - World Wrestling All-Stars
  • WWA - World Wrestling Association (Japan/Mexico)
  • WWA - World Wrestling Association (Indianapolis)
  • WWA - World Wrestling Association (Los Angeles)
  • WWA - World Wrestling Association (Puerto Rico)
  • WWC - World Wrestling Council (New York/New Jersey)
  • WWC - World Wrestling Council (Puerto Rico)
  • WWWF/WWF - World Wide/World Wrestling Federation
  • W*ING
  • WXW - World Xtreme Wrestling
  • WZWA - War Zone Wrestling Alliance
  • XWC -Xtreme Wrestling Coalition
  • XWF - Xtreme Wrestling Federation (Florida)
  • XWF - Xtreme Wrestling Federation (Michigan)
  • XPW - Xtreme Pro Wrestling

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