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Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.Terry Golden

Title Vacant? [records unclear]

2.Jerry Lawler
03/25/2000-Tunica, MS
Defeats Bull Pain by DQ in a tournament final to become the first champion.
Bill Dundee was the special referee in this match.
The title is the new/revived Southern Heavyweight Title that Lawler held for so many years.

3.Lord Steven Regal (Steve Regal)
06/21/2000-Memphis, TN (New Daisy Theater)
Regal defeated Jerry Lawler by submission.

Title vacant? [records unclear]

4.Steve Corino
10/15/2002-Boyertown, PA
Defeats Jack Victory in a tournament final.
Steve Corino held the following titles in conjunction with the NWA New York-New Jersey Title

5."Freedom Ryder" Mike Sullivan
03/20/2004-St. Petersburg, FL

Mike Sullivan severely injured.

6.Scoot Andrews 09/04/2004-Clearwater, FL
Defeated Lex Lovett to win vacant title.

7.Lex Lovett
10/09/2004-Brandon, FL

06/10/2005 Brandon, FL
Lex Lovett vacated the title after losing to NWA World Heavyweight Champion A.J. Styles. Lovett announced to the audience that it was his final match and surrendered his title back to the NWA Florida front office.

8.Chase Stevens
10/06/2005-Lebanon, TN

Title Vacant
Stripped after Stevens is injured.

9.Kory Williams
11/12/2005-Lebanon, TN
Defeated Big Bully Douglas.

Title Vacant
Williams is awarded Tennessee Title.

10.Ace Rockwell
03/26/2011-Nashville, TN
Defeats Jeff Daniels.

11.Drew Haskins
12/22/2011-Nashville, TN

05/22/2012-Soddy Daisy, TN

13.Wolfie D.
Reigning SAW (Southern Allstar Wrestling) Southern champion, recognized as NWA Southern champion after SAW becomes an NWA licensee.

Title Vacant
02/22/2013 14.Shane Williams
02/22/2013-Millersville, TN
Defeated Gary Valiant.

15.Gary Valiant
03/08/2013-Millersville, TN

16.Jocephus Brody
03/15/2013-Millersville, TN

17.Gary Valiant [2]
04/12/2013-Millersville, TN

18.Hot Rod Biggs
06/28/2013-Millersville, TN
Defeated Gary Valiant (c), Hammerjack, and Jocephus Brody in 4-way match.

09/06/2013-Millersville, TN

20.Title Vacant
Due to injury.

21.Jeff Connelly [3]
10/12/2013-Hampton, TN
Defeated Sigmon for the vacant title

Title Vacant

22.Cliff Compton
11/01/2013-Millersville, TN
Defeated Jocephus Brody in tournament final for the vacant title.

23.Chase Owens
01/24/2014-Millersville, TN (SAW Mill Arena)
NWA Southern All Star Wrestling Inferno 2014

24.Jason "The Gift" Kincaid
02/14/2014-Millersville, TN (SAW Mill Arena)
Defeated Chase Owens and Shawn Shultz in a Triple Title Turmoil Two-out-of-Three Falls match.
NWA Southern All Star Wrestling 7th Anniversary

25.Lance Erikson
04/18/2014-Millersville, TN (SAW Mill Arena)

26.Arrick Andrews

27.Shawn Hoodrich

Title Vacant
The match on November 7, 2014 where Arrick Andrews picked up the victory over Shawn Hoodrich was null and void! Having filed paperwork with the NWA SAW management team, the order stated that Andrews win was invalid and ordered NWA SAW to return the title to Hoodrich. While NWA SAW management and Arrick Andrews complied with the order, NWA SAW management informed Shawn Hoodrich and manager Jimmy Street that the NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship will be on the line on Friday, November 21, 2014 in a ladder match.

27.Arrick Andrews [2]
11/21/2014-Millersville, TN (SAW Mill)
Ladder match

28.Greg Anthony
06/13/2015-Dyersburg, TN

29.Jeremiah Plunkett
11/14/2015-Nashville, TN

30.Mr. U.S.A.
05/13/2016-Franklin, KY

31.Vic the Bruiser
07/01/2016-Franklin, KY

32.Mr. U.S.A. [2]
09/16/2016-Franklin, KY

33.Derek Neal
10/21/2016-Franklin, KY
NWA Bluegrass champion, defeats Mr. U.S.A. in unification match.

34.Arrick Andrews [3]
12/16/2016-Franklin, KY
Teamed with Chase Stevens and Vic the Bruiser to defeat Derek Neal* and Southern tag team champions Penthouse Players with the stipulation that if any of the champions were pinned, his title changed hands.

35.Vic the Bruiser [2]
02/04/2017-Franklin, KY

36.Arrick Andrews [4]
02/24/2017-Franklin, KY

37.Monster Jernigan
03/10 /2017-Franklin, KY

38.Jeremiah Plunkett
04/07/2017-Franklin, KY

39.Chris Michaels
06/16/2017-Franklin, KY

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