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August 2006--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.ODB (One Dirty Bitch)
Appointed herself as the first champion.

09/13/2006-Louisville, KY
Defeated ODB, Beth Phoenix, & Katie "The Kat" Lea (Nikita from the UK) in a Four Way match.

3.Beth Phoenix
10/04/2006-Louisville, KY

4.Victoria Crawford
10/20/2006-Hodgenville, KY
Won gauntlet match. The title change was not recognized by OVW.
OVW House Show

5.Beth Phoenix [2]
10/21/2006-Elizabethtown, KY
Won an 8-Woman Elimination match to recapture the title. Other women included Victoria Crawford, Serena, Ariel, ODB, Katie Lee, Melody, & Roni Jonah. Jennifer Fit was the referee. The title change was not recognized by OVW.
OVW House Show

6.Katie "The Kat" Lea
11/01/2006-Louisville, KY
On December 6, 2006 in Louisville, KY during an OVW TV Taping, Katie Lea defeated Jennifer Fit to retain the OVW Women's Title. After the match, Beth Phoenix came out with her own championship belt, which said "The Best - Beth Phoenix". OVW Authority Figure Danny Basham showed up and said the OVW Women's Title didn't even exist and said he would make an announcement next week. The controversy was settled on December 13, 2006 in Louisville, KY during an OVW TV Taping where Katie Lea defeated Beth Phoenix in a Ladder match where both belts were hung above the ring. The wrestler had to pull down both belts in order to win the match and become the undisputed champion.

7.ODB [2]
06/01/2007-Louisville, KY (Six Flags)

8.Melina Rocha
09/19/2007-Louisville, KY
Defeated One Dirty Bitch (champ), Serena Melody, Josie, and Katie Lea.

9.Katie Lea [2]
02/20/2008-Louisville, KY

02/27/2008-Louisville, KY

11.Serena [2]
05/23/2008-Louisville, KY
Serena declared that she would defend the title 24/7

12.Josie [2]
07/02/2008-Louisville, KY

13.Serena [3]
07/02/2008-Louisville, KY
Won an immediate rematch

14.The Baroness
07/16/2008-Louisville, KY

15.Serena [4]
07/16/2008-Louisville, KY

16.The Baroness [2]
07/24/2008-Louisville, KY

17.Serena [5]
07/24/2008-Louisville, KY

18.Josie [3]
07/31/2008-Louisville, KY

19.Serena [6]
08/07/2008-Louisville, KY

11/12/2008-Louisville, KY
Defeated Serena, Reggie and Josie

08/12/2009-Louisville, KY

22.Team Blossom (Holly Blossom and Hannah Blossom)
10/07/2009-Louisville, KY
Holly Blossom made the roll up after switching with twin Hannah without the referee looking. Has not been determined which will be recognized as champion.

23.Josie [4]
11/28/2009-Louisville, KY
Defeated Hannah Blossom.
OVW Thanksgiving Thunder 2009

24.C.J. Lane
03/24/2010-Louisville, KY

06/26/2010-Louisville, KY

26.Holly Blossom [2]
07/31/2010-Louisville, KY

27.Josie [5]
08/26/2010-Louisville, KY

28.Izza Belle Smothers
08/06/2011-Louisville, KY

29.Lady JoJo [6]
08/24/2011-Louisville, KY

30.Tealer Hendrix
11/12/2012-Louisville, KY

31.Epiphany [2]
06/02/2012-Louisville, KY

All OVW titles declared vacant

32.Tealer Hendrix [2]
07/07/2012-Louisville, KY
Defeats Epiphany.

33.Heidi Lovelace
09/15/2012-Elizabethtown, KY.

34.Taryn Terrell
11/13/2012-Louisviller>Trina vacates the title in 2013/09 due to injury.

35.Hannah Blossom
09/18/2013-Louisville, KY
Defeated Holly Blossom, Lei'D Tapa, and Taeler Hendrix in 4-way match., KY

36.Tealer Hendrix [3]
12/02/2012-Louisville, KY

37.Jessie Belle
01/05/2013-Louisville, KY

38.Epiphany [3]
03/02/2013-Louisville, KY

04/17/2013-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)

Title Vacant
Trina vacates the title due to injury.

40.Hannah Blossom
09/18/2013-Louisville, KY
Defeated Holly Blossom, Lei'D Tapa, and Taeler Hendrix in 4-way match.

41.Lei'D Tapa
10/05/2013-Louisville, KY

42.The Bodyguy
12/07/2013-Louisville, KY
A male wrestler, won the title from Lei'D Tapa.

43.Lei'D Tapa [2]
01/04/2014-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)
OVW Saturday Night Special

44.Jessie Belle
03/01/2014- Louisville, KY

45.Lei'D Tapa [3]
04/06/2014-Louisville, KY
Won the title from Jessie Belle

Title Vacant

46.Jessie Belle [2]
11/21.2015-Louisville, KY
Won a 10-woman battle royal for the vacant title.

47.Maria James
02/06/2016-Louisville, KY

48.Maria James
02/06/2016-Louisville, KY

49.Jessie Belle [4]
03/13/2016-Louisville, KY

05/14/2016-Louisville, KY

51.Jessie Belle [5]
07/02/2016-Louisville, KY

52.Maria James [2]
07/13/2016-Louisville, KY

53.Jessie Belle [6]
07/20/2016-Louisville, KY

54.Scarlet [2]
07/20/2016-Louisville, KY

55.Jessie Belle [7]
07/20/2016-Louisville, KY

56.Maria James [3]
07/23/2016-Louisville, KY

57.Jamie Lynne
07/27/2016-Louisville, KY

58.Isabella Smothers
07/27/2016-Louisville, KY

59.Jamie Lynne [2]
08/03/2016-Louisville, KY

60.Maria James [4]
08/03/2016-Louisville, KY

61.Jamie Lynne [3]
08/03/2016-Louisville, KY

62.Maria James [5]
08/16/2016-Louisville, KY

11/02/2016-Louisville, KY

64.Madi Maxx
03/22/2017-Louisville, KY

05/13/2017-Louisville, KY

66.Mickie Knuckles
07/01/2017-Louisville, KY

Title Vacant
Due to personal reasons.

09/02/2017-Louisville, KY
Defeated Cali

68.Cali [2]
05/12/2018-Louisville, KY

69.Jaylee [2]
07/07/ 2018-Louisville, KY

70.Brittany Garcia
12/14/2018-Louisville, KY

71.Jaylee [3]
02/09/2019-Louisville, KY

72.Cali [3]
02/13/2019-Louisville, KY

73.Megan Bayne
06/01/2019-Louisville, KY
Defeated Cali* and Madi Maxx in a 3-way match.

74.Max the Impaler
10/29/2019-Louisville, KY

75.Ray Lyn
02/01/2020-Louisville, KY

76.Madison Rayne
02/18/2020-Louisville, KY
Defeated Lyn, Cali Young, Max the Impaler, and Megan Bayne in a 5-way match.

Title Vacant

77.Kayla Kassidy
08/18/2020-Jeffersonville, IN
Defeated Billie Starkz, Becky Idol, Alice Crowley, and Haley J. in a scramble match for the vacant title.

Title Vacant

09/20/2020-Louisville, KY
Defeated Selena C, Joseline Navarro, Haley J., and Sarah the Rebel in a 5-way match.

79.Haley J.
02/09/2021-Louisville, KY

80.Dani Mo
06/26/2021-Louisville, KY

81.Haley J. [2]
07/01/2021-Louisville, KY

Title Vacant
Hayley J. was stripped of the title on 08/12/2021

08/28/2021-Louisville, KY
Defeated Dani Mo

63.Freya the Slaya
12/16/2021-Louisville, KY

64.Leila Grey
04/14/2022-Louisville, KY

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