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September 9, 1999--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott and Hisaharu Tanabe

1.Southern Sensations: Lance Jade & Blade Boudreaux
09/10/99-Cleveland, MS
Defeat New South: Ashley Hudson & Cory Williams in tournament final to become the first champions.

2.The Fly Boyz: Chris Kilgore & Josh Holly
10/23/99-Greenville, MS

02/20/2000-Jackson, MS

4.New Texas Outlawsn (Austin Rhodes and Ricky Murdoch)
06/17/2000-Greenwood, MS

5.Brother Love and Joey Venture
10/15/2000-Nashville, TN (NWA Showcase card)

Title Vacant

6.Brother Love and Brickhouse Brown
04/11/2002-Cleveland, MS
Defeated Porkchop Cash and John Saxon to capture the vacant titles

7.Max Pain and Cody Mantell
09/07/2002-Magee, MS

8.Bob Serio and David Beriola
10/19/2002-Greenville, MS

Title Vacant
01/11/2003-Greenville MS
Declared vacant by NWA Battlezone (Mississippi) when Bob Serio and David Bariola split up

9.New Orleans Fight Club (John Saxon and Kevin Northcutt)
03/08/2003-Greenville, MS
Defeated Joey C and Rooftop in tournament final

10.Brother Love and A.C. Brown
08/02/2003-Magee, MS
Loser leaves town for 30 days match

11.Lord Humongous and Minotaur
08/30/2003-Magee, MS
NWA Battlezone card

Titles Held Up
New Confederates "awarded belts for services rendered" by NWA President, Billy D. McLain, but then it was determined that they could not chamge hands in that manner

12.New Orleans Fight Club (John Saxon and Kevin Northcutt)
09/27/2003-Magee, MS (NWA BZ Arena)
Defeated Lord Humongous and Minotaur to win the held up titles.

13.Terry Bryant and Malek Avalon (AC Brown)
High Impact Wrestling show in Florida.

[Records unclear]

14.Scott Storm and Scott Starr
09/10/2005-Greenville, MS
Defeated Naughty by Nature (Rude and Pokerface) for title.

15.Ricky Murdoch and Bill Hanson
07/08/2006-Greenville, MS
Defeated Storm and Malek Avelon, subbing for Anthony

05/30/2008-Greenville, MS
Ricky Murdoch and Big Bill Hanson stripped of title due to failure to defend.

16.Profit and Lennox Lightfoot
05/30/2008-Greenville, MS
DEFEATED NBN Rude AND Pokerface for vacant title.

17.Chris Black and Eric Black
03/11/2011-Magee, MS
Defeated Mikey O'Malley and Steve O'Malley for title

18.Damien and Psycho
04/07/2011-Magee, MS

[Records unclear]

18.Simply Perfection (Arrick Andrews and Derek Neal)

19.Anti Bullies (Vic the Bruiser and Alan Shephard)
09/22/2012-Lebanon, TN
Still champions as of 10/29/2012
NWA Top Rope recognizes SAW Southern Title after SAW becomes an NWA licensee in 12/2012
SAW title was declared vacant after a match between the champions Team IOU and Untouchables ends with a double pinfall on 01/18/2013 in Millersville, TN.

20.Untouchables (Drew Haskins and Jeremiah Plunkett
/02/08/2013-Millersville, TN
Defeated Team IOU and Washington Bullets in 3-way elimination match.

20.Washington Bullets (Jon Williams and Trey Williams)
04/05/2013-Millersville, TN

21.The Lords of K.A.O.S. (Lance Erikson and Damien Wayne)
08/09/2013-Millersville, TN
Defeated L.T. Falk and Jason Nation and Drew Haskins & Jeremiah Plunkett.

22.The Untouchables (Drew Haskins and Jeremiah Plunkett) [3]
09/13/2013-Millersville, TN

23.Ali and Mustafa Akbar
11/22/2013-Millersville, TN (SAW Mill Arena)

24.Mayhem (Hammerjack and Gator Mcalister)
12/20/2013-Millersville, TN
Defeated Ali Akbar and Mustafa Akbar and Untouchables in 3-way match.

25.Team IOU (Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy)
02/14/2014-Millersville, TN (SAW Mill Arena)
NWA Southern All Star Wrestling 7th Anniversary

26.Primetime Outlaws (Brian Lee and Lee Condry)
05/30/2014-Millersville, TN

27.Weatherby Inc. (Kevin Weatherby and Cody Weatherby)
06/27/2014-Millersville, TN

28.Kevin and Cody Weatherby
11/21/2014-Millersville, Tennessee (SAW Mill)

29.Andy Anderson and Tyson Dean
02/06/2015-Millersville, TN (SAW Mill)

30.Luke Gallows and Iceberg
05/23/2015-Locust Grove, GA

31.Andy Anderson and Tyson Dean [2]
07/10/2015-Barnesville, GA
Win the title from Icerberg and Ganner (subbing for Luke Gallows).

32.Hammerjack and Tim Jerrnigan
07/11/2015-Cookeville, TN

33.Team IOU (Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy) [2]
01/16/2016-Lebanon, TN

34.The System (Ray Waddell and Dakota France)
05/27/2016-Franklin, KY

35.Royal Pains (Bam Baker and Steven King)
08/26/2016-Franklin, KY

36.Smash Busters (Trash Kan Graham and Shane Smalls)
09/10/2016- Hardin, KY

37.Monsters of Mayhem (Monster Jernigan and Hammerjack)
10/07/2016-Franklin, KY

38.Christian James and Justin Grandberry
11/04/2016-Franklin, KY

39.Chris Michaels and Shawn Hurley
03/03/2017-Franklin, KY

40.Arrick Andrews and Christian James
03/17/2017-Franklin, KY

41.Penthouse Players (Christian James and Justin Grandberry) [3]
Grandberry replaces Andrews.

42.Shawn Hurley and John Irons
06/23/2017-Franklin, KY

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