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January 15, 1985 - 1998

Compiled by Richard Palma

1. Terminators (Rigs and Wolf)
01/15/85 - Anoka, MN
Billed as first champions.

2. Miami Vice Defenders (Savannah Jack and Ed Roberts)
04/17/85 - Barron, WI

3. Terminators [2]
10/10/85 - Somerset, WI

4. Top Guns (Ricky Rice and Derrick Dukes)
06/11/87 - Minneapolis, MI

5. Terminators [3]
08/14/87 - Winnipeg, MB

6. Fantastics (Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton)
08/16/87 - Fridley, MI
Vacant on 11/01/87 wen Fantastics leave the Minneapolis area.

7. Johnny Love and Tommy Ferrera
11/16/87 - Fridley, MI
Defeat Masked Maniacs for vacant titles.

8. Matt Derringer and Bret Derringer
03/15/89 - Fridley, MI

9. Maximum Overdrive (Silencer and Hunter)
06/24/89 - Minneapolis, MN

10. Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner
09/17/90 - Atlanta, GA
Vacant on 10/01/90 when Steiners do not defend the titles due to not appearing anymore.
The Steiners defeated Silencer (J.W. Storm)/Hunter (Tim Hunt)--Maximum Overdrive at a Clash of the Champions card. The match was advertised as a defense of the United States Tag Team Title. After Maximum Overdrive lost, PWA named The Steiner Brothers as their tag champions. The title was vacated on 10/01/1990 due to lack of defenses. The Steiner Brothers never appeared on a PWA card as champions.
The Steiner Brothers also held the following titles in conjunction with thw PWA Tag Team Titles

11. Punishers (Sledge and Hammer)
04/11/91 - Stillwater, MN

12. Baron Von Raschke and Ken Patera
12/29/91 - St. Paul, MN

13. Punishers [2]
01/04/92 - Minneapolis, MN
Awarded when Patera leaves PWA.

14. Baron Von Raschke and Brad Rheingans
01/25/92 - Annandale, MN

[Records Unclear]

15. Lightning Kid (Sean Waltman) and Jerry Lynn
Defeat Tony Denucci and Tommy Ferrera.

Titles Vacated
04/93 - Lightning Kid shows up in the WWF.

[Records Unclear]

16. Storm Troopers

17. Charlie Norris and Sam Houston
08/15/94 - Red Lake, MN

18. Storm Troopers [2]

19. Thunderblood (Charlie Norris and Derrick Dukes)

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