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October 02, 1989--November 1997

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka

1.The Dirty White Boy {Tony Anthony}
10/02/89-Memphis, TN The Dirty White Boy defeated Dustin Rhodes {Dustin Runnels} in a tournament final to become the first champion.

2.Bill Dundee {William Crookshanks}
11/19/89-Memphis, TN

3.John Tatum
05/03/90-Dallas, TX

4.Bill Dundee (2)
05/18/90-Dallas, TX

5.John Tatum (2)
06/15/90-Dallas, TX

6.Bill Dundee (3)
06/22/90-Dallas, TX

7.John Tatum (3)
07/04/90-Dallas, TX
The title was declared vacant during 1990 when USWA and World Class ended their working agreement.

8.Dick Slater {Van Ritchard Slater}
09/ /90-Awarded
Dick Slater was awarded the title by the USWA.

9.Jeff Jarrett {Jeffrey Leonard Jarrett}
10/06/90-Nashville, TN

10.Eddie Gilbert {Thomas Edward Gilbert Jr.}
10/29/90-Memphis, TN
The title was declared vacant during Decmber of 1990 after Eddie Gilbert left the promotion.

11.Jeff Jarrett (2)
01/14/91-Memphis, TN
Jeff Jarrett defeated Brian Lee {Brian Harris} in the final of a twelve man tournament to crown a new champion.

12.Tom Prichard
03/15/91-Dallas, TX

13.Jeff Jarrett (3)
04/12/94-Dallas, TX

14.Eric Embry
05/03/91-Dallas, TX

15.Bill Dundee (4)
05/13/91-Memphis, TN

16.Eric Embry (2)
05/20/91-Memphis, TN

17.Tom Prichard (2)
11/04/91-Memphis, TN

18.Eric Embry (3)
11/09/91-Memphis, TN

19.Tom Prichard (3)
12/02/91-Memphis, TN

20.Eric Embry (4)
12/09/91-Memphis, TN

21.Tom Prichard (4)
02/08/92-Memphis, TN

22.Dr. Death {Steve Williams}
03/10/92-Louisville, KY

23.Jimmy Valiant
03/16/92-Memphis, TN

24.Brian Christopher {Brian Christopher Lawler}
03/23/92-Memphis, TN
The tile was held up after a match against Tom Prichard on 04/20/92 in Memphis, TN.

25.Brian Christopher (2)
04/27/92-Memphis, TN
Brian Christopher defeated Prichard in a rematch.
The title was held up on 06/22/92 after a match against Prichard in Memphis, TN.

26.Tom Prichard (5)
06/29/92-Memphis, TN
Prichard defeated Christopher in a rematch.

27.Brian Christopher (3)
07/20/92-Memphis, TN

28.Tom Prichard (6)
07/27/92-Memphis, TN

29.Brian Christopher (4)
08/03/92-Memphis, TN

30.Reno Riggins
08/10/92-Memphis, TN
The title was held up after match against Christopher on 09/14/92 in Memphis, TN.

31.Brian Christopher (5)
09/21/92-Memphis, TN
Christopher defeated Reno Riggins in a rematch.

32.Jeff Jarrett (4)
12/21/92-Memphis, TN

33.Brian Christopher (6)
01/11/93-Memphis, TN

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34.Jeff Jarrett (5)
03/01/93-Memphis, TN

35.Brian Christopher (7)
05/01/93-Memphis, TN

36.Jeff Jarrett (6)
06/28/93-Memphis, TN

37.The Vampire Warrior {David Heath}
07/18/93-Memphis, TN

38.Jeff Jarrett (7)
08/23/93-Memphis, TN
The title was renamed The USWA Heavyweight Title during September of 1993.

39.Tommy Rich {Thomas Richardson}
09/13/93-Memphis, TN
The title was held up on 09/25/93 after Jarrett pinned Tommy Rich in a steel cage match in Memphis, TN, but a groggy referee Frank Morell raised Rich's hand.

40.Jeff Jarrett (8)
10/04/93-Memphis, TN
Jarrett defeated Rich in a rematch.
Crush {Bryan Adams} defeated Jarrett on 11/15/93 in Memphis, TN but the title was given back to Jarrett after tapes showed Crush had used a foreign object to win.

41.Buddy Landell {William Anror}
11/22/93-Memphis, TN

42.Brian Christopher (8)

43.Doug Gilbert
02/07/94-Memphis, TN

44.Brian Christopher (9)
02/14/94-Memphis, TN

45.Doug Gilbert (2)
02/21/94-Memphis, TN

46.Brian Christopher (10)
02/28/94-Memphis, TN

47.Eddie Gilbert (2)
03/14/94-Memphis, TN

48.Brian Christopher (11)
03/19/94-Memphis, TN
Christopher won the title from Gilbert via count-out.

49.Doug Gilbert (3)
05/02/94-Memphis, TN

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50.Brian Christopher (12)
05/09/94-Memphis, TN
This match was The Title vs. Christopherıs hair.

51.Dream Machine {Troy Graham}
06/06/94-Memphis, TN

52.Brian Christopher (13)
07/11/94-Memphis, TN

53.Doug Gilbert (4)
08/01/94-Memphis, TN
The title was declared vacant on 09/24/94 when Gilbert was stripped for not defending the title within fourty-five days.

54.Tommy Rich (2)
10/03/94-Memphis, TN
Rich defeated Buddy Landell in a tournament final to crown a new champion.

55.Brian Christopher (14)
12/05/94-Memphis, TN

56.Tommy Rich (3)
12/19/94-Memphis, TN

57.Brian Christopher (15)
12/31/94-Memphis, TN

58.Brian Lee
04/03/95-Memphis, TN
The title was held up on 04/10/95 after a no-contest decision between Lee and Christopher in Memphis, TN.

59.Brian Lee (2)
04/17/95-Memphis, TN
Lee defeated Christopher in a rematch to win the held up title.

60.Doug Gilbert (5)
05/13/95-Memphis, TN

61.Brian Christopher (16)
05/29/95-Memphis, TN

62.Billy Jack Haynes
06/26/95-Memphis, TN

63.Brad Armstrong {Robert James Jr.}
08/04/95-Knoxville, TN

64.Billy Jack Haynes (2)
08/07/95-Memphis, TN

65.Brian Christopher (17)
09/11/95-Memphis, TN

66.Jesse James Armstrong {Brian James}
10/07/95-Memphis, TN

67.Brian Christopher (18)
10/23/95-Memphis, TN
The title was held up on 11/13/95 in Columbus, OH during a title defense against Tex Slazenger {Dennis Knight} due to outside interference.

68.Tex Slazenger
11/22/95-Memphis, TN
Slazenger defeated Christopher in a rematch to become champion.

69.Brian Christopher (19)
11/27/95-Memphis, TN

70.Tex Slazenger (2)
12/02/95-Memphis, TN
The title was returned to Slazenger by order of the acting commissioner, Bob Armstrong, due to controversy during the match on 11/27/95 in Memphis, TN.

71.Jerry "The King" Lawler
01/10/96-Memphis, TN

72.Tommy Rich (4)
01/13/96-Memphis, TN

73.Brian Christopher (20)
02/14/96-Memphis, TN

74.Mabel {Nelson Frazier}
03/16/96-Memphis, TN

75.Jerry "The King" Lawler (2)
05/20/96-Memphis, TN

76.Brian Christopher (21)
06/01/96-Memphis, TN

77. "The Macho Warrior" Ric Hogan
10/28/96-Memphis, TN

78.Brian Christopher (22)
11/18/96-Memphis, TN

79.Wolfie D {Kelly Warren Wolfe}
12/14/96-Memphis, TN

80.Brian Christopher (23)
01/01/97-Memphis, TN

81.Elijah (Spellbinder)
02/09/97-Memphis, TN

82.Brian Christopher (24)
03/29/97-Memphis, TN

83.Billy Travis
06/14/97-Memphis, TN

84.Spellbinder (2)
07/12/97-Memphis, TN

85.Doomsday {Glen Jacobs}
07/13/97-Memphis, TN

86.Steven Dunn {Steve Doll}
09/06/97-Memphis, TN

Promotion closes November, 1997

Title revived in 2000 by Memphis Championship Wrestling

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