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December 14, 2001--Present

Compiled by Grant Sawyer

1.Kamikazi Kid
12/14/2002-Burlington, NC
Defeated Brass Munkey in the the 2002 Rising Generation League tournament final.

2.Kirby Mack
12/27/2003-Burlington, NC
Defeated Kid in the 2003 Rising Generation League tournament final.

3.Kid Justice
12/18/2004-Burlington, NC
Defeated Jesse Ortega in the 2004
Rising Generation League tournament final.

4.Ultra Dragon
12/17/2005-Burlington, NC
Defeated El Toro Rojo in the 2005 Rising Generation League tournament final; had defeated Justice in earlier round.

5.Roy Wilkins
12/30/2006-Burlington, NC
Defeated Cecil Scott, Jerry Wayne, and Justin Flash in a 4-corner match when Dragon does not participate

6.Nick Richards
12/16/2007-Burlington, NC
Defeated Wilkins, Jerry Wayne, and El Mariachi in a 4-way match.

7.Chiva Kid
12/21/2008-Burlington, NC
Defeated Richard in the 2008 Rising Generation League tournament final.

8.Matt Smith
06/20/2009-Burlington, NC

9.Roo D. Lewis
01/02/2010-Burlington, NC
Defeated Trevor Lee in the 2009 Rising Generation League tournament final.

10.Trevor Lee
03/19/2010-Burlington, NC

11.Chase Dakota
07/18/2010-Burlington, NC

Title Vacant
Chase Dakota loses in the semi-final of the Rising Generation League tournament.

12.Jason Miller
12/18/2010-Burlington, NC
Defeated Mecha Mercenary in the Rising Generation League tournament final.

Title Vacant

14.Joe Black
12/17/2011-Burlington, NC
Defeated Aric Andrews in tournament final.

15.Ben Tyler
07/28/2012-Burlington, NC

16.Chris Lea
06/01/2013-Gibsonville, NC

17. Chet Sterling
12/28/2013-Gibsonville, NC

18.Charlie Weston
05/17/2014-Gibsonville, NC

Title Vacant
Charlie West (c) loses to Manny Garcia in the1st round of the 2014 Rising Generation League tournament.

19.Ethan Alexander Sharpe
12/27/2014-Gibsonville, NC
Defeated Jesse Adler in the 2014 Rising Generation League tournament final.

20.Jesse Adler
06/27/2015-Gibsonville, NC

21.Mace Maeda
06/18/2016-Gibsonville, NC Defeats Adler, Isaiah Santero, and The Number Man in 4-way match.

22.Dirty Daddy
08/13/2016-Gibsonville, NC

23.Cain Justice
12/30/2016-Gibsonville, NC

24.Dirty Daddy [2]
10/14/2017-Gibsonville, NC

25.Mike Mars
12/30/2017-Gibsonville, NC

26.Kool Jay
01/06/2018-Gibsonville, NC

27.Mace Li
09/22/2018-Gibsonville, NC

28.Ulysse Demos
12/01/2018-Gibsonville, NC
Teamed with Teddy Ireland Jr. and Tag Team Champions Michael McAllister and Kool Jay to defeat Mace Li* and PWI International Heavyweight Champion Roy Wilkins and Arik Royal and Coach Gemini with all the titles on the line; Demos pins Li to win the RGL Title.

29.Kool Jay [2]
12/29/2018-Gibsonville, NC
Defeated Demos, Ted Ireland, Jr., Number Man, Bellamy Koga, Kyler Myzery, and Alexander Moss in 7-way match.

30.TGA Moss
09/21/2019-Gibsonville, NC

31.Adrian Jackson
12/28/2019-Burlington, NC

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